Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene V

Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.


Hiram: I hope you’re ready, brother.


Jericho: I am. Since Abi will take care of the smaller tasks, I can spend all my time training.


Hiram: I’m gonna kick your ass!


Jericho: You haven’t bested me yet.


Hiram: I was being nice those… ten times. I’m not going to hold back!


Jericho: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come on!


*Hiram charges toward Jericho, the camera fades into black*


Hiram: This shouldn’t be the outcome! I don’t understand! I thought I could do it, but you still ended up kicking my ass!


Jericho: You’ve gotten stronger too, Hiram! But I’m still way ahead of you!


Hiram: You won’t be #1 forever. I’ll beat you one of these days.


Jericho: I’ll be looking forward to it. I think that should do it for today, we should go see Jephthah now.


Hiram: Wait.


Jericho: ?


Hiram: Before we do that, we should try the Unison attack.


Jericho: You’re right. I think I can make it work this time.


Hiram: You know the drill.


Jericho: Right.


Together: *Gathering energy*


Jericho: Just a little more… NOW!


Together: Shikosen!!!!!


*Energy ball disappears*


Hiram: Again!?


Jericho: Hah… hah…


Hiram: Are you alright?


Jericho: Yeah, I’m fine. It sure takes a lot out of me though.


Hiram: I don’t understand. Jephthah and Abi can do it, so what’s stopping us?


Jericho: I’m sorry, if only I…


Hiram: No, it’s not your fault. If you were doing it wrong I’d make sure to slap some sense into you.


Jericho: Maybe Jephthah could tell us something.


Hiram: Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should be going to his place now.



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