Love Conquers All Sins: Table of Contents



Note: This post will continue to be updated as the acts and scenes are posted on my blog. A special thank you goes out to my brother, Tye and anyone who will enjoy reading this play.

Theme Song: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By

Act I, Prologue: PROLOGUE
Act I, Scene I: Santoria. The palace.
Act I, Scene II: Santoria. The palace library.
Act I, Scene III: Infierno. The Demon King’s temple.
Act I, Scene IV: Infierno. The main hall.
Act I, Scene V: Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.

Why I Want to Be a Vlogger/Am Going to Start a YouTube Channel

Note: Just like my Deviantart post, you’ll know when I’ve got my foot in when I post a video of myself on here. Technically, I already have a YouTube channel, but I haven’t posted anything on it. And just like Deviantart, I don’t want to start making rounds until I can contribute myself. While commenting and liking people’s works on both websites would be contributing, I honestly want to have my own content too, y’know?

Vlogging or video blogging, isn’t anything new. It’s only been done as long as YouTube has been a website and before too. It seems easy to do too,  you film yourself on video, upload the clip to a host site like YouTube, and then you can embed a link (or HTML code) on your blog to share with the world. There’s a number of things I want to do with my YouTube channel when I get it started. Let me take a closer look on what I want to present to the video blogging world.


Some topics are better said than written

I think there are some topics that are better shown in a video than written format. I actually have a post called “Dead to the World” and it’s the only thing on here I haven’t posted. Why? Because I think it would be better for me to speak about it than write about it. I think the message would be stronger because I would be able to show my vexation on a better degree. It’s about insecurity and insecure people. Why these scum feel a need to make people feel bad. And why I’m not down with that type of behavior. There’s strong language throughout (I refer to the insecure as “faggots”), and while I think the message would be clear if I were to post it, I want this one to be spoken, I want it to come from my mouth. I believe the words we say can be powerful and I want you to see every expression and hear the tone of my voice so you can see why I find it to be a sad situation.

There are also other things I can do with videos such as gameplay, showing how I draw, my every day life, anecdotes and I can even convert some blogs posts here in video form!


My brother’s music videos

My brother makes music. It’s something I support 100%. He wants to make music videos and I want him to be a part of my YouTube channel. Like I said before, some topics are better said than written and there are some things that can’t be expressed in written words. It’d be nigh impossible to express my brother’s music videos if I had to type it up. My brother needs a platform to show his music videos and what’s better than having them on my channel? I don’t know if he wants to have his own YouTube channel, but even if he does I still want him to be a recurring presence for mine. And speaking of music…


Posting my music

I’ll make a post soon talking about why I want to make music. For my YouTube channel, I don’t just want to post my brother’s music I also want to post mine when I start making beats. I don’t plan on posting full albums because I’d like to share them on another website, but I’m sure I will have leftover/cut beats which didn’t make my albums and it’d be weird to not have them in cyberspace when my other songs are. This is where YouTube comes in! I also said I want to learn how to play the piano and flute and how would I be able to show I can play those instruments with words?  ES IMPOSIBLE!


The community

There are a lot of cool channels/people on YouTube. If you use the internet in any capacity, I’m sure you will agree. I’m not saying I want to collaborate with any of them (though that’d be cool if it were to happen), but just like Deviantart, I want to let fellow YouTubers know “Yo, I enjoy your video”. But I can’t right now. Okay, TECHNICALLY I can, but I don’t want to start being active until I have something to share y’know? I was just reading the comments on the The Sims – Complete Soundtrack” and I can’t help but agree with what a lot of the users are saying. I know everyone has their own story, and it’s cool to know there are people from all parts of the globe who have experienced the same things I have and reading some of their amusing stories and memories makes me feel more “united”. Here’s one comment I particularly like: “I remember my parents going on vacation. My older sister and I had the house to ourselves–junk food galore, staying in our pjs all day, and playing this game. I don’t know if any other form of media has ever meant this much to me.”. One of the reasons I want to make a YouTube channel is so I can partake in discussions too.


And those are my reasons for wanting to become a vlogger. Vlogging is another form of creativity and I think I can speak as good as I write. Vlogging would be a great way to maintain and sharpen my speaking skills. I have a lot of ideas for my YouTube channel and I’m looking forward to manifesting them into reality. I’ll see you on the internet screen sooner or later.🙂

The Only Thing I Want My Niece to Learn from Me

Here on my blog I like to be an open book. I feel that I have nothing to hide and due to my candidness I think whether you’re following this blog or you’re someone I’m close to you’ll be able to witness every moment of my life. From my greatest triumphs to my wretched errors. My life is a story and I’m the writer. I’m not the only character here though, there are a lot of characters who have contributed to my book. Some of them I still keep in contact with, some are far away and some are going to Heaven. I’m 22 chapters in and I don’t know when the story will end, but I got to keep adding pages until the day comes.

