A Picture of My Handwriting

20151010_104159Well I hope you weren’t expecting anything else lol. People either say I have pretty handwriting or they can’t read a dang thing I wrote, there’s no middle ground. For the most part I write in cursive because my print looks ugly in comparison, I write faster and the only times I write in print is if a paper says “Please print”. I even write in cursive when I’m writing symbols for chemical elements! I started reading and writing in cursive in the third grade and loved it ever since, I even remember my teacher perpetuating the myth of “You’re going to use this way of writing for the rest of your life”. Fortunately or unfortunately, cursive writing is no longer emphasized due to the growth of technology and the only times I see people write in cursive is when they have to sign a paper. Cursive might be dead to many, but at least it’ll live through me whenever I write something down on paper.


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