Love Conquers All Sins: Table of Contents



Note: This post will continue to be updated as the acts and scenes are posted on my blog. A special thank you goes out to my brother, Tye and anyone who will enjoy reading this play.

Theme Song: I’ll Be There for You/You’re All I Need to Get By

Act I, Prologue: PROLOGUE
Act I, Scene I: Santoria. The palace.
Act I, Scene II: Santoria. The palace library.
Act I, Scene III: Infierno. The Demon King’s temple.
Act I, Scene IV: Infierno. The main hall.
Act I, Scene V: Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.

Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene V

Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.


Hiram: I hope you’re ready, brother.


Jericho: I am. Since Abi will take care of the smaller tasks, I can spend all my time training.


Hiram: I’m gonna kick your ass!


Jericho: You haven’t bested me yet.


Hiram: I was being nice those… ten times. I’m not going to hold back!


Jericho: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come on!


*Hiram charges toward Jericho, the camera fades into black*


Hiram: This shouldn’t be the outcome! I don’t understand! I thought I could do it, but you still ended up kicking my ass!


Jericho: You’ve gotten stronger too, Hiram! But I’m still way ahead of you!


Hiram: You won’t be #1 forever. I’ll beat you one of these days.


Jericho: I’ll be looking forward to it. I think that should do it for today, we should go see Jephthah now.


Hiram: Wait.


Jericho: ?


Hiram: Before we do that, we should try the Unison attack.


Jericho: You’re right. I think I can make it work this time.


Hiram: You know the drill.


Jericho: Right.


Together: *Gathering energy*


Jericho: Just a little more… NOW!


Together: Shikosen!!!!!


*Energy ball disappears*


Hiram: Again!?


Jericho: Hah… hah…


Hiram: Are you alright?


Jericho: Yeah, I’m fine. It sure takes a lot out of me though.


Hiram: I don’t understand. Jephthah and Abi can do it, so what’s stopping us?


Jericho: I’m sorry, if only I…


Hiram: No, it’s not your fault. If you were doing it wrong I’d make sure to slap some sense into you.


Jericho: Maybe Jephthah could tell us something.


Hiram: Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should be going to his place now.


Collection of Poems in the Works

I haven’t posted in two weeks, what the hell is wrong with me? Nothing out of the ordinary was keeping me from blogging. Anyway, besides my play and personal manifesto, I can now add poetry to what I’m working on regarding my written outputs. I bought a notebook specifically for this since I want it to be one of the few, if not the only thing I want to have published in my own handwriting. 

The structure is the easiest I’ve worked on so far, it’s an arrangement of poems I wrote. Seems simple enough. They’ll deal with a lot of topics, of course, and some of the ones I posted here will find their way in my handy dandy notebook. Poems I haven’t posted on here will be in the notebook as well. I want to try to write a poem a day to keep myself busy. There are 80 pages and since I’ll be using the front and back pages I’ll have quite the number when I’m finished. I’m still working on my play, but just like it, I’m excited for this too!

I Just Went Through the Worst Pain I Ever Experienced

Holy macaroni. Long story short, I went to my doctor’s appointment and today will forever mark the day I experienced the worst pain in my 22 years of existence. I was howling in pain during the whole procedure. I dead ass felt like Lawrence Gordon from the first Saw movie after he sawed off his foot. I couldn’t walk normal after it was over. But it wasn’t my foot that was in pain, mind you. I have another appointment this Tuesday so I’m going to have to skip my chemistry class because I find my health and recovery more important than my academics.

During the days before Tuesday, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I don’t ever have to go through it or anything similar again. I’m not sure if I have a high tolerance for pain or not, but after what happened today, I should have no problem getting a tattoo on any part of my body now. I rate the pain a 10/10, it would be a perfect way to torture someone if you were into that kind of stuff. At least I have anodynes to soothe the pain.

Back on Campus

My dorm room smells familiar lol. I didn’t think I’d be back here while still recovering from my surgery. Speaking of it, I sure hope the swelling goes down soon. Even though I only have to show up to one class in person I’d like to go back to clubs, the gym and grocery store and look for a job asap. Until then I guess I’ll be able to figure out my study schedule and habits.

Surgery Was a Success

Normally, I don’t talk about my health and it’s mostly because I’m a healthy person. The last time I was sick was when I had motion sickness on an airplane in 2009. Other than that, there was the time I had athlete’s foot, but it was my fault for wearing socks when I went to sleep.

While I wouldn’t mind telling you what the operation was about and the procedure, I remember my brother reads my blog too so I don’t want to make him feel any kind of way lol. All I will say is I’m in the recovery phase now and it’s time for me to do my part to make sure it’s 100% successful. I have my appointment next Friday for a checkup, but I go back on campus Sunday so it’s a bit awkward but I’ll work something out.

I’m optimistic everything will turn out fine.


Theme Song for Fall Semester

Note: I honestly should pick a theme song for each of my semesters.

My first year at university wasn’t what I would call phenomenal. I passed most of my classes (fuck you trigonometry class and your inhumane math lab hours, that’s why I’m taking the class at a community college), I was healthy for the most part, I learned a few new things, but I don’t have any friends and I remember spending most of my time during the spring semester trying to study, but my grades didn’t reflect it. I’m in no way saying it was bad because I did enjoy myself and I found some new interests I think will help me for this semester and the ones to follow.

I already said I changed majors from biomed to health sciences. For the fall and spring semesters, I’ll be taking most of my classes online so I think they’ll provide leeway for me to study and do other things. I still plan on attending and partaking in the clubs I was a part of (maybe not the pharmacy club lol), but I’ll try to be more outgoing this time around. I’m fine if I were to never make a single friend at my university by the day I graduate, but I do like having a good conversation with strangers nonetheless y’know? I will also try and hopefully get a job when I go back on campus. It’s something I was avoiding because I was so worried about my academics, but like I said before, my studying sure didn’t seem to help my grades and as long as I keep my GPA above a 3.0 I’ll be fine. I won’t lie, I do like making A’s, but I can make some money too. Maybe even having a job will force me to put the time in and organize my studying schedule.

With all that being said and with less than two weeks before I’m back on campus, I hope I can enter and finish the fall semester with a vengeance!