Happy Birthday to Me

As the Japanese would say, やった! I’m 24 and blessed. I should make myself some monkey bread, but I’ll be going to The Cheesecake Factory later today so maybe another time. This year’s birthday theme would have to be…

I’m not even all that invested in Chance the Rapper’s catalog, but this song gives off good/positive vibes which is what I always need. I had a good night’s sleep yesterday (even though I went to sleep pretty late) and the only way this day can be ruined is if I saw a cockroach, lol. Even at this age, birthdays still mean a lot to me.

Oh, and while I’m at it, congratulations to Alabama for not electing a pedophile yesterday. Though, considering the results, it’s disgusting that so many people had no qualms voting for one Well, that’s Republican voters for ya. You will notice in the exit polls that the more educated also voted for the Democrat. That’s generally how it tends to be.



Anyway, my birthday shall be as beautiful as my waifu Senjougahara! I hope everyone has a wonderful day ahead!