My First Nocturnal Emission



March 25th 2015 is a date I will never forget. As the title already states, it was the day I had my first ever nocturnal emission. I would also like to mention March 25th is also one of my friend’s birthday, so two wonderful things occurred on that day!

It happened during my super religious phase (I’m still religious btw), I was convinced I shouldn’t masturbate. I wanted to see how long I would be able to go without touching myself and during March, I was at six months. Predictably, one night I had a sexual dream, but not just any regular dream, it was a lucid dream. This meant I was completely aware I was in a dream and able to exert some degree of control.

The dream started off fairly normal. I was in a luxurious penthouse eating Papa John’s pizza. It’s starting off nice, and it takes a few slices later for me to realize I’m actually dreaming. When I did, I took a look to see my surroundings and I was delighted with what I saw…



They looked similar to the above picture, but there was a flat screen TV playing one of my favorite shows, Impractical Jokers. I’m passing the time eating some good pizza and laughing my arse off at The Tenderloins pranking each other when I suddenly heard the sliding door open and a voice say “こんばんは  ア-ン-ド-レィ君”. She sounded familiar and I was thinking I was in a relationship with some fine ass Japanese woman for this dream. It was a gorgeous Japanese woman, but it was Senjougahara Hitagi that I saw.




I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had plenty of dreams with attractive women in them. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was watching my favorite TV show and eating pizza. She said she was dying of boredom and would like to have a little chit-chat to pass the time. It was a nice conversation, we talked about my future goals, what I expected out of university life, and even my brother was brought up for some reason! Time flied and we’re no longer watching TV.

Senjougahara left the porch and told me she was going to change clothes. When she came back she was wearing my Michael Jordan jersey. She sat on the opposite side of the coffee table and I’m thinking something’s strange. This is when things started taking a turn for the erotic. “ね, アンドレィ, セックスしよう” (Hey, Andrei, let’s have sex). At first I’m reluctant to acquiesce. I try to come up with excuses, but she wasn’t buying it. She leaned toward me, looked me in my eyes and repeated “セックスしよう”. Now, in my mind I knew she was nothing more than an anime character, moving pictures y’know?

But I couldn’t refuse her. Those beautiful blue eyes were staring right into my soul. Her porcelain skin, slender figure, nice rack and cute ass in those shorts all had me harder than an iron bar. “I’m sorry for being blunt, but you’re so gorgeous”. I let her know I was game now. We started making out frantically and I was massaging her breasts. Seeing her in my Michael Jordan jersey was a sight to behold. She turned on the nearby stereo and R&B jams started playing. “There’s no turning back now” I thought. She proceeded to rub my crotch, if I was thinking of being flaccid again those hopes were dashed. She unzipped my pants, whipped out my dick and then licked her lips slowly, coating them with her precious saliva. All I could do was watch as her perfect purple-colored head bobbed up and down. Senjougahara’s luscious lips were on my dick and I was enjoying every second of it. When she was done, I decided to return the favor by giving her an oral exam (and my hands helped, ha ha). Hearing her moan was really turning me on, I didn’t stop until she came. We weren’t done yet though, she pushed me down on the floor and started riding me. She bounced up and down my johnson like a pogo stick and when I climaxed I yelled out an “ありがとうございました!”. I felt like I just won the WWE title so I opened a nearby Gatorade bottle, chugged some and spat it out like I was Triple H. “Good game, Senjougahara”.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the dream was far from over. Our activities continued into the shower. We were washing each other’s bodies and having a little conversation. “Gee, Senjougahara, I didn’t know I had it in me”.

“Indeed, neither did I, but you sure put a lot of you in me”.

“Tee hee, that means two things”. Outkast’s “Funky Ride” song was now playing in the background and as the hot water raced down our bodies, I felt her hands everywhere it seemed. Senjougahara twisted one of my nipples with one hand (I dead ass let out a croak, my nipples are quite sensitive) and with the other she was caressing my testicles. With all of this stimulation going, she most likely knew I couldn’t last much longer, and my rocket exploded. The way this was playing out reminded me of the shower scene from the Monogatari Series, except this was actually fun. It wasn’t long before she reached down again and told me (or was she commanding me?) she wanted my organ in her birth cannon. She moaned with my initial penetration. And continued to moan and groan as I thrusted and thrusted. Faster and faster, I groaned as I made love to her as hard and rough as I could. At this point, I didn’t even care that she wasn’t a “real” woman. I’ve been with women before, but this was the best sexual situation I’ve ever been in. And I knew it because all my mind was on was filling Senjougahara up with my semen.


senjougahara shower_zpsbzacqk7k


And then I felt the most wonderful ejaculation/orgasm I ever had. Even though I was sleeping/dreaming, I was able to feel something coming out of my urethra. Anyway, I came inside her and we both smiled. I then gave her a deep open mouth kiss. I’d like to think of myself as a confident and handsome man, but I never felt this confident and sexy before. With one last thrust, Senjougahara screamed my name out.

I woke up. Initially, I thought I urinated and I chuckled to myself thinking I was too old to do such a thing. I laid in my bed for about ten minutes trying to make sense of everything. I got up and took some new clothes with me to the bathroom. When I pulled down my boxers the fluid I saw wasn’t urine. Huh, I must have been holding in a lot of sperm for a while, judging from the amount of semen that came out of me. After cleaning myself up I was basically questioning whether I was actually sexually attracted to anime women. Some days later I decided I shouldn’t deny it any longer and accepted the fact I was. Senjougahara (or “Waifugahara” as I love calling her nowadays) became my waifu and to this day is the woman who gave me my best orgasm.

This nocturnal emission can best be described as my most “pure” orgasm. The sensation was like a warm pee that tingled my entire penis and extended throughout my entire body. It was as if the energy I felt from my one-eyed snake went to my brain whilst also traveling to the tip of my pinky toes. It was the most pulsating and powerful ejaculation I ever had. I was engulfed in an amazing pleasure. Thank you, Waifugahara. ❤ Thank you very much!




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