My Reasons Why


Well this has been delayed for a bit, but I’m getting around to it so yay! I actually don’t have much in terms of an intro because I woke up today at around 5:00 am. My class starts in less than one week now. Being out of school makes me not want to go back to school. Wait ’till I get my bachelor’s degree though (which I will probably never use), and when I do, I’ll never have to think again! Oh yeah, I’ve finished my first beat! 🙂 Hooray! 999 more songs to go! I’ve been binge-listening to Japanese music, more specially City Pop. Not only for possible sampling purposes, but the genre in general is great for the ears. But enough of me talking and let’s get to the blog post!


I was nominated by tetrax4berium, that was in late July and I’m now getting around to it. Once again, I’d like to say thank you for the nomination. I truly appreciate it. My brother and I are currently residing at our parents’ house so it’s a bit more lively and I haven’t been writing as often as I should or like, but I can get this one done today. I hope my brother gets the job he wants ’cause he deserves it! Recently, I’ve been day dreaming and thinking about where I want to live in the future as an adult when I’m on my own and so far, I’ve only came down to three places: Orlando, Florida, Frankfurt, Germany or Tokyo, Japan.

“Wait a tick!”, you might be wondering. “Why Orlando? Why not New York or Los Angeles?”. My response would be, “Disney World, mothertrucker!”. Whilst I’m still somewhat on the topic of my brother, recent conversations about his relationships have made me realize something. Now, I’m still an optimistic idealist and there have been events personally and in the news that have tried shaking that. I truly do believe people are more good than awful, and that the times they are the latter it’s more because they’ve had a bad day or can’t think of a better way of expressing their anguish. But having more conversations with my brother and his interactions with people, it’s obvious some people are no good all the time. I’ve already came to this conclusion years ago, but I guess I’ll never truly understand some people.

I won’t be saying any names, but to give you some examples… I’ll never get why someone would be willing to cheat on their partner that they’ve been with for years. I’ll never get why someone would feel the need to talk about someone else behind their back. Also, why are people willing to settle? Not only in romantic relationships, but their jobs, friendships… Okay, I know we all see life through our own lenses, but what happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums? When I think about it, it’s more difficult to be an awful person than to be a good one. Do I expect people to do the right thing? Hell yes! Why? Because I always try to do the right thing so if I can do it, others can too!

Okay, now for a break. Here’s a classic Japanese album to listen to…



1. Mention the person who nominated you

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living

3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why

4. Use the picture that I created in your post


13 reasons? I’m going to break the rules from the start. I don’t have thirteen reasons why. The reasons why I keep going/living can actually be succinctly wrapped up in three:


1. Family and friends

I got family and friends to protect and feed. Financially, I want to be in a position where everyone can retire and they don’t have to worry about a damn thing. If I don’t deserve it, they all sure as hell do. They gave my life a meaning and another dimension. I love them all and I enjoy every moment I’m with them. Seeing and experiencing my family and friends’ love and support throughout this whole game of life… if that doesn’t keep me going, I don’t know what will.


2. My legacy

Hey, it’s not like everything I do is altruistic. My 1K project will become a reality and I’ll have left behind a life time’s worth of work. So even when my consciousness is no longer around, I’ll still be here in one form or another. How do I want to be remembered? Well, as long as there are people who appreciate the positive things I’ve done over the years, I’ll always be remembered. I would like to be known as the guy who had a lot to prove. I want my legacy to be filled with a lot of positivity, love and creativity.


3. To die with dignity

Death is the inevitable end for everybody and with that being the case, I might as well make sure everything that happens between birth and death is a memorable one. If life really does flash before your eyes when you die, then I want to make sure mine is worth watching. I’m also someone who will not settle for less than my best in every aspect of my life. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong in believing I deserve the very best life has to offer. Settling and taking the safe road isn’t my style and I can’t stress that enough.


And now here are the people I nominate…! The reader. Hee hee, people who’ve read similar posts already know this was going to happen. I don’t have anyone in particular I’d like to nominate so if you’re reading this, I’m nominating you. It’s up to you if you want to write this of course.

With all that being said, thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next blog posts! Starchaser out!


Life Lesson #21: You Don’t Know Everything

Dear Reiina,


Thank goodness for that. You would have nothing left to learn if you did.

