Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene IV

Infierno. The main hall.


Achziv: Ahhh damn, looks like we’re still field agents, Seilah.


Seilah: I thought you enjoyed your line of work, Mother.


Achziv: Yeah, killing Angels isn’t so bad, but I was expecting a promotion for all of our hard work or at least a sonnet.


Seilah: Have you discovered the remaining court officials’ identities?


Achziv: Of course. I must say, the Santorian library’s archival documents make for a fascinating read by themselves. The current constable is at the southern border so if Paimon and Dalit succeed in capturing it, I won’t have to worry about killing him myself.


*Paimon walks and approaches Achziv and Seilah*


Achziv: My, speak of the devil.


Paimon: You, where’s Dalit?


Achziv: “You”? I do have a name you know.


Paimon: I said, where’s Dalit?


Achziv: Don’t worry about her yet, she’s still recovering in my main laboratory.


Paimon: My Lord has left her in your care?


Achziv: Of course he did… are you questioning Your Highness’ judgement?


Paimon: Unacceptable! I won’t allow it!


Achziv: You can complain to him all you want, it won’t make a difference.


Paimon: No! There’s no way My Lord would leave one of our kind to you!


*Paimon looks over to Seilah*


Paimon: Don’t trust her out of your sight.


*Exit Paimon who storms off*


Seilah: Why is Paimon so angry all the time?


Achziv: No, he blames himself for not being able to save The King’s father. His family has been serving under the royal family for generations after all.


Seilah: That doesn’t explain why he doesn’t trust you, Mother.


Achziv: He’s never liked me. *Chuckles* Especially since I’m not a Demon. It’s true he’s never had a high opinion of my race so he must have been disappointed when he found out I was still alive.


Seilah: Is that so?


Achziv: But let’s change the subject to something more enjoyable. We have some Angels to assassinate!


Seilah: Whom should we target first?


Achziv: There’s actually an old friend of mine I’d like to meet again. Killing him will be fun!


At The Demon King’s throne room.


Paimon: My Lord, is it true Dalit is at that Aswang’s lab?


Abaddon: Yes, and what of it?


Paimon: But why?


Abaddon: Obviously so she can be ready for this war and she’ll be assisting you after all.


Paimon: But couldn’t you have had her in one of our recovery chambers?


Abaddon: Achziv has thought of ways to make Dalit a better fighter so she won’t have to end up in one again. Achziv has been one of my most loyal subjects. She’s served under my father just like you. Not only that, but it’s because of her I know who my father’s murderer is.


Paimon: But…






Abaddon: Do you dare doubt my judgement, Paimon?


Paimon: No, My Lord, I would never….


Abaddon: Then you will cease questioning one of my most trusted underlings and one of your own allies, or you will cease to live.




Abaddon: Now then, if that’s all you’ve come to say you can leave my presence. I do believe you have a battle to prepare for and you should’ve been spending your time on that instead of wasting mine.


Paimon: Yes, My Lord. *Exits out of the throne room*


Paimon: *Thinking* Damn that Aswang, I know she’s up to something. I better have my right-hand men watch over her. Whatever it is she’s plotting, it won’t get past me! *Walks off*


Legion: Master, if we may ask a question. Why do you speak to your general in such a manner?


Abaddon: Legion, what did I just say about questioning me? I have little patience for stupid questions such as yours and the ones he asked.


Legion: He only wants what’s best for…


Abaddon: For me. Yes, I know, but I’m the one who’s King so I’m confident I know what’s best for myself and this world. His job is to lead my armies, not give me advice.


Legion: And ours is to protect you.


Abaddon: Exactly. As long as everyone knows their place, there won’t be any conflict in my plan.


Legion: So what do you have scheduled for today?


Abaddon: You and I are going to train.


Legion: Train?


Abaddon: Don’t make me repeat myself. You and I are going to train. With Achziv and Seilah finishing off the rest of Jericho’s closest workers and Paimon and Dalit battle at the southern border, all of my time can be focused on killing that bastard.


Legion: We see.


Abaddon: Come with me to the outside of the temple, there’s something I’d like to show you as well.


Legion: Yes, Master.


Abaddon: It has been some time since we last trained, I have no plans on holding back so you shouldn’t either if you don’t want to die.


Legion: We have been keeping ourselves in top shape to be worthy of being your bodyguard.


Abaddon: We shall see about that.


Later, outside the Temple


Abaddon: I expected better from you.


Legion: Hah… hah… hah…


Abaddon: Perhaps that was asking for too much.


Legion: You… have gotten… stronger since last time.


Abaddon: I don’t expect anyone to surpass my power. I need to get stronger. I want to be as strong as my father. No, I want to be stronger than him. Jericho was strong enough to kill him and live to tell the tale. I won’t let that happen with me!


Legion: We will do everything we can to help you become the strongest in the world!


Abaddon: Excellent, I did say I had something to show you, so go near the water and look down.


Legion: *Stares attentively at the water* Gah! What’s that stench!?


Abaddon: Stop being a bitch.


Legion: Master, what are you doing?


Abaddon: I’m giving it some of my energy.


Legion: “It”?


Abaddon: Look at the water again.


Legion: …. We see, We see…! red eyes?


Abaddon: That’s right.


Legion: What exactly is it?


Abaddon: It’s something Father created and bequeathed to me. He said I could do whatever I want with it.


Legion: By giving it your own energy?


Abaddon: History shows we’re not the only ones who invaded the enemy’s territory. I don’t want any of them to get close to my Temple.


Legion: We see.


Abaddon: Well, except Jericho. This place will be his tomb.


Legion: We still don’t have a clear idea why your father left it for you.


Abaddon: I’m also going to use this monster to acquire my revenge on that bastard.


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