Today, I’d like to talk about someone in the family. Someone who will be here before I know it. Someone who will be writing her own story soon enough. My niece, Reiina. First off, I want to tell you I love you. Your mom… describing her as excited is probably an understatement.  She talks about you daily and I never thought I’d see the day when she would give birth to another human being.

I truly hope I can be a part of your life and watch you grow up into the wonderful, smart, kindhearted woman you are destined to be. If not, then I want to share with you the best lesson I’ve learned in my 22 years. You know my biggest regret in life is that my grandma didn’t have the chance to watch my brother, sister and I grow up. It hurts because I wish she could be here with us to know she’s going to be a great-grandma!

My brother talked about how he’s scared of you being brought into this world. At first, I thought he was just being cynical. But when I thought about it more, I realized you’re going to be a BLACK WOMAN. What this means is there are going to be pieces of shits who are automatically going to hate you because of your skin color and gender. Not only that, but you’re going to live in a country (America) which has an expansive history of racism (and the south of all places). We may not be living in a time where scum can freely lynch us, but racism is still a force in this country and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is spewing lies.

And about you being a woman, the thing is, I’m not a woman so I can’t say anything about discrimination I’ve experienced regarding this aspect. Just like black people, women have made huge advances over the past decades, but there is still more work to be done. Women still make less than men and more high level positions are still run by guys. I also hope you don’t fall into the trap society pressures people (especially women) into thinking. You CAN be happy without being in a relationship or having kids. Society has a pro-marriage and natalist attitude. I’m not sure why either, this world is already overpopulated which makes it impossible to improve the conditions of everyone because we don’t have the resources and abilities to do so. And because society has pressured people into being in romantic relationships there are people who settle all because they don’t want to be alone. Remember, your value as a human being is not defined on who you’re with or how many kids you have. You give yourself value, no one else, so don’t depend on anyone to give it to you! I’m not saying you shouldn’t get married or have kids, if you want to that’s fine as long as it’s something YOU truly want to do.

Now if there is anything and I mean ANYTHING you ever learn from me I hope it is this: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Such a simple quote, but it has a deep meaning. And as long as you know it, every possible problem won’t be something you can’t handle. I even have a poem written for you so you know I’m emphasizing the hell out of this! Don’t let anyone: strangers, friends, me, your parents, your grandpa (especially him), lovers, etc. tell you you can’t do something. You will know what you’re capable of and if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? It took me a long time to figure it out and because of that I’ve been used, abused, betrayed, belittled and almost killed myself. Sure, I say better late than never, but everyone is different. I don’t know how you will react to situations, but I truly believe if you learn this at an early age then the only person who will be able to stop you is the one in the mirror! The world won’t be able to handle you because you will be able to obliterate any and everything it throws at you!


With all my heart,

Your uncle

P.S. Just because we live in a broken world, doesn’t mean there isn’t any beauty in it. There are people who have good intentions and wonderful things happening every day. Believe in yourself!


Writing Every Day Is a Must


The written word is a facet of every day life. At its most basic level, writing is a vehicle for expression and communication. I can’t lie though, my love for writing is probably recent. For as long as I can remember, all the way to elementary school, my teachers would talk about what a great reader and writer I was. I had a collegiate reading level since middle school and I was acing any essay thrown my way. But like I said, this ardor for putting words in tangible form is something new to me. I wrote poems since I was a freshman in high school, but I never claimed the moniker “writer” or “poet” in public (I do now).

After all, I didn’t have any published books to my name, no articles in magazines or newspapers, and the only people who read my poems were the ones I dedicated/gave them to. It’s not the only reason, but it’s a big one. The other was because I didn’t write every day and I felt writers wrote all the time. If I called myself a writer I would’ve felt like a liar, a faker. I’m not implying people who don’t write every day or a lot have no right to call themselves writers, you can call yourself anything you want. I guess what I’m trying to say now is writing every day for the past month has really helped me a lot and I’ll tell you why…


Things get done faster 

In the early stages of writing my play Love Conquers All Sins, I was lucky to eke out more than a few sentences a day. Words came out slower than a speeding microorganism. Each idea was scrutinized, re-scrutinized, edited and then deleted. At the end of the day, I was lucky to have a few words written down. While I’m glad I don’t have a deadline when a scene needs to be done and there’s no time table for creativity, if this kept up, it would’ve probably been years until we get to the final scene (I already know how the story ends, btw)! I don’t even want to think about any possible stories I might engender that can possibly be longer if I kept up my old ways! Thanks to writing everyday, new poems are being made with each passing day, my play is not getting 30 minutes of my time anymore ’cause it gets hours! Finding time to write every day was probably the hardest part, but it had to be done. No questions. No excuses. And no exceptions. It has to be said again, but I write as often as I possibly can.