Now I have no doubt you will be intelligent mentally, socially and emotionally, but you won’t know everything. There’s stuff to be learned from others, and not just when you’re in school either. Acknowledge your strengths and specialties and be charitable in sharing them with those you meet. Through listening, sharing and working together we can accomplish wonderful things.

Every single person has something useful to bring to the table no matter who they are or what they studied. Whether it’s differential calculus or theater studies, or whether they share your religious views or not, you can learn from everyone you come in contact with. I always say “Life’s a game”, and while it should be fun, it should also be educational. So basically, an edutainment experience. You’re a student of life as well, so give the thoughts, ideas and opinions of others consideration.

Working together is the way to go, together we win. One person doesn’t build a building. It takes a designer to do the blueprint, a constructor to place the walls, an electrician to wire the place with electricity, a plumber to install a water supply and a furnisher to make the place look great. By combining their knowledge, these people are capable of creating amazing achievements.

And you know what? So are you.

Life Lesson #20: Please and Thank You

Dear Reiina,


Short one, probably will be the shortest life lesson I’ll ever write, but it’s still important. Always make sure to say those words whenever another person helps you out. I don’t care if you’re not in the best of mood, or if what the person is doing only takes 1 second, or if they’re just doing their job.

It takes, at most, about two seconds to say both “please” and “thank you”. So please, say these words as much as you can. It might make a positive difference in someone’s day. Thank you.

My Vlogging Ideas

vlog ideas
There’s no Pornhub in the tabs 🙂

Since I’ve been talking about my potential vlog, I guess I can at least show you all where my thoughts are now when it comes to vlogging.

Whilst brainstorming, I’ve noticed my content on my vlog wouldn’t be a dramatic shift in content from my blog. As the image of the document shows, there are things and subjects I will discuss on my vlog that I won’t on my blog and vice versa. I don’t feel that my speaking needs any practice, but vlogging can help improve any foibles. I like to think I’m a generally confident, sociable person and I hope being on camera and/or speaking will reflect that. I even plan on speaking Japanese in some videos. While my Japanese is at an advanced level, I was always hyper-aware of my accent and pronunciation. Hopefully a good percentage of the subscribers will be native Japanese speakers who don’t mind correcting any mistakes I make and can introduce me to even more Japanese entertainment. Hey, a guy can be ambitious y’know.

I should mention the Google Docs file is as tentative as a college syllabus. Things are subject to change at the discretion of the author. Haha, did I sound like a college syllabus just now? I know some people have separate channels for topics they are passionate about, but I don’t feel like making a channel for anime, and then one for music, and then one for my stories. If there’s one thing my blog and vlog will have in common it’s that they both are used as platforms where I can talk about whatever interests me.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but the first video I ever uploaded will be embedded on here so that’s the sign the vlog is up and running if you were wondering.

I think that’s everything I need to say about that. So I just wanna say I appreciate everyone in my life. I love everyone in my life and I appreciate you guys for reading my blog posts and sticking around through my amusing nonsense and I hope you all have a good day, and are able to achieve whatever it is you want.

What Makes a True Friend


There are only three messages I want people to get from my life story: 1. If I can do it, anyone can. 2. As long as you’re alive, it’s never too late to change yourself, change yourself for the better (which also goes back to message 1). And lastly, 3. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart and want to see you win.

I don’t feel like everything in my life is 100% perfect, but I’m so glad my friendships are pretty damn close to it. Growing up, I’ve had my share of fake friends, but counting all the friends I have now, I can safely say I’m happy with the ones I have. My circle of friends is way different from my past circle of friends. I’ve gained friends, cut out the fake ones, and some have been with me since our childhoods. People I can talk to about anything, the ones I’ve known for a while, the ones I can always call. It feels wonderful to not have to ask “Why am I friends with this person?”. Aristotle was right, “Friendship is the most necessary relationship for life, since no one wants to live without friends even if he had all other goods”.

However, not everyone has great friends, or even worse, they’re not even aware they have fake friends! Fake friends can be difficult to identify or differentiate from real friends, but what is done in the dark will eventually come to the light. Fake friendships are distracting at best and toxic at worst. It takes some time and life experience with a friend to learn whether or not they share your same friendship values This is what this blog post is for, to show what I believe makes someone a true friend. All the friends I have (I consider my family members my friends too y’know) have the qualities below.


