Love Conquers All Sins: Table of Contents


Note: This post will continue to be updated as the acts and scenes are posted on my blog. A special thank you goes out to my brother, Tye and anyone who will enjoy reading this play.

Theme Song: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By

Act I, Prologue: PROLOGUE
Act I, Scene I: Santoria. The palace.
Act I, Scene II: Santoria. The palace library.
Act I, Scene III: Infierno. The Demon King’s temple.
Act I, Scene IV: Infierno. The main hall.
Act I, Scene V: Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.

Act II, Scene I: Santoria. Underground Railroad.
Act II, Scene II: Santoria. The church.
Act II, Scene III: Santoria. Lior’s house.

Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene III

Santoria. Lior’s house.

Guard 2: There doesn’t appear to be any sign of struggle or foul play.

Guard 1: That makes it even more strange. I can’t imagine Lior being defeated so easily. What do you think?

Guard 2:  Someone may have murdered him, but I think he could have done this to himself, given his situation.

Guard 1: What do you mean?

Guard 2: The war’s been taking a toll on all of us.

Guard 1: He’s always appeared to be fine as far as I know though.

Guard 2: Being depressed isn’t a prerequisite for suicide.

Guard 1: That’s true, but knowing Lior’s personality, if he felt this was something he had to do, we would have at least found a note. There is none.

Guard 2: You think there’s more to this?

Guard 1: I believe so. But I think it’d be better to get a second opinion from Master Jephthah since he’ll be arriving soon…

In the alleyway

Jephthah: *Thinking* Lior’s the latest to perish. I wish it wasn’t true. I’d like to know how and why. He’s not…


Jephthah: Oh, are you alright?

Seilah: Yes, I’m fine. Actually, I wanted to ask you something.

Jephthah: I’m sorry but I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Seilah: I said I wanted to ask you something. It will only take a bit of your time.

Jephthah: *Sigh* Fine, what do you need?

Seilah: Do you know where I can find this man? *hands over photograph*

Jephthah: Advisor Aaron? He should be at the plaza.

Seilah: Where is that?

Jephthah: You go down here toward the front of the church and just keep going left. you can’t miss it.

Seilah: That’s all I needed to know.

*Exit Seilah*

Jephthah: Huh? What am I doing standing around? *starts running* I’m finally here.

Guard 1: Ah! Master Jephthah, up here!

Jephthah: *Levitates into the room* Well, let me see the body. *Lifts white sheet* Good lord…

Guard 2: His whole torso has been blown. It looks like he concentrated his energy to take his own life, sir.

Jephthah: Yeah, whoever killed him wanted to make it seem like that.

Guard 2: Whatever do you mean, sir?

Jephthah: I’m saying that there’s no way he killed himself. I know him, and he would never do such a thing.

Guard 2: But sir, all of the evidence points to it being the only conclusion.

Jephthah: And I’m saying it’s not possible!

Guard 2:

Jephthah: There’s gotta be something! Have there been any witnesses?

Guard 1: We’ve been asking around and no one so far has come forward.

Jephthah: Lior is one of the happiest people I know, he would never do this.

Guard 1: Exactly.

Guard 2: There is a possibility something else is up, but the current evidence doesn’t support it, sir.

Jephthah: ….

Guard 2: I don’t want to accept it either, but…

Jephthah: Wait, hold that thought. Can one of you get in contact with Your Highness?

Guard 1: Yes sir! *Exits to other room*

Guard 2: If I may ask, why must you call Your Highness?  

Jephthah: To make sure they made it to the palace.

*Back to Jericho and Hiram*

Jericho: So how do you like your new attack?

Hiram: No complaints so far. Let’s just hope I’m never in a position where I have to use it.

Jericho: That’s true.

Hiram: Damn shame you didn’t learn anything new today.

Jericho: It’s alright. I’m still stronger than you.

Hiram: Hmph, keep taunting me like that, and I’ll use it on you first.

Jericho: I’ll be more than pre…

*Circulus rings*

Jericho: Hello?

Jephthah: Jericho, where are you now?

Jericho: We’re still heading to the palace right now. Is there something wrong?

Jephthah: I think it’d be best if I stay in contact with you until you make it back.

Jericho: That’s fine with me. Did you find any clues?

Jephthah: Nothing that can gives us a lead. I still think there’s more to this though.

Jericho: I believe so too. I just wish we could find something to prove it.


Jericho: Hm, what’s up, Hiram? You haven’t said anything for a bit.

Hiram: …  

Jericho: HIRAM!

Hiram: …! Sorry, I was thinking.

Jericho: About what?

Jephthah: It’s nice to try new things.

Hiram: Anyway, I’m feeling some strange energy.

