Six Word Story #10

There’s nothing wrong with getting help.


Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene IV

Santoria. The plaza.


Seilah: *Reading soul energy* That man said he’d be around here… But he must be suppressing his power. All the energy I’m sensing are pitiful.


At the church.


Hiram: How did brother not sense it? It’s definitely dark energy so it has to be a Demon, but no one has told us, so what’s going on? Alright, I’m getting closer. It seems to be coming from… the plaza!


Back at the plaza


Seilah: Excuse me.


Angel: Yes, what can I help you with, miss?


Seilah: Do you know where I can find this man? *Hands over photo* I was told he would be around here.


Angel: Advisor Aaron? He was at the city hall. But he should be done with his meeting by now.


Seilah: Do you know where I could find him?


Angel: I’m sorry. I do not.


Seilah: It’s fine. *Thinking* It seems like he’s not at the plaza any more. So what should I do? I don’t want to go back to Mother until I’ve finished my business here. *Calling Achziv*


Achziv: Hello, Seilah! Have you completed your mission?


Seilah: Sorry Mother. I have not. I’m still trying to find the last target. How’s everything with you?


Achziv: I’m just about done with my work. Where are you now?


Seilah: I’m at the plaza.


Achziv: Alright, wait right there. I’ll be on my way shortly.


Seilah: You’re coming here?


Achziv: I did say I would meet up with you once I was done.


Seilah: How will I know when you get here?


Achziv: I’ll get there when I get there.


Seilah: Got it.


Achziv: See you later.


Seilah: Yes, Mother. *Click* Now then, I have some free time before Mother gets here so I’ll look around. Hopefully I’ll be able to find him that way. *Walks to the center of the plaza* This is…


*Enter Hiram*


Hiram: The Ark of Return.


Seilah: The Ark of Return? What’s that?


Hiram: A monument to commemorate the angels who fought. It’s one of the most sacred sites in all of Santoria and was constructed by the Archangel Michael during his battle against Lucifer.  



Seilah: Is that a fact? *Gleans at names* Aaliyah… Olin… It just looks like random names on a block.



Hiram: If you take another look, you’ll see there are halos next to some of them. Those are the ones that are deceased.



Seilah: *Looks* Sau… ra… *Sees distorted image* That name…



Hiram: What about it? It sounds familiar to you?






Hiram: You know, I want to ask you something.  



Seilah: Actually, I have a question for you.



Hiram: Alright, what is it?



Seilah: I wanted to know if you could help me find where this man is. *hands over photograph*



Hiram: *Thinking* This is Advisor Aaron! What the hell could she want with him? *To Seilah*  …



Seilah: Well?



Hiram: Yeah, I can help you find him.



Seilah: Where is he?



Hiram: Before I tell you, I don’t think I got your name, miss.



Seilah: Seilah. My name’s Seilah.



Hiram: Gotcha. Can you give me some time? I’ll be right back, I just gotta make a call and see if I can get in contact with him.



Seilah: That’s fine.



Hiram: * Walks away while using Circulus* Hey, it’s me. There’s a woman here who wants to meet you, she says her name’s Seilah, sound familiar? Hm, yeah, I thought so too. The thing is I’m certain she’s a Demon. How do I know? Because this dark energy I’m reading isn’t coming from anyone else.



At the same time  



Angel Officer: Excuse me, miss, do you have a moment?


Seilah: Yes, Mother?


Achziv: Idiot! Don’t call me that when we’re in public!


Seilah: I’m sorry, Mo…


Aczhiv: *Glares*


Seilah: Well, what should I call you in your current disguise?  


Achziv: If anyone asks, I’m Officer Samuel. Got it?


Seilah: Yes, Officer Samuel.


Achziv: Very good. Now, have you been waiting here for me all this time?


Seilah: I was talking to someone, he said he’d be able to help me find our target.


Achziv: Where is he now?  


Seilah: *Points* He’s right over there. He said he needed to call our target.




Seilah: Is something the matter?


Achziv: You’ve noticed it too haven’t you?


Seilah: If you’re referring to his power, then I did. He was simultaneously possessing light and dark energy.


Achziv: Indeed, I’d like to know more about him. I think an experiment is in order. Once we’re done with this, order him to come to the prison.


Seilah: I will. But I wanted to ask you something.


Achziv: What is it?


Seilah: This golden block…


Achziv: The Ark of Return, what about it?


Seilah: That man talked about it with me.


Achziv: And?


Seilah: A number of the names seemed familiar to me.


Achziv: That’s only natural. I’ve met Angels and Demons that have the same name.


Seilah: Yeah, but I don’t think I’ve met any Demons named “Saura” before.


Achziv: She was one of my targets turned experiments.


Seilah: Really? How come you never told me about it?


Achziv: This was before you were born.  


Seilah: So how did that one turn out?


Achziv: *Smiles* Let’s just say a lot better than I thought.


Seilah: I see.


Achziv: Did I answer all of your questions or do you have more?


Seilah: No, I think that’s everything.


Achziv: Alright, now then, we should see about that half-br… Oh…  






Hiram: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. State your name, officer.


Achziv: Sir, I’m Officer Samuel!


Hiram: You know that woman?


Achziv: No, sir I was asking if she needed any assistance with anything.


Hiram: I see, it’s okay though, I’ve got it covered.


Achziv: Sir.


Hiram: Seilah, Aaron has time to meet you now. I’ll take you where he is.


Seilah: If you would.


Achziv: Sir, could I join you in escorting her?


Hiram: ? Well, it wouldn’t bother me, but *to Seilah* are you fine with it?


Seilah: I don’t mind at all.


Hiram: Alright, you can come. *Thinking* It’d be better to have more backup just in case.


*They all walk off to meet with Aaron*


Back at the palace library


Jericho: Hey, Abi!


Abi: Jericho! Huh? Where’s Hiram?


Jericho: He had some business to take care. Are you done with your research?


Abi: Yup, you’re just in time!


Jericho: So what did you find?


Abi: It seems my extrapolation was right.


Jericho: So they are using souls to make those super soldiers.


Abi: Yup.


Jericho: But how?


Abi: I’m sure you already know.


Jericho: No, I know about the how. I’m just wondering how they were able to make it possible.


Abi: What do you mean?


Jericho: Necromancy is the only way they’d be able to use souls like that. The ones who can though are all gone.


Abi: The Aswangs?


Jericho: Yup.


Abi: You sure there aren’t more?


Jericho: I am. Saura and I saw the last one die when we were trying to bring her in…