First Week at University Recap

I should’ve done this last week, but I was busy studying. Better late than never though so here’s how my first week at university went. I won’t go into detail about my move in because I already made a post about that. What I will be talking about is strictly my experience at the university I transferred to. I made it obvious I was looking forward to attending here and people like my brother and Senjougahara (hee hee) helped calm my nerves before the move in day. Below is a rundown of my week for each day.

Sunday Day 1: Sunday was the day the various clubs at university were promoting themselves and since I don’t know anyone here and would like to make at least a few friends I was excited about seeing what my university had to offer in terms of extracurricular. I tried to connect my Wii U to the internet to play Smash Bros. but it didn’t go as planned.

Monday Day 2: The only plan I had for Monday was walking around campus, while my classes did start on Monday those were the classes I’m taking online. I woke up pretty early which was surprising since I usually wake up around 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. The place where I live was exactly where I needed to because my lecture classes were both in walking distances. I had to fill out this form for my room to indicate the conditions of the rooms and objects. I was able to meet one of my roommates and he seems friendly so far. There are a number of services next to where I live and it’s also a good thing I live on the first floor. There’s a pharmacy, a few restaurants and a gym. I wanted to check out the gym since I would be going there when I didn’t have to go walk to classes. The gym is quite small, my university has two gyms, but the other one is farther away and I don’t plan on going on a voyage just to exercise. After gleaning the gym I went to see where my class buildings were. I was able to instantly find them which was great. Since I only wanted to find where my classes were for tomorrow I went back to my room and did my syllabus quizzes for my online classes. I then watched anime for the rest of the day.

Tuesday Day 3: The first actual day of school. I had my alarm set at 7:55 and I woke up an hour early. Goodness, I thought, but I guess going to sleep early does that. I stayed in bed until my alarm went off. Once it did I got ready for Chemistry class. When I was dressed I didn’t know what time I should leave because I didn’t want to go to class too early and arrive in a class still in session, but I didn’t want to be late either. When I arrived, the class was so big compared to what I was used to at a community college. The class was in an auditorium and there were over hundreds of seats! The teacher went over our syllabus and his office hours. Good looks because while I love science it’s been awhile since I was in a chemistry class (since my sophomore year in high school and I got a “C” throughout the whole year). But I’m not the same student I was back in high school and the help is readily available now so all I have to do is go out and pursue it. My other class which is College Trigonometry wasn’t until 3:00 pm so again I just walked around campus to familiarize myself with the university even more. The campus is huge to put it mildly. At 3:00 was Trigonometry and math isn’t my strong suit either so wait a tick, why am I taking these classes anyway? The short answer is because they’re requirements for my major and I honestly wouldn’t take Trig, but I have a feeling it would help for when I have to take *gulp* Calculus class! The way math classes (at least mine) are at my university smell really fishy to me. I’m basically teaching myself to do math! I have to go to this place for 3 hours every week except on test weeks and it’s required for a grade! The dreaded mathxl from my college algebra class back in community college also made its comeback. I thought I left it in Hell where it belonged!

Wednesday Day 4: I decided to go to the gym. I’ve decided from now on to go weight lift and do cardio in the morning instead of waiting until the evening like I did when I was at my house. The gym isn’t big to begin with and while people are having their classes I can get my exercise for the day out of the way faster. Ahhh, thanks to the fact there are machines I had a good workout and was able to finish in an hour plus the twenty minutes of cardio. I wanted to get my mail key because I knew I would be ordering things throughout my time here at university and there was no sense having my packages delivered at my parents’ house when I’m not there.

Thursday Day 5: I have chemistry class on this day as well, but not trig. We went over the PowerPoint presentation, but I didn’t learn anything new, I guess reading the Chemistry Essentials for Dummies came in handy so far. I didn’t really want to do anything for Thursday and I didn’t have anything planned so after class I went back to my room and studied. I was able to post the prologue and first scene to the first act to my play Love Conquers All Sins and needless to say I was really happy about it. Even though most of my waking hours is spent eating and studying I hope I can make some time to continue to write my play.

Friday Day 6: Friday was a bit more eventful because the first anime club meeting at my university was this day. I don’t think my love for anime needs anymore introduction so I won’t explain myself. I want to join a few clubs and get myself involved, but I wanted to make sure these clubs were right for me. Since I enjoy anime I thought it was a no brainer to come together with other people who share a common interest. The anime shown wasn’t anything I haven’t already saw for the most part (Zankou no Terror, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Space Dandy), but I did see this anime called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, I’ve heard about it before and saw gifs, but I never actually watched it. I watched the episode where Dio had the family dog burned alive. It’s interesting to note none of the officers mentioned their favorite anime was Fullmetal Alchemist (how can they live with themselves? lol ikidd).

Saturday Day 7: Well I had to go back home because I had a scheduled appointment for my road test for my driver’s license (more on that on another post). It was my dad’s birthday and I didn’t remember until my mom texted me (oh well). I was able to get a Wendy’s vanilla frosty and they brought the two dogs on the road trip for some reason. We picked up my brother who goes to a different university and on the way back home I realized I didn’t bring my dirty clothes even though my mom texted me yesterday saying to bring them. I brought all my essentials, but my clothes! It wasn’t such a big deal, but having to pay for laundry sucks since I could’ve had it done for free.

Overall, the first week wasn’t bad, not at all. I’m getting to the end of my second week here and I’m still optimistic and excited. I haven’t made any friends or acquaintances yet and I’m not going to lie, it gets a little lonely. However, I refuse to settle for horrible friends, I’ve been to high school and I know what it’s like to have amazing friends and if I had amazing friends in high school then darn it I know I can make amazing friends at university! I would rather be alone than have poisonous people in my area though. I’ll be patient concerning friends and even more patient when it comes to a potential girlfriend (actually I’m like Sailor Mars when it comes to romance, I’m not very interested), but for right now my studies are coming first. I want to ace all of my classes!


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