Jericho: Where is it coming from?

Hiram: I can’t pinpoint exactly, but it’s coming from the other direction.

Jericho: You sure? I don’t sense anything.

Hiram: I’ll go and check it out to be sure.

Jericho: I’ll go with you.

Hiram: It’s fine, you go and see Abi.

Jericho: But…

Hiram: You can iron out the details when I get back. I don’t think this is something I want to ignore.

Jericho: Okay, you go and handle it.

Hiram: Thanks, bro!

Jericho: Stay alert!

Hiram: Gotcha!

*Exit Hiram*

Jericho: You heard that?

Jephthah: Yeah, I wonder what it was he sensed.

What I Would Name My Kids

Being an uncle is such a wonderful thing for me. I was a happy person before, but I think my happiness went up by at least 90 points when Reiina was born. I have this cute picture of my niece smiling as my home screen on my phone and it makes my day infinitely better and makes me feel all good inside whenever I see it. I know I said Leone’s beautiful smile fills me with rainbows, but even hers can’t compare to my niece’s. Sorry Leone, you’re still sexy as fuck to me though lol.

I’m happy for my sister. I don’t know why, but I never expected my brother, sister or me to have children. But you know the old saying “Anything is possible”. Haha, no. My sister doesn’t have any physical conditions that prevent her from bearing children, but while growing up she never indicated or hinted that she wanted kids. Last time I checked, my brother is warming up to the idea of having kids himself since our niece has been born. Of course whether he does or doesn’t will be his decision (and the woman he’s with), but if he does it would mean I’m the one left out.

Not that I care honestly, the chances of me having kids are pretty damn small when I think about it. I don’t see the point, I remember one dense idiot trying to foist the viewpoint everyone’s purpose in life is to have kids and a woman’s most important job/duty is to be a baby factory. *Rolls eyes* What they need to know and anyone who shares their sentiment needs to get through their thick head is so many people have very different ideas of what they want their lives to be like. Some don’t ever want to get married or have children. Others want one, but not the other. Which is something I’m glad I pointed out, just because I don’t want kids doesn’t mean I feel the same way toward marriage. Obviously, if I get married my wife would have to be someone who won’t pressure me into us making a zygote.

Okay, I’ve been talking enough. This post was supposed to be short, but I went and discussed a number of other things. But it’s good I did because it’s nice to put my thoughts into the universe and I’ll be making a “Why I Don’t Want Kids” post soon now.

If I were to ever have a son I would want to name him Michelangelo or Giovanni and if I had a daughter I would want to name her Rei (yes, after Sailor Mars) or Starr.


Why I Stopped Using MyAnimeList

Over 800, bee-otch!

Short eulogy for Starchaser187: He might be remembered by a few people. He was always brimming with confidence, loved eating at Waffle House and Senjougahara was his waifu for some reason.

For those who need a short introduction on what Myanimelist (or MAL for short) is, it’s a haphazard anime fan site made by some fella who calls himself Xinil. The website has many useful features such as being able to keep record of the anime you’re watching, want to watch, put on hold, and dropped. You can even review the anime you’ve watched if that’s what you’re into. It’s simple to comprehend and useful to say the least. But if that’s the case, why the blue cheese did I stop using it? Easy answer to an easy question. Normally, the website wouldn’t be important enough I would feel the need to write a blog post about it, but since I spent a good three years on the forums, I decided to get this off my chest.

Note: To curtail any possible steatorrhea that may or may not occur I decided to say this… in no way does anything I say represent every single user from Myanimelist. As I used to tell people in the past, “If you’re not the offender, there’s no reason to get offended!”. 🙂


Myanimelist is dead. Well, to me it is. The cool vibes that have developed over the years have been replaced by a toxic tornado of insecure, self-loathing, cynical, depressed, socially awkward, bitter, negative assclowns with bad acne and a “misery loves company” mentality. Mayne, that’s a typeful. The positive users who could discuss even the most contentious issues respectfully have all stopped posting and moved on. The inside jokes, quote towers and memes no longer mean spit. Now, the MAL community always had a number of users who are losers and suck at life, but I felt the users I liked balanced things out. I actually told a friend whom I’ve met from MAL the same thing (he stopped using the forums months before me).

I can’t lie, the forums have turned into something unrecognizable. It’s not fun anymore, just users being asswipes. I’m trying not to come off as a Debbie downer, I’m lamenting more than anything. Because Myanimelist did mean something to me, I wouldn’t have spent over three years there if it didn’t. That’s past tense though. When I was in my last months of being active, good discussions did appear every now and then. I also had the No Fap forum game to win by ‘checking in’. But I noticed, my participation dropped to only ‘checking in’. I had no desire to argue and/or debate with users who just want to foist their personal issues from their lives onto others. That’s never what Casual Discussion or Anime Discussion were about. Or maybe they were, and I was just an optimistic fool to think otherwise. I also believe the election ruined everything. Considering how I described a number of the users, it’s only natural they would gravitate toward someone as shitty as Trump/The annoying orange and support his stupid policies.

