Life Lesson #30: Your Health Is Always Worth It

Dear Reiina,


I wouldn’t say I’m getting older, I’d say I’m getting better. Though when I look at my parents, they both now have to wear glasses to read things. I never took my sight or any of my other senses for granted. It’d be pretty depressing if I lost my sense of sight or hearing for example. It used to scare me thinking about how I have four working limbs, but there’s a possibility that might not always be the case.

What I’m trying to get at is that your health is always worth it. The time and money you invest in it are never time or money wasted.  I have an appointment for a deep cleaning this upcoming Decmeber and while the dentist isn’t the most exiting place on the Earth to be, I only have one set of teeth so I might as well take care of them and make sure they’re in good shape.

Reiina, you only got one you… your body is your temple, a physical manifestation of you in life. Take good care of it. Look after it, because it has so much to do, so far to travel, many places to go and people to meet. Although your heath might not be the first thing on your mind as you’re playing the game of life, making time for health now and forever will generate more benefits later on. Your body will thank you for it later!


Life Lesson #29: A Compliment Is A Wonderful Thing

Dear Reiina,


It took me a long time to learn this one. I used to be really shy during my childhood (I’m talking I wouldn’t order my own food ’cause I had to talk to someone shy), so I was also shy when it came to compliments. This was because I felt that I didn’t earn them or was embarrassed when someone noticed something about me.

Being on the phone with my friend Romeo yesterday just confirmed this valuable lesson. A compliment is a wonderful thing. If someone gave you a gift, it wouldn’t be kind to refuse it, not in your life. Do the same with your compliments, however and whenever you feel. The person has taken the time to observe you, and has stepped up to share their positive thoughts. Receive the compliment, look them in the eyes, and thank them.  Their words are a gift, it’s a wonderful thing they chose to share them with you.


5 Year Anniversary

5 Years

Dang, a fella been blogging for 5 years though? To the people who read my blog, thank you. I know I’ve recently just been writing life lessons for my niece and that’s probably not the reason you’ve subscribed/follow this blog, but I promise I’ll get back to my regular content soon enough. Hopefully this week, ’cause I really want to. I’ve just been trying to amp up the hours for my drawing and music production improvement. I don’t want to be stuck on the same level when it comes to those two creative endeavors. Like Eric Thomas said, “Turning passion into profit”, so if I could make some money off of my English-Japanese translation, art, and writing on top of my job in Japan I’d be killing it!  But just because that’s the goal, it doesn’t mean I should forget my other ones i.e. writing.

The 1K Project is to get to 1,000 creative outputs. But it’d be even better if I could get 1,000 for each: writing, videos, music and art. Hmmm, is there anything else I’d like to type? Dang, I can’t believe tomorrow is October. I want to buy a Japanese PS2 so I could play the Galaxy Angel trilogy again. For some reason, I can’t get ’em to work on my laptop. It’s fine though, I think with my improved understanding of Japanese replaying them in the original language will give me a better experience. I know I did a visual novel spotlight for the first game, but the series is definitely something I want to go more in depth about on my vlog. The sequel trilogy, Galaxy Angel II was exclusively released on the PS2 so I’d have another 3 games to play after I finish the first one. My favorite visual novel might be Muv-Luv Alternative, but my favorite series is Galaxy Angel. It holds a special place in my heart. I love it a lot lol.

I don’t have much else to say so I’ll leave you all with a calm, peaceful tune by Nujabes.

Life Lesson #28: Memories

Dear Reiina,


Remember that no matter where you go, or how far you travel, you always carry a little piece of those who love you and those you love with you. It’s inevitable. And even when those you love are on the other side of the globe or no longer here with us, as long as you appreciate and remember the positive things they’ve done over the years, they’ll never die.

As you grow older, there will be more people who are missing from your life, remember them, and they will never truly leave you. I saw this statue on Amazon I want and what it says holds true, “When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure”. Amen to that. So if you look for the signs of them, you’ll find them wherever you are. I promise.


Life Lesson #27: You’re Not Immortal

Dear Reiina,


But I really wish you were. I sometimes wish the moments I spend with my loved ones could last forever. I wish it was possible, but of course, it’s not.