1. A real friend wants you to succeed and be happy 

Ever met someone who seems jealous or dismissive of your success, happiness or goals? Maybe you’ve found a new romantic partner, and you’re incredibly happy. But they don’t share your enthusiasm and find ways to make remarks that are critical and hurtful. Or you’ve told them about how you plan to move to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming an actor, but they try to instill fear and doubt by asking you “what if” questions.

A real friend is authentically happy when you are happy and successful. He/she celebrates with you and is proud of you. They don’t see your ambition or successes as a threat.


2. They respect your opinions, even if they don’t share them

Before I start, something like being a racist piece of trash is NOT an opinion. To me, you are just a racist piece of trash. Okay? Okay!

A true friend is able see past a difference of opinion in order to preserve the friendship. They are willing to listen and respond respectfully without making being judgmental or resorting to personal attacks. A good example of this is my friend who is an atheist while I’m a Christian. Obviously, our views on God and religion could not be any more different, but I don’t think of him as any less of a person and vice versa. I think it’s because we’re both smart enough to know every person is different and comes from different backgrounds and it’s only natural people are going to have different thoughts on a subject.


3. Non-judgmental 

If you have a “friend” who is constantly criticizing you, it’s a good time to take time to examine the friendship. A real friend has a way of helping you through tough times without shaming or judging you. They are supportive and encouraging, helping you get back on your feet. They know your true essence and have complete faith in you.


4. Despite your flaws, they still love you

We all have our little quirks and flaws. Maybe you’re garrulous, you have a big Adam’s apple (I do, but I think it’s cute), or you can’t sing. Some people will try to foist their insecurities by attacking your flaws and try to embarrass or shame you about them.

A friend who truly cares about you can overlook all your flaws, knowing that they don’t represent the entirety of who you are. They love and care about who you are and can accept that we all come with baggage and have soft spots.


5. They are fun to be around 

Ever been around people who are boring and draining as hell to be around? They complain frequently, never seem excited about anything, and always seem to mess up the good vibes of everyone around them. Some people won’t feel good until they infect everyone else with their disgusting mood or unpleasant attitude. They enjoy stirring the pot and creating conflict. Talk about a fun sucker.

A real friend lifts you up and enjoys life with you. They generally have a positive attitude, laughs with you, and makes you feel good just to be around him or her. After spending time with a true friend, you’ll feel happy, invigorated and more positive about life.


6. Through the good and bad times

Some people are only present when things are going well and life is all peachy. But it’s during the times when life is hard and things aren’t going so well for you that you really need a friend. When you are going through a divorce or break-up, have no place to live, or you’re somewhere in a hospital, a real friend will be right by your side. They offer a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and they try their hardest to cheer you up when you need it the most.


7. Loyal and trustworthy

There’s nothing worse than someone who breaks your trust. They gossip about you, share your personal information or secrets when you’ve asked them not to. They don’t stand up for you in front of others, or they fail to follow through on promises or commitments. A real friendship is rooted in trust and loyalty. With a loyal and trustworthy friend, you can rest assure they will never betray your trust, talk behind your back, or belittle you in front of others.


8. Forgiving 

No one’s perfect, and I’m hoping if you’re reading this you’re at an age where apologizing isn’t seen as a terrible, terrible thing. We all make judgment errors from time to time when it comes to our relationships. Some people can’t seem to let things go though, even after a sincere apology has been said. They frequently bring up the offense and use it as a weapon to guilt trip you.

Look, I’m not saying everything is forgivable. If you slept with your friend’s significant other, I honestly wouldn’t blame them if they chose not to forgive you. But if you weren’t able to help your friend in their time of need because you were having car troubles (RIP Eddie Guerrero), it’s more understandable. A real friend wants to heal the relationship, especially when you have apologized sincerely.


9. Keep you in check

What I mean by this is true friends aren’t “Yes sir/ma’am” people. Those type of people are called suck ups. It’s always great to get another opinion, especially from someone whose opinion you actually value. You’re not always going to agree 100% with your friend on everything and that’s totally fine. A true friend tells you the truth, even if it’s something you may not want to hear. You’ve learned to appreciate this, because not everyone in your life will cut to the chase and tell it like it is. They tell you the truth not to bring you down, but to help you make the right choices in your life and become a better person.


