I Wish Jim Ross Could Narrate My Life

Jim Ross is the greatest to ever sit at the announce table. It’s sad that he retired back in September, but he left behind a legacy that won’t ever be reached. Throughout his years in WWE, JR was able to keep the fans’ interest with a range of legendary catchphrases which have been well documented.  He made wrestling seem like it was the greatest thing ever and showed fans how great of a storyteller he is. It just makes sense that if there was ever a way to make it possible, he should be the person that narrates my life. He would even make the most mundane things I do seem like they’re a life or death situation. For example, “OH MY GOD! Did you see that? He just took a bite out of a Burger King Whopper!” or “Today’s the final exam, he’s been studying for weeks….” then when I get my grade, “YES! YES! He did it! He got an A! He’s going to ace the class!” Moments that are considered the greatest in one’s life such as graduation, marriage, giving birth, birthdays are already memorable on their own, but just imagining JR narrating those moments would give them more pizzazz. As God is my witness Jim Ross is the greatest announcer in history and I wish he could narrate my life.


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