Now at this point if I wasn’t Starchaser187 and I was reading this, I would be thinking “Haha, what a pompous ass. Who does he think he is saying people are this or that?”. My non-starchasing self would be right, but there’s only one problem. If you ever read posts from users when we do self-assessments (threads like “Do you like yourself?” or “What do you hate/dislike most about yourself?”) you’ll come to realize there’s a recurring theme of MAL users on the forums who don’t like themselves. Normally I would be empathetic ’cause I’ve been there too and there’s nothing wrong with being insecure per se, but keep in mind the way they also treat others (hint: it’s not in a friendly or welcoming manner), so it’s like they deserve all the bad things that come their way. Okay, I know not everyone can ooze confidence, high self-esteem and happiness like me, but… lmao…. I don’t know, I can’t deal. Hm, this post can actually fit in nicely with my “Dead to the World” post. Oh yeah, btw, who in the blue cheese thought of and implemented the character limit rule? Whoever did needs to get double slapped by a Wigglytuff.

Myanimelist existed before I signed up and the wheels kept turning after I left. Yes, I was only one member, but I felt I offered a positive and unique perspective on things. There’s always a possibility it will get better, but I’ll never know because I don’t plan on logging in ever again. Maybe it was natural I would eventually find myself fulfilling my forum posting needs with Deviantart. Sure, there are users on there who are strange and have strange fetishes, but I feel a better sense of community with the general encouragement, helpfulness, friendliness and cute spammy emotes. Also, we can do listing threads and no rules of character limits! FREEDOM!!!

If nothing else, Myanimelist will always have “SSJMaster vs. Xinil – A story of epic battles!“.

In Hindsight…

I wish I started drawing earlier, years earlier! I’ve been drawing every day. It’s funny because if you told me just last year I would be, I would’ve laughed and told you there is no chance in hell I’ll be drawing spheres, cubes, waves, roses, tulips and Pokemon when I can’t even draw a straight line. This book I’m still reading called “You Can Draw in 30 Days” by Mark Kistler is a life saver and confidence booster. It has changed my mindset, work ethic and life. Obviously by the end of the month, I don’t expect to become Michelangelo, but the fact my way of thinking has shifted from “I don’t have the talent” to “There is an artist in me and it’s just waiting to be set free” is incredible and makes me very happy!

Another thing I’d like to note is Mr. Kistler won’t be the only person who will be helping me on my journey to become a better artist. There are a lot of books and videos out there I plan on voraciously consuming. I don’t have a timeline for when I need to get “good” because I’m someone who is always trying to outdo himself. However, I did say I wanted to be so good I can draw from my imagination. I do plan on adding digital by the end of the year (sooner if possible). There’s a certain aesthetic digital has that I’m highly attracted to, especially with regards to anime fan art. I already have a software and tablet in mind, but things can change y’know. 🙂

Speaking of anime fan art, I will briefly mention why I chose Deviantart over Pixiv. For those that don’t know, Pixiv is like Deviantart, except it’s Japan based and the only pieces I see on there revolve around anime, manga and video games. Despite this, it has some of the best fan art I’ve ever seen. However, I consider Deviantart to be more varied. There is anime fan art, heck, there’s fan art of just about any and everything. The profile set up is more toward my needs and there’s a forum which means I can do things other than submit my art!


What do I plan on drawing?

A lot of stuff. It’s actually the reason I didn’t dive straight into a “How to draw manga” book yet. There’ll be more to my art than the characters/subject. I can already see backgrounds might be tricky to do as far as thinking up of one goes. While characters are important I would want the world they’re in to be just as much. I know I had a list of things I wanted to draw I posted on here some time back, but I actually redid it a few days ago. I thought about it and I can’t imagine myself drawing Tails or Lucina very often even though they’re my favorite video game characters. The reason for this is because there is already copious amount of fan art of them. I’m not saying I will never draw them, but not as much as other things. I approach my art in the same way like I do my music. I’d rather sample obscure and unknown songs than famous ones which have been sampled over and over again. So I’d also rather draw underrated, underappreciated, and unknown characters.


I really wish I started drawing earlier in my life, but better late than never! 🙂 I realize it’s never too late to start something you’ve always wanted to do. When I thought I figured myself all out, I end up surprising myself.