Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene III

Infierno. The Demon King’s temple.


Demon 1: Hey, look everyone! Our Highness has returned!


Demon 2: The Great Demon King is back!  






*Abaddon walks towards his temple to the main hall enter him to Achziv*


Achziv: Welcome back, Your Highness. It’s great to see you again.


Abaddon: Indeed, have you gathered every one for today?


Achziv: Dalit is still recovering, should we wait for her?


Abaddon: There’s no need. Fill her on the details later.


*Walking to the room of The Round Table*


Achziv: So why has Your Highness congregated his most powerful subordinates? I believe it can only mean one thing.


Abaddon: Silence, Achziv! You’ll find out soon enough.


Achziv: *Walks up ahead to the door enter her to Seilah, Legion and Paimon*. Attention demons and demoness! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Great Demon King has arrived!


*All bow down to Abaddon*


Abaddon: My subjects I’ve gathered you all here today, because it’s time. Our attack on Santoria begins soon.


Paimon: *Raises his hand* In that case, just leave everything to me My Lord, I’ll send all my men to massacre those Angels!


Achziv: Calm down, Paimon. Every play has a proper sequence, you should really think before you speak.


Paimon: I don’t need to hear that from a Duwende like you! It’s obvious you’re brainless, I just wish you were lifeless too!


Achziv: That a fact? Oh my, I guess we’ll never be friends then.


Paimon: Like I ever would wan….


Abaddon: Enough!


Paimon and Achziv: ……


Abaddon: I did not call you all so I can hear you two bicker.


Achziv: I’m sorry for causing you annoyance, Your Highness.


Paimon: *Raises hand* If I may ask My Lord, why would you agree to Achziv’s Demon Horse experiment? It wasn’t a success and it got one of our own killed!


Achziv: If I may explain to him, Your Highness.


Abaddon: Go on.


Achziv: *Smug smirk* You see, what imbeciles such as Paimon don’t understand, these vessels I’ve created mean it’s no longer mandatory for you and your men to go to every battle. By using Angel souls and The Circle I’m able to recycle the souls even if they lose. You should be thanking me, I even took your safety into consideration.




Abaddon: Do you have any other questions Paimon?


Paimon: No, my Lord.


Abaddon: In that case, it’s time to begin strategizing. Achziv and Seilah…


Achziv and Seilah: Yes, Your Highness?


Abaddon: Achziv, you have been been wonderful asset to this mission, both of you can continue with your normal operations. And Paimon…


Paimon: Yes, My Lord?


Abaddon: If you’re so anxious to fight, you can take Dalit and your men to the southern border.


Paimon: You can count on me My Lord!


Abaddon: If you fail to capture it, you better not come back.


Paimon: Understood.


Abaddon: Of course, Legion will continue being my personal bodyguard.


Legion: We will put our life on the line for The Demon King.


Abaddon: Excellent. Now, I’m sure all of you are aware of the future king of Santoria.

Achziv: *Smiles* Jericho.


Seilah: ….


Paimon: ….


Abaddon: Not if I have anything to say about it.


Legion: The King shall avenge his father’s death.


Abaddon: That’s the big one, but it’s not the only reason. Santoria needs to perish.


Seilah: Santoria, huh.


Abaddon: Even with his deserved death, the Angels won’t stop fighting and this war won’t be over until one side is completely obliterated. I also would like to say for everyone here that I order you not to kill him. If I’m going to avenge my father then Jericho needs to be slain by my hand and mine alone.


Achziv: But Your Highness, what if Seilah or I run into him when we’re in Santoria?


Abaddon: I’ve granted you permission to harm him, but for your sake, neither of you will kill him or I’ll bury you together. Do I make myself clear?


Achziv: Crystal.


Abaddon: Now then, do any of you have any other questions?


*All is silent*


Abaddon: Your silence tells me everything. In that case, this battle is going to be the battle of no mores. Once all the dust has settled and all the Infierno smoke has cleared, there will be no more Angels, no more Santoria and most importantly no more Jericho!


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