Collection of Poems in the Works

I haven’t posted in two weeks, what the hell is wrong with me? Nothing out of the ordinary was keeping me from blogging. Anyway, besides my play and personal manifesto, I can now add poetry to what I’m working on regarding my written outputs. I bought a notebook specifically for this since I want it to be one of the few, if not the only thing I want to have published in my own handwriting. 

The structure is the easiest I’ve worked on so far, it’s an arrangement of poems I wrote. Seems simple enough. They’ll deal with a lot of topics, of course, and some of the ones I posted here will find their way in my handy dandy notebook. Poems I haven’t posted on here will be in the notebook as well. I want to try to write a poem a day to keep myself busy. There are 80 pages and since I’ll be using the front and back pages I’ll have quite the number when I’m finished. I’m still working on my play, but just like it, I’m excited for this too!


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