Being Sick

Yesterday wasn’t a fun day for me. It’s been years since I was sick and the last time I vomited was back on Christmas day. The good thing about yesterday was that it made me appreciate the fact I’m usually not sick lol. I guess it was something I ate, but I spent a few hours in a fetal position because it was the most comfortable for me and took the pressure off my stomach. It was almost 9 pm when gut soup made a quick exit up my throat, out of my mouth and thankfully into a trash bag.

Whatever it was that I ate, my body was like “this food isn’t going any farther”. Whenever I puke, my abs feel like they get a workout of a lifetime. I felt a lot better after though. I just brushed my teeth, flossed and went to sleep. It’s not often I vomit, but when I do, I usually feel better very soon.



I Got to See My Best Friend Today

It wasn’t for very long, but I got to see my best friend Tye. It’s been five years since I’ve seen him, I’d like to thank my mom for driving me and picking him up so we can go to the mall. He became tall, but he’s still the same Tye I’ve known all my life. When we were at the mall we got to catch up on what’s been going on with our lives and I got to share some random, but funny anecdotes. He apparently was in town since the beginning of the month so I’m really kicking myself in the shins for getting his message that he was here a few days ago especially since he leaves for South Korea tomorrow. It’s okay though, I’m just glad I got to see him today, today is better than no day at all. When we dropped him off at his house I was finally able to give him his birthday present (I’ve had it since our freshman year in high school) and the letter I wrote to him. I really do love my friends (and my mom, brother, sister and aunt), they make me thankful that I’m alive. I may not always talk to them every day so I feel bad about that, but I truly cherish the friends I have now. That’s all I have to write about for today, I’m just very happy right now. God bless and good night!