A Hell of a Life

As I reminisce about my life and all that I’ve done

I can safely say that I’m happy about who I’ve become

I’ve been through so much and I’m glad I’m still alive to see it through

I’ve lived one hell of a life oh it’s true, it’s damn true! *Kurt Angle voice*


There was a time I was sad and depressed

I always felt this dull ache in my chest

At that time I was wondering what my life was about

I was wondering if there was any good that could come out


There was, but that wasn’t until I moved to a different place later

During that time I picked up my life and became greater

With each passing day, a better version of myself is what I become

Living healthy, positive and happy, my life is no longer in the slum


This much is true, I know who I am

If you don’t like me I really don’t give a damn!

Everything will fall into place, I know what I want to become

I’ve lived a hell of a life, but there’s still much that needs to be done


I make sure to let the people in my life know I love them every chance I get

This life is precious, but short so there’s no time for regret

The people in my life are the only people I got

They love and help me too, that’s something that can’t be bought


The lessons, the experiences, the family and friends I will always cherish

I hope and pray that these feelings will never perish

A hell of a life, I’m living it day by day

A hell of a life, I’ve finally found my own way


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