Since you were born, I have grown even more aware of my mortality. I’m no longer a child (at least not physically lol). I’m not worried whatsoever, having an awareness of your mortality is a good thing. Death isn’t something that should make you sad, fearful, depressed, or horrified. Let the awareness exist and live your life remembering to approach each day with determination and good vibes and not waste time on the things that mess it up.  Don’t get caught up in trivial or superficial worries, worry about the things that are worth worrying about and fight for things worth fighting for. The things that will make your life and those around you better. You can use your life force to be a positive one, to accomplish your biggest dreams, to cherish your friendships and relationships, to make your mark on the world. And lastly, but not leastly, use your life to do what makes you happy. Don’t slave your years working at a fast food joint, when really you want to be running your own business.  Don’t become a doctor or a teacher because you feel it’s a “stable” career.  If you want to start selling your own art, or go off to teach English in China (sorry, I’ll have Japan covered, lol jk) or spend your life trying to invent something, do that! Why not? At the end of the day, it’s your life and you’ll be stuck with the choices you make. So why not make choices that give you fulfillment, not doing something because you “should” (there aren’t many “should”s in life y’know).

And being aware of your mortality also means to look after yourself. Don’t take unnecessary risks, be and stay healthy, your body is your temple, take good care of it. As my brother and your uncle would say, “Never fight your soul”. If something feels wrong in a situation, it most likely is. Again, never fight your soul. It knows you a lot.

Life Lesson #26: We’re All Mad Here

Dear Reiina,


When you start forming memories of your own you’re going to find out almost immediately that every single one of your family members are weird. But you can bet we’re all oh so wonderful people. In a way, we’re all each a tiny miracle. The odds of being born are so infinitesimally small, that it’s a wonder that any of us exist. Now here’s something I’ll pass on to you that I learned from my Anatomy and Physiology class (Shout outs to Ms. Cassidy)… In a single unprotected ejaculation, between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells are in a single ejaculation. A few thousand get past the mucous and only a few hundred make it to the egg itself. Only one is needed to fertilize it.

So don’t you think for a second you’re not special, wonderful, or amazing. You’re a living, breathing, walking, talking, laughing, thinking, sleeping, and smiling miracle. And we’re all grateful that you’re here with us.

We’re all unique, we’re all different and you can bet we’re all weird. Weirdness is something to embrace. Difference is beautiful. Always embrace who you are. If other people aren’t able or willing to respect that, then they’re not worth knowing. And likewise, never make fun of someone or get on someone’s case simply ’cause they embrace themselves. Appreciate and celebrate everyone’s unique attributes, the things that make them, them. There is no such thing as normalcy. We are all beautiful, and we are ALL mad here. To prove it, here are a few of my quirks:

  • I’m attracted to fictional characters, whether it be from anime or comic books
  • I talk to myself all the damn time
  • I’m a nudist, I like going to nude beaches, pools, spas, etc. I definitely plan on walking around naked most of the time when I get my own place (don’t worry, you’ll never see me naked when you visit lol)
  • I used to tilt the controllers in Mario Kart games in an attempt to prevent myself from crashing even though I knew it wouldn’t have any effect
  • I have to sing the whole alphabet in my head to remember where a particular letter is located
  • I pour the milk before the cereal (I used to think most people did that)
  • I don’t know how to properly hold a pencil/pen
  • With every person I feel I could or do form a connection with, I sometimes create new possible life paths with how I believe they will alter my life in my head
  • When I think in Japanese, I like to think in Seto Kaiba’s voice
  • I’m for the most part, an early riser
  • Sometimes, I’ll put jelly in my hamburger because of that Spongebob episode
  • I catch myself watching the dryer when it turns on


See? I’m weird (even my Psychology teacher agreed with me when I said I was lol). As far as your other family members, I’m not going to say anything about their weird attributes, but I promise you’ll catch onto them. I’m sure they’ll even tell you some themselves!

Finished My First Beat

I’m sure I’ve already said that, but just need to make a post to make it official. I guess that now means I should make a Soundcloud and/or Spotify account where I can put my music up. It’s my first beat and if I had to describe it, it would be “rough”. I do like how it turned out though, and it’s going to be on my first project called “10 Little Beats“. Props to you if you got the bad reference lol smh. The first song I finished is called “Porn“. Actually, my brother named it that ’cause he helped me understand some mechanics behind beat making, so I won’t change the title for that one.

I’ve mostly been spending my days improving my drawing and music. I’m happy class doesn’t really get in the way of my creativity. I wish it was always like this. Oh yeah, my brother introduced me to this music artist called Mitski. She reminds me of a Japanese Kate Bush and Lord knows I love Kate Bush. Now only if I can find a way to sample the below song and the dialogue where Otto from Pajama Sam was elucidating what a geyser was… lol.