I write every day, whether I feel like it or not

I suppose one of the reasons I have the freedom to do this is because I’m an early riser. I usually wake up at 6 or 7 am. Depending on the day, I either go to the gym or class, but those only last about an hour each. I’m able to write at least a little something before and write a lot after. I’m starting to scoff at the idea of “writer’s block”. There are people who go to work every day whether they feel like it or not. They do so without ever complaining about “worker’s block”. And if the 10,000 hour rule holds true, then writing every day is the quickest way to start racking up those hours in order to become a master author.


Keeps my writing skills sharp

Practice, practice, practice. I write every day to improve my skill with the written word. Like any skill, the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly degrades without practice. There were times I was at a lost for words on what one of my characters should say. Writing every day helps me maintain and gradually improve my writing skills, and since dealing with the written word is a part of daily life, there’s nothing wrong with that.


It’s fun

Seriously, if I wasn’t finding fulfillment or joy out of writing then I’m most likely doing the wrong thing. Writing is therapeutic to me. I’m able to relax, get in touch with my creative side and any distress I have is forgotten. The reason I’m my favorite writer and poet out of any famous name you mention is because when I get on my laptop and start typing away I already know what my main audience (me) is going to like. If I’m not my favorite writer/poet then what the hell am I doing? No one knows me better than me, so when I read something I wrote I should like it, because if I don’t then it’s quite possible no one else will.


3 Years on WordPress

I got a notification I’ve been a member of WordPress for three years now. Gee, time does fly by. I made this blog when I was still in community college and now I’m at my dream university to finish my degree.

I have 100+ followers (sure, it’s not a lot, but considering I never made this blog with the intent of getting a single follower it means a lot to me), 300+ posts and people come to visit this place every day. You already know a thank you goes out to my followers, I got love for all of you and I appreciate the fact you enjoy the stuff I post on here. Of course videos of me will be posted on here sooner or later. I haven’t forgot about my vlog ’cause I want to upgrade my content and I’d like to think I’m as good at speaking as I am at writing. A special thank you goes out to my brother because why not? With that being said, I hope everyone has a nice day! Here’s to another 3 years!


*Plays “Party Life” by Jay-Z*


Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene V

Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.


Hiram: I hope you’re ready, brother.


Jericho: I am. Since Abi will take care of the smaller tasks, I can spend all my time training.


Hiram: I’m gonna kick your ass!


Jericho: You haven’t bested me yet.


Hiram: I was being nice those… ten times. I’m not going to hold back!


Jericho: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come on!


*Hiram charges toward Jericho, the camera fades into black*


Hiram: This shouldn’t be the outcome! I don’t understand! I thought I could do it, but you still ended up kicking my ass!


Jericho: You’ve gotten stronger too, Hiram! But I’m still way ahead of you!


Hiram: You won’t be #1 forever. I’ll beat you one of these days.


Jericho: I’ll be looking forward to it. I think that should do it for today, we should go see Jephthah now.


Hiram: Wait.


Jericho: ?


Hiram: Before we do that, we should try the Unison attack.


Jericho: You’re right. I think I can make it work this time.


Hiram: You know the drill.


Jericho: Right.


Together: *Gathering energy*


Jericho: Just a little more… NOW!


Together: Shikosen!!!!!


*Energy ball disappears*


Hiram: Again!?


Jericho: Hah… hah…


Hiram: Are you alright?


Jericho: Yeah, I’m fine. It sure takes a lot out of me though.


Hiram: I don’t understand. Jephthah and Abi can do it, so what’s stopping us?


Jericho: I’m sorry, if only I…


Hiram: No, it’s not your fault. If you were doing it wrong I’d make sure to slap some sense into you.


Jericho: Maybe Jephthah could tell us something.


Hiram: Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should be going to his place now.


Collection of Poems in the Works

I haven’t posted in two weeks, what the hell is wrong with me? Nothing out of the ordinary was keeping me from blogging. Anyway, besides my play and personal manifesto, I can now add poetry to what I’m working on regarding my written outputs. I bought a notebook specifically for this since I want it to be one of the few, if not the only thing I want to have published in my own handwriting. 

The structure is the easiest I’ve worked on so far, it’s an arrangement of poems I wrote. Seems simple enough. They’ll deal with a lot of topics, of course, and some of the ones I posted here will find their way in my handy dandy notebook. Poems I haven’t posted on here will be in the notebook as well. I want to try to write a poem a day to keep myself busy. There are 80 pages and since I’ll be using the front and back pages I’ll have quite the number when I’m finished. I’m still working on my play, but just like it, I’m excited for this too!