Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene IV

Santoria. The plaza.


Seilah: *Reading soul energy* That man said he’d be around here… But he must be suppressing his power. All the energy I’m sensing are pitiful.


At the church.


Hiram: How did brother not sense it? It’s definitely dark energy so it has to be a Demon, but no one has told us, so what’s going on? Alright, I’m getting closer. It seems to be coming from… the plaza!


Back at the plaza


Seilah: Excuse me.


Angel: Yes, what can I help you with, miss?


Seilah: Do you know where I can find this man? *Hands over photo* I was told he would be around here.


Angel: Advisor Aaron? He was at the city hall. But he should be done with his meeting by now.


Seilah: Do you know where I could find him?


Angel: I’m sorry. I do not.


Seilah: It’s fine. *Thinking* It seems like he’s not at the plaza any more. So what should I do? I don’t want to go back to Mother until I’ve finished my business here. *Calling Achziv*


Achziv: Hello, Seilah! Have you completed your mission?


Seilah: Sorry Mother. I have not. I’m still trying to find the last target. How’s everything with you?


Achziv: I’m just about done with my work. Where are you now?


Seilah: I’m at the plaza.


Achziv: Alright, wait right there. I’ll be on my way shortly.


Seilah: You’re coming here?


Achziv: I did say I would meet up with you once I was done.


Seilah: How will I know when you get here?


Achziv: I’ll get there when I get there.


Seilah: Got it.


Achziv: See you later.


Seilah: Yes, Mother. *Click* Now then, I have some free time before Mother gets here so I’ll look around. Hopefully I’ll be able to find him that way. *Walks to the center of the plaza* This is…


*Enter Hiram*


Hiram: The Ark of Return.


Seilah: The Ark of Return? What’s that?


Hiram: A monument to commemorate the angels who fought. It’s one of the most sacred sites in all of Santoria and was constructed by the Archangel Michael during his battle against Lucifer.  



Seilah: Is that a fact? *Gleans at names* Aaliyah… Olin… It just looks like random names on a block.



Hiram: If you take another look, you’ll see there are halos next to some of them. Those are the ones that are deceased.



Seilah: *Looks* Sau… ra… *Sees distorted image* That name…



Hiram: What about it? It sounds familiar to you?






Hiram: You know, I want to ask you something.  



Seilah: Actually, I have a question for you.



Hiram: Alright, what is it?



Seilah: I wanted to know if you could help me find where this man is. *hands over photograph*



Hiram: *Thinking* This is Advisor Aaron! What the hell could she want with him? *To Seilah*  …



Seilah: Well?



Hiram: Yeah, I can help you find him.



Seilah: Where is he?



Hiram: Before I tell you, I don’t think I got your name, miss.



Seilah: Seilah. My name’s Seilah.



Hiram: Gotcha. Can you give me some time? I’ll be right back, I just gotta make a call and see if I can get in contact with him.



Seilah: That’s fine.



Hiram: * Walks away while using Circulus* Hey, it’s me. There’s a woman here who wants to meet you, she says her name’s Seilah, sound familiar? Hm, yeah, I thought so too. The thing is I’m certain she’s a Demon. How do I know? Because this dark energy I’m reading isn’t coming from anyone else.



At the same time  



Angel Officer: Excuse me, miss, do you have a moment?


Seilah: Yes, Mother?


Achziv: Idiot! Don’t call me that when we’re in public!


Seilah: I’m sorry, Mo…


Aczhiv: *Glares*


Seilah: Well, what should I call you in your current disguise?  


Achziv: If anyone asks, I’m Officer Samuel. Got it?


Seilah: Yes, Officer Samuel.


Achziv: Very good. Now, have you been waiting here for me all this time?


Seilah: I was talking to someone, he said he’d be able to help me find our target.


Achziv: Where is he now?  


Seilah: *Points* He’s right over there. He said he needed to call our target.




Seilah: Is something the matter?


Achziv: You’ve noticed it too haven’t you?


Seilah: If you’re referring to his power, then I did. He was simultaneously possessing light and dark energy.


Achziv: Indeed, I’d like to know more about him. I think an experiment is in order. Once we’re done with this, order him to come to the prison.


Seilah: I will. But I wanted to ask you something.


Achziv: What is it?


Seilah: This golden block…


Achziv: The Ark of Return, what about it?


Seilah: That man talked about it with me.


Achziv: And?


Seilah: A number of the names seemed familiar to me.


