Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene II

Santoria. The church.


Jericho: Hey, Jepthath! We’re here!


Jepthath: Ahhh, it’s my favorite students!


Hiram: I bet you tell Abi the same thing.


Jepthath: Yeah, but with my daughter I mean it.


Jericho: It’s nice to see everyone’s lively. But Jepthath, Abi said you have some business with us.


Jepthath: Yes indeed.I have new attacks I hope I can teach you two.


Jericho: That’s great!


Hiram: Wait. Before we learn anything new, we have a problem we’d like to address first.


Jepthath: What is it?


Hiram: The unison attack…


Jepthath: What’s wrong with it? I thought you two had it down.


Hiram: Yes, we can when I lead the attack, but in brother’s case…


Jericho: So we wanted to know what we’re doing wrong.


Jepthath: Alright then. Show me.


Jericho: Are you ready, Hiram? *Gathering soul energy*


Hiram: Of course! *Gathering soul energy*


Both: SHI-KO-SEN!!!!


*Soul energy disappears*


Jericho: *Panting*


Hiram: And it always ends up like this, the energy disappears and takes a lot out of brother.


Jepthath: Hmmmm, that is strange. I’m honestly not sure what to tell you two.


Hiram: What!!? Why!!?


Jepthath: Calm down, Hiram. It’s because from what I see, neither of you are doing anything wrong. I made the attack so the users could combine their strength for a marvelous result. It is strange though. you two are brothers, so Jericho would be the most important Angel to you and vice versa.


Hiram: Exactly, but I also wonder why I don’t become tired.


Jepthath: It’s simple, it’s because you’re not the one leading the attack.


Jericho: So what can we do to make it work?


Jepthath: I don’t know, but I have no doubt you’ll be able to do it one of these days.


Hiram: What makes you say that?


Jepthath: I’ve seen it. Both of you have gotten stronger. I think both of you are underestimating your potential. Especially you, Jericho.


Jericho: Me?


Jepthath: I know it’s frustrating, but you’ve done well for yourself so far. You can only get better. I know you want to end this war so no more lives are lost so I have no doubt you’ll be able to pull it off eventually as long as you keep at it.


Jericho: Abi said something like that.


Jepthath: *Smiles* I’m not surprised. She learned from the best!


Hiram: Give me a break.


Jepthath: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. I have something I’d like to teach you, but if you’re going to be a smart ass I’ll keep it to myself.


Hiram: You’ve been holding out on us!? C’mon old man…


Jepthath: Old man? It was this “old man” that taught you what you know!


Jericho: Again, it’s nice that we’re all lively here. But guys don’t need to squabble.


Jepthath: Hahaha, Hiram knows I’m just messing with him.


Hiram: Yeah, brother. We’re not being serious.


Jericho: It’s hard to tell with you two.


Hiram: We’re just that damn convincing.


Jepthath: Indeed.


Jericho: Anyway, Jepthath, if you will…


Jepthath: Of course. I was being serious about teaching Hiram a new technique.


Hiram: Well, what is it?


Jepthath: Settle down, Hiram. I’m about to tell you. To be more precise, Hiram will be the one to teach the attack to himself.


Hiram: What?


Jepthath: Have you ever tried to combine your light and dark energy?


Hiram: I never thought about it.


Jepthath: Since you have the power to manipulate ice and fire, it would definitely give you the edge if you can combine them in some way. Do you want to give it a try?


Hiram: Hell yeah!


Jericho: I’d knew you’d say that. I guess I’ll train in the meantime.


Jepthath: Don’t worry, Jericho. I have something to teach you as well.


Jericho: Can’t wait.


Jepthath: Now then Hiram, are you ready?


Hiram: Who do you think I am? I was born ready!




Jepthath: Good. Very good!


Hiram: Alright, this should come in handy.


Jepthath: I should note that you should only use the attack when there are no other options.


Hiram: Why’s that?


Jepthath: It’s an attack that gets weaker the more times you use it.


Hiram: I’ll make sure to keep it in mind.


Jepthath: Now then, Jericho if you would…


*Circulus starts ringing*


Jepthath:Oh shi.. I’m sorry, if you’ll excuse me. *Exit him to backroom*


Jericho: I hope this call is good news.


Hiram: For real, it’s be a nice change of pace. We’ve been getting calls and news of our friends dying for some time now.    


Jepthath: What is it? I’m busy teaching Your Highness.


Guard 1: I’m sorry to interrupt you sir, but I have something to tell you.


Jepthath: Well, speak up! What is it?


Guard 1: The thing is, we’re at a death scene…


Jepthath: Wait, don’t tell me…


Guard 1: It looks like a suicide.


Jepthath: Dammit, who was it?


Guard 1: It was… Lior.


Jepthath: WHAT!!? HOW!!?


Guard 1: It looks like a self-inflicted wound.


Jepthath: That’s even less believable than him being killed! I know Lior! He wouldn’t do such a thing!


Guard 1: But all evidence seems to suggest it was the case.


Jepthath: Where are you now?


Guard 1: We’re at his house.


Jepthath: Stay there, I’ll be there shortly.


Guard 1: Ah, but sir!


*Turns off Circulus. Enter him back to Jericho and Hiram*


Hiram: I’m guessing it wasn’t anything good.


Jepthath: I’m going to Lior’s house.


Jericho: Why? What happened to him?


Jepthath: He’s dead.


Hiram: No way!


Jericho: How?


Jepthath: From what I’m told, he killed himself.


Jericho: That can’t be true! Lior isn’t the type of guy to do that!


Jepthath: And that’s why I’m going over there.


Hiram: But what about Jericho?


Jepthath: I’m sorry, I’ll teach him another day.


Hiram: Then we’re going too!


Jepthath: I’m sorry, but I think it’d be better if you went back to the palace.


Jericho: Why?


Jepthath: Abi should be done with her research now. Knowing how studious she is.  


Hiram: That may be true, but we can’t ignore this!


Jepthath: Which is why I’ll be going. I’ll fill you on the details later.


Hiram: But…


Jepthath: Please! I’m asking you!


Hiram: *To Jericho* Well, what do you want to do?


Jericho: Alright, we’ll head back. You must have your reasons, I guess.


Jepthath: Thank you! I promise I’ll make up for this later. *Exit him to the front entrance*


Hiram: He sure took off in a hurry.


Jericho: I have a bad feeling about this.


Hiram: Now it’s Lior’s time to die? I don’t understand it at all.


Jericho: Beats me too. But we left the investigation to Jepthath and the guards. Let’s go back and see how Abi’s doing.


Hiram: Alright. *Both exit out of the church to the main street*


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