A Funny Video for My Readers

I had a dream where I shared the above video with my aunty, and the next day I decided to actually share the video with her. She found it funny, I find it funny and I hope you will find it funny. You may have heard the adage “laughter is the best medicine” so if you’re feeling down or blue I hope this video will make you feel at least a little better. A few of the comments say @ 23 seconds it sounds like Jim Vance’s laugh is saying “chicken nugget” and now I can NEVER unhear it every time I watch this video!

I must have seen this a hundred times since I discovered it and no matter what, I laugh hysterically every time! This is literally the most hilarious video I have ever seen! Anytime I need a good laugh I just watch this! People say yawning is contagious, but laughing has to be even more so!


I would also like to take the time to say RIP Jim Vance and George Michael, you two are missed!




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