Achziv: That’s only natural. I’ve met Angels and Demons that have the same name.


Seilah: Yeah, but I don’t think I’ve met any Demons named “Saura” before.


Achziv: She was one of my targets turned experiments.


Seilah: Really? How come you never told me about it?


Achziv: This was before you were born.  


Seilah: So how did that one turn out?


Achziv: *Smiles* Let’s just say a lot better than I thought.


Seilah: I see.


Achziv: Did I answer all of your questions or do you have more?


Seilah: No, I think that’s everything.


Achziv: Alright, now then, we should see about that half-br… Oh…  






Hiram: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. State your name, officer.


Achziv: Sir, I’m Officer Samuel!


Hiram: You know that woman?


Achziv: No, sir I was asking if she needed any assistance with anything.


Hiram: I see, it’s okay though, I’ve got it covered.


Achziv: Sir.


Hiram: Seilah, Aaron has time to meet you now. I’ll take you where he is.


Seilah: If you would.


Achziv: Sir, could I join you in escorting her?


Hiram: ? Well, it wouldn’t bother me, but *to Seilah* are you fine with it?


Seilah: I don’t mind at all.


Hiram: Alright, you can come. *Thinking* It’d be better to have more backup just in case.


*They all walk off to meet with Aaron*


Back at the palace library


Jericho: Hey, Abi!


Abi: Jericho! Huh? Where’s Hiram?


Jericho: He had some business to take care. Are you done with your research?


Abi: Yup, you’re just in time!


Jericho: So what did you find?


Abi: It seems my extrapolation was right.


Jericho: So they are using souls to make those super soldiers.


Abi: Yup.


Jericho: But how?


Abi: I’m sure you already know.


Jericho: No, I know about the how. I’m just wondering how they were able to make it possible.


Abi: What do you mean?


Jericho: Necromancy is the only way they’d be able to use souls like that. The ones who can though are all gone.


Abi: The Aswangs?


Jericho: Yup.


Abi: You sure there aren’t more?


Jericho: I am. Saura and I saw the last one die when we were trying to bring her in…


Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene III

Santoria. Lior’s house.


Guard 2: There doesn’t appear to be any sign of struggle or foul play.


Guard 1: That makes it even more strange. I can’t imagine Lior being defeated so easily. What do you think?


Guard 2:  Someone may have murdered him, but I think he could have done this to himself, given his situation.


Guard 1: What do you mean?


Guard 2: The war’s been taking a toll on all of us.


Guard 1: He’s always appeared to be fine as far as I know though.


Guard 2: Being depressed isn’t a prerequisite for suicide.


Guard 1: That’s true, but knowing Lior’s personality, if he felt this was something he had to do, we would have at least found a note. There is none.


Guard 2: You think there’s more to this?


Guard 1: I believe so. But I think it’d be better to get a second opinion from Master Jephthah since he’ll be arriving soon…


In the alleyway


Jephthah: *Thinking* Lior’s the latest to perish. I wish it wasn’t true. I’d like to know how and why. He’s not…





Jephthah: Oh, are you alright?


Seilah: Yes, I’m fine. Actually, I wanted to ask you something.


Jephthah: I’m sorry but I’m in a bit of a hurry.


Seilah: I said I wanted to ask you something. It will only take a bit of your time.


Jephthah: *Sigh* Fine, what do you need?


Seilah: Do you know where I can find this man? *hands over photograph*


Jephthah: Advisor Aaron? He should be at the plaza.


Seilah: Where is that?


Jephthah: You go down here toward the front of the church and just keep going left. you can’t miss it.


Seilah: That’s all I needed to know.


*Exit Seilah*


Jephthah: Huh? What am I doing standing around? *starts running* I’m finally here.


Guard 1: Ah! Master Jephthah, up here!


Jephthah: *Levitates into the room* Well, let me see the body. *Lifts white sheet* Good lord…


Guard 2: His whole torso has been blown. It looks like he concentrated his energy to take his own life, sir.


Jephthah: Yeah, whoever killed him wanted to make it seem like that.


Guard 2: Whatever do you mean, sir?


Jephthah: I’m saying that there’s no way he killed himself. I know him, and he would never do such a thing.


Guard 2: But sir, all of the evidence points to it being the only conclusion.


Jephthah: And I’m saying it’s not possible!


Guard 2:


Jephthah: There’s gotta be something! Have there been any witnesses?