10. Inside jokes

I don’t know about you, but if you can’t be silly, laughing and yourself 100% of the time around your friends, what’s the point? With a true friend, you have such a close relationship that you’ve spent hours making your friendship something special and in the process have made unforgettable memories.


And those are my qualities on what makes a true/real friend! Do you have any you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll make sure to write a blog post talking about what I feel makes someone a fake friend and how to get rid of them out of your life. Hopefully you’ll be reading that one out of curiosity and not necessity. Until next time, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next blog post! Starchaser out!

Quick Update

Hey everyone!


How’s everyone doing? I hope you’re all doing great. I guess I should start with the most important news about myself first. I won’t be graduating university by the end of this year. It has been postponed until the end of the spring semester. This isn’t a terrible situation by any means. While, yes, I would’ve preferred to have graduated by the end of this year to make it more memorable, there are ways this works out better for me. Hopefully all my transient student paperwork goes through on time and I can start my 1 course this August. Yuppers, 1 course, but it’s for 2 und a half hours (Lab for Chemistry II). Thankfully, it’s only once a week so I can live with it. You get some W’s and you get some L’s, that’s the game of life. Hopefully you get more W’s than L’s though.

This also means the stuff I was packing up yesterday was from my dorm room. I could’ve swore I applied for same room housing, but apparently the housing has no record of me doing so. Oh well, it’s not like I got expelled from my university or anything, it’s just that my graduation is going to happen in May instead of December, that’s all. I was hoping it would be the latter though since it would be cooler. Florida is too hot and humid in May and my family is naturally going to see me graduate.

I’ll be able to spend more time with my niece this upcoming semester and also focus on improving myself. That would mean spending more hours on drawing and actually finishing a beat. I’ve finally started with the latter, but I’m stuck on how to progress with it. I know when you first start something it’s not going to be the most incredible thing in the world, but I still won’t settle for anything less than my best. Actually, I realized making beats would nicely help in the production of my vlog. You know how in some videos when someone is talking to the camera, or is showing the pretty country they’ve been to, or they’re drawing with time lapse? I’m sure you noticed there is music playing. Instead of continuously asking artists if I can use their music, or look up songs so I don’t get a copyright strike, it’d be best if I make my own music I can use in my own videos. Also, whenever I use samples I could make sample videos like this. When I start making albums I can make videos titled “Every sample from (Insert my album’s title here)”.

With the new-founded free time, I just might be able to start my vlog before the end of the year. No promises though, I need to first invest in a decent camera for the long term. I think that’s everything up to date with me. I guess I can leave you all with some nice anime breasts and a catchy song from Cindy (RIP). How’s everyone’s summer going?


Life Lesson #19: Only Pack What You Can Carry

Dear Reiina,


My mom (your grandma) is probably the best packer I know. Yesterday, I checked out of my dorm room and I forgot I had so much stuff. I know I’m going to be hopeless when I pack for Japan, or Greece, or Sweden, or any other country I plan on visiting. I can’t ever imagine myself packing light because if attending university taught me anything, it’s that “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”. Yeah, I packed light when I was a kid, but that was because my parents did most of the work anyway.  I’m not a fashion writer, but I do know what kind of clothes travel well. Then I need my essentials like my backpacks, laptop, cell phone und charger, water bottle, ear buds, iPod, Dramamine (I’m notorious for having motion sickness on airplanes despite loving to fly), deodorant, toothbrush, feminine hygiene products, epilator, passport, pencils, pens, sketchbook, colored pencils… okay, the drawing stuff aren’t essentials, but even when I travel there’s no way I would go a day without drawing something, lol.

I may carry a lot, but if there’s one rule I think you should follow it’s that you should never pack more than you can (comfortably) carry. That means safely up and down stairs, for long distances, up elevators or escalators, on and off trains, and buses. Don’t rely on other people being around to help carry your stuff for you just in case they’re not there when you need them. I’ve often found people are nice and willing to help, but I always think it’s great to have your independence when it comes to your luggage.