Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene III

Santoria. Lior’s house.


Guard 2: There doesn’t appear to be any sign of struggle or foul play.


Guard 1: That makes it even more strange. I can’t imagine Lior being defeated so easily. What do you think?


Guard 2:  Someone may have murdered him, but I think he could have done this to himself, given his situation.


Guard 1: What do you mean?


Guard 2: The war’s been taking a toll on all of us.


Guard 1: He’s always appeared to be fine as far as I know though.


Guard 2: Being depressed isn’t a prerequisite for suicide.


Guard 1: That’s true, but knowing Lior’s personality, if he felt this was something he had to do, we would have at least found a note. There is none.


Guard 2: You think there’s more to this?


Guard 1: I believe so. But I think it’d be better to get a second opinion from Master Jephthah since he’ll be arriving soon…


In the alleyway


Jephthah: *Thinking* Lior’s the latest to perish. I wish it wasn’t true. I’d like to know how and why. He’s not…





Jephthah: Oh, are you alright?


Seilah: Yes, I’m fine. Actually, I wanted to ask you something.


Jephthah: I’m sorry but I’m in a bit of a hurry.


Seilah: I said I wanted to ask you something. It will only take a bit of your time.


Jephthah: *Sigh* Fine, what do you need?


Seilah: Do you know where I can find this man? *hands over photograph*


Jephthah: Advisor Aaron? He should be at the plaza.


Seilah: Where is that?


Jephthah: You go down here toward the front of the church and just keep going left. you can’t miss it.


Seilah: That’s all I needed to know.


*Exit Seilah*


Jephthah: Huh? What am I doing standing around? *starts running* I’m finally here.


Guard 1: Ah! Master Jephthah, up here!


Jephthah: *Levitates into the room* Well, let me see the body. *Lifts white sheet* Good lord…


Guard 2: His whole torso has been blown. It looks like he concentrated his energy to take his own life, sir.


Jephthah: Yeah, whoever killed him wanted to make it seem like that.


Guard 2: Whatever do you mean, sir?


Jephthah: I’m saying that there’s no way he killed himself. I know him, and he would never do such a thing.


Guard 2: But sir, all of the evidence points to it being the only conclusion.


Jephthah: And I’m saying it’s not possible!


Guard 2:


Jephthah: There’s gotta be something! Have there been any witnesses?


Guard 1: We’ve been asking around and no one so far has come forward.


Jephthah: Lior is one of the happiest people I know, he would never do this.


Guard 1: Exactly.


Guard 2: There is a possibility something else is up, but the current evidence doesn’t support it, sir.


Jephthah: ….


Guard 2: I don’t want to accept it either, but…


Jephthah: Wait, hold that thought. Can one of you get in contact with Your Highness?


Guard 1: Yes sir! *Exits to other room*


Guard 2: If I may ask, why must you call Your Highness?  


Jephthah: To make sure they made it to the palace.


*Back to Jericho and Hiram*


Jericho: So how do you like your new attack?


Hiram: No complaints so far. Let’s just hope I’m never in a position where I have to use it.


Jericho: That’s true.


Hiram: Damn shame you didn’t learn anything new today.


Jericho: It’s alright. I’m still stronger than you.


Hiram: Hmph, keep taunting me like that, and I’ll use it on you first.


Jericho: I’ll be more than pre…


*Circulus rings*


Jericho: Hello?


Jephthah: Jericho, where are you now?


Jericho: We’re still heading to the palace right now. Is there something wrong?


Jephthah: I think it’d be best if I stay in contact with you until you make it back.


Jericho: That’s fine with me. Did you find any clues?


Jephthah: Nothing that can gives us a lead. I still think there’s more to this though.


Jericho: I believe so too. I just wish we could find something to prove it.




Jericho: Hm, what’s up, Hiram? You haven’t said anything for a bit.


Hiram: …  


Jericho: HIRAM!



Hiram: …! Sorry, I was thinking.


Jericho: About what?


Jephthah: It’s nice to try new things.


Hiram: Anyway, I’m feeling some strange energy.


Jericho: Where is it coming from?


Hiram: I can’t pinpoint exactly, but it’s coming from the other direction.


Jericho: You sure? I don’t sense anything.


Hiram: I’ll go and check it out to be sure.


Jericho: I’ll go with you.


Hiram: It’s fine, you go and see Abi.


Jericho: But…


Hiram: You can iron out the details when I get back. I don’t think this is something I want to ignore.


Jericho: Okay, you go and handle it.


Hiram: Thanks, bro!


Jericho: Stay alert!


Hiram: Gotcha!


*Exit Hiram*


Jericho: You heard that?


Jephthah: Yeah, I wonder what it was he sensed.


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