Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene I

Santoria. Underground Railroad.


Achziv: I’m coming home. I’m coming home.


Seilah: You’re not a native of Santoria, mother.


Achziv: True, but I’ve spent so much of my time in Santoria.


*Both continue walking*


Achziv: I must say, my cloak looks so good on you! ❤


Seilah: You made it yourself?


Achziv: I had you in mind when I did. Your usual garb would turn heads, but we couldn’t have you walking the streets when you have those protruding horns.


Seilah: So who are the Angels we are sent to kill this time?


Achziv: Ah, that’s right *pulls out photographs*. If you can find these two trouble makers that’d be wonderful.


Seilah: What are their names?


Achziv: It doesn’t matter, the damned are nameless after all.   


Seilah: *Gleaning over photos*


Achziv: Is there something wrong, Seilah?


Seilah: One of them look familiar.


Achziv: Which one?


Seilah: *Points* This man in the background.


Achziv: What do you remember about him?


Seilah: I can’t remember. Do you have any idea who he is?


Achziv: You don’t need to worry about him. He’s not one of our targets. In fact, it’d be best if you would avoid him.


Seilah: Why? If I have to fight him I could just use my Mac…


Achziv: I said, it’d be in your best interest to avoid him. In fact, I order you not to kill him no matter what.


Seilah: I don’t understand.






Achziv: Seilah, dear, do you remember what I said to Paimon at The Round Table?


Seilah: “Every play has a proper sequence”.


Achziv: Exactly, we’re still in the preface. No, the exposition rather.


Seilah: I just want to help.


Achziv: I understand, but we can’t get hasty okay?


Seilah: Yes ma’am.


Achziv: Good.


Seilah: I was wondering, is the other man your “old friend”?


Achziv: Oh no, he’s someone I’ll be dealing with personally. Right after I’ve done my research at the prison.


Seilah: What are you working on now?


Achziv: I’m trying to find a way to accelerate the resurrection of the god. If I could figure it out, we wouldn’t need so many souls.


Seilah: Is it going well so far?


Achziv: It’s pretty slow actually. None of the prisoners have been good enough samples, and the closest thing I have to a god is myself.


Seilah: I’m sorry to hear that.


Achziv: No need to apologize. It’s thanks to you and your Macro I was even able to get this far.


Seilah: I do my best for you.


Achziv: That’s what I like most about you. You make mommy proud. ❤


*Enter to Achziv’s prison laboratory*


Achziv: Ahhhhh, home sweet home.




Achziv: And the sound of warm greetings to start the day.


Demon: Don’t… don’t think you’ll get away with this!


Achziv: Oh, but I already have.


Demon: If the Demon King knew you’d be sorry!


Achziv: I don’t think he’ll mind if I use failures for my own purposes.


Demon: Failures?


Achziv: You guys were stupid enough to get captured by the enemy. It’d be more trouble bringing you back and healing you than using you for something more productive.


Demon: Impossible! The King wouldn’t abandon his own people.


Achziv: You think you know more about the Demon King than I do? Someone who’s worked with him personally? You know nothing! You’re just a low class soldier!


Demon: And you show your loyalty to him by using your own allies as experiments?


Achziv: It’s a small sacrifice, really.


Demon: And you!




Demon: You’re one of us! How can you just accept this?


Seilah: I follow Mother.


Demon: You’re following her to your doom!


Achziv: *Grabs him by the throat* Okay, that’s enough out of you. If you keep talking I’ll sew your mouth shut.


Demon: *Spits at her face*


Achziv: … Oh Seilah! ❤


Seilah: Yes?


Achziv: Could you wait in the incubation room? Mommy and this man have some talking to do.


*Exit Seilah to the incubation room*


Seilah: I don’t think I’ve ever been in the incubation room before. *Sees distorted images* Huh? It’s probably nothing.  


*Voice in the background*




Seilah: Hmm, there’s a book case. I guess I’ll read until she calls for me.




Achziv: Seilah!


Seilah: Mother. That took longer than I expected.


Achziv: I was in a good mood and that low class scum tried me! By the way, have you met Isaac yet?


Seilah: Isaac?


Achziv: He’s my latest test subject. Let me show you whom I’m referring to. *Points at test tube*


Seilah: That’s… an Angel!


Achziv: You guessed right!


Seilah: He’s so deformed though.


Achziv: He’s reacted poorly to some of my experiments, but he’s still living and sentient.


Seilah: Where did you find him? Surely not the prison.


Achziv: He’s a relative of my “old friend”. When I first met him, I realized his potential power and knew it would never be fully realized if he stayed with his family so I decided to take care of him.


Seilah: So, what is he being used for?


Achziv: I’m trying to see if I can make a Nephilim. I always wondered if it was possible to make an Angel-Demon hybrid.


Seilah: Why would you want to do that?


Achziv: Why wouldn’t I? Nephilims are something special. According to my research, they’re capable of harnessing light and dark soul energy. This means they can learn attacks unique to Angels and Demons. I’d also like to know more about them, I haven’t seen one for myself and they’re so rare they’re said to be a mirage.


Seilah: How do you know when he’ll be one?


Achziv: Of course, a good indication is when he’s able to utilize light and dark energy. He’s becoming more receptive of the latter, and he’s also been showing demonic features as a result so I’m more optimistic about this project.


Seilah: But why is he in chains?


Achziv: He’s been mentally unstable for some time, but I’m on my way to creating a crown to hopefully subdue his temperament.


Seilah: What use will he be to you?


Achziv: We don’t have any healers on our side, so having a powerful one could save a few headaches.




Achziv: Now then, I think it’s time we start what we came here for. If you need me, you’ll know where to find me. Once you’re done with your assignment make sure to come back here.


Seilah: Yes, Mother.


Achziv: Do you have everything?


Seilah: I’m certain.


Achziv: What about your Circlus?


Seilah: It’s in my ear.


Achziv: Good, if you’re ever in trouble let me know right away.


Seilah: Yes, Mother. I’ll be on my way now.


Achziv: Take care! ❤


*Exit Seilah to the main room*


Demon: …….


Seilah: Hmph. *Leaves for the entrance*


Outside the prison. Front entrance.


Seilah: You.


Guard: What can I do for you ma’am?


Seilah: I was wondering if you knew where I could find either of these men.


Guard: I can point you in the right direction with one of them.


Seilah: If you would.


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