Well, I never thought I’d be sitting here on my arse typing in an effort to make a personal journal. Journaling is something I wanted to do for some time, but never got around to it. Hopefully, I can write consistently about what goes on in my life. The purpose of this journal/blog is to share my personal thoughts and if by the unlikely chances I ever have children and/or grandchildren I’ll have to show them this so they can get a better understanding of who I was as a man.

I intend to express myself to the fullest. There will be times where I will simply write about my day. There will be times where I will be feeling philosophical or have a problem that will require me to write more in-depth entries. Basically, I’ll write about what comes naturally to me on that day. If you intend to read my journal I hope that it’s mostly for your enjoyment, curiosity and/or disgust, whatever works for you.

– Starchasers

Miles Tails Prower


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