The Story of When I Told a Stranger She Was Beautiful

I remember when I did that. I walked up to a random beautiful woman and told her how beautiful she was, but I ended up in the hospital. Her boyfriend didn’t like what I did very much.

Okay that never happened, at least the part where I went to the hospital. It was a fantasy of mine I never fulfilled yet because I didn’t know the consequences. Sometimes when I was at my school I would see some girls that are so pretty and take my breath away. I finally was able to fulfill this fantasy of mine a month before I graduated two years ago. It’s obvious why I still remember this moment, it’s not every day that I tell a stranger she’s beautiful.

The story began at the end of lunch time. After my brother, friends and I ate our lunch we would usually go on the second floor of the school where we would continue our conversations and do crazy things like the cinnamon challenge or attempt to imitate Booker T’s Spin-A-Roonie. I was a library aid for my second semester and the library was downstairs. I would arrive a few minutes early to see if my teacher wanted me to do any tasks. After I said my see you laters to my brother and Carlito, I went down the stairwell and that’s when I saw a beautiful woman walk up the stairwell. That’s when it clicked in my head that I would tell her that she’s beautiful. I did sincerely feel that way and it was now or never.

I got her attention the same way I would with anyone, I said “Excuse me”. She turned around and had this shocked “What the hell” look on her face. That’s when I realized that this could result in a bad situation, but I had her attention so I followed through and told her, “I just wanted to say that you’re really beautiful”. She said, “Oh thank you” and smiled. I said “I hope you have a nice day” and she responded “You too”. That’s when we parted ways and I went to the library and she continued walking. My only concern was that I hoped I didn’t make her late for her class.

And that was the time I told a stranger she was beautiful. A stairwell is a weird and awkward place to be told you’re beautiful, especially from someone you don’t know. Honestly, I’m glad I told her she was beautiful. It went well and even if it didn’t, then at least I would have an interesting story to tell my friends. Would I tell another stranger she’s beautiful? Maybe, maybe not. I consider it to be a one time thing, but then again I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind.


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