Guard 1: We’ve been asking around and no one so far has come forward.


Jephthah: Lior is one of the happiest people I know, he would never do this.


Guard 1: Exactly.


Guard 2: There is a possibility something else is up, but the current evidence doesn’t support it, sir.


Jephthah: ….


Guard 2: I don’t want to accept it either, but…


Jephthah: Wait, hold that thought. Can one of you get in contact with Your Highness?


Guard 1: Yes sir! *Exits to other room*


Guard 2: If I may ask, why must you call Your Highness?  


Jephthah: To make sure they made it to the palace.


*Back to Jericho and Hiram*


Jericho: So how do you like your new attack?


Hiram: No complaints so far. Let’s just hope I’m never in a position where I have to use it.


Jericho: That’s true.


Hiram: Damn shame you didn’t learn anything new today.


Jericho: It’s alright. I’m still stronger than you.


Hiram: Hmph, keep taunting me like that, and I’ll use it on you first.


Jericho: I’ll be more than pre…


*Circulus rings*


Jericho: Hello?


Jephthah: Jericho, where are you now?


Jericho: We’re still heading to the palace right now. Is there something wrong?


Jephthah: I think it’d be best if I stay in contact with you until you make it back.


Jericho: That’s fine with me. Did you find any clues?


Jephthah: Nothing that can gives us a lead. I still think there’s more to this though.


Jericho: I believe so too. I just wish we could find something to prove it.




Jericho: Hm, what’s up, Hiram? You haven’t said anything for a bit.


Hiram: …  


Jericho: HIRAM!



Hiram: …! Sorry, I was thinking.


Jericho: About what?


Jephthah: It’s nice to try new things.


Hiram: Anyway, I’m feeling some strange energy.


Jericho: Where is it coming from?


Hiram: I can’t pinpoint exactly, but it’s coming from the other direction.


Jericho: You sure? I don’t sense anything.


Hiram: I’ll go and check it out to be sure.


Jericho: I’ll go with you.


Hiram: It’s fine, you go and see Abi.


Jericho: But…


Hiram: You can iron out the details when I get back. I don’t think this is something I want to ignore.


Jericho: Okay, you go and handle it.


Hiram: Thanks, bro!


Jericho: Stay alert!


Hiram: Gotcha!


*Exit Hiram*


Jericho: You heard that?


Jephthah: Yeah, I wonder what it was he sensed.

Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene II

Santoria. The church.


Jericho: Hey, Jepthath! We’re here!


Jepthath: Ahhh, it’s my favorite students!


Hiram: I bet you tell Abi the same thing.


Jepthath: Yeah, but with my daughter I mean it.


Jericho: It’s nice to see everyone’s lively. But Jepthath, Abi said you have some business with us.


Jepthath: Yes indeed.I have new attacks I hope I can teach you two.


Jericho: That’s great!


Hiram: Wait. Before we learn anything new, we have a problem we’d like to address first.


Jepthath: What is it?


Hiram: The unison attack…


Jepthath: What’s wrong with it? I thought you two had it down.


Hiram: Yes, we can when I lead the attack, but in brother’s case…


Jericho: So we wanted to know what we’re doing wrong.


Jepthath: Alright then. Show me.


Jericho: Are you ready, Hiram? *Gathering soul energy*


Hiram: Of course! *Gathering soul energy*


Both: SHI-KO-SEN!!!!


*Soul energy disappears*


Jericho: *Panting*


Hiram: And it always ends up like this, the energy disappears and takes a lot out of brother.


Jepthath: Hmmmm, that is strange. I’m honestly not sure what to tell you two.


Hiram: What!!? Why!!?


Jepthath: Calm down, Hiram. It’s because from what I see, neither of you are doing anything wrong. I made the attack so the users could combine their strength for a marvelous result. It is strange though. you two are brothers, so Jericho would be the most important Angel to you and vice versa.


Hiram: Exactly, but I also wonder why I don’t become tired.


Jepthath: It’s simple, it’s because you’re not the one leading the attack.


Jericho: So what can we do to make it work?


Jepthath: I don’t know, but I have no doubt you’ll be able to do it one of these days.


Hiram: What makes you say that?


Jepthath: I’ve seen it. Both of you have gotten stronger. I think both of you are underestimating your potential. Especially you, Jericho.


Jericho: Me?


Jepthath: I know it’s frustrating, but you’ve done well for yourself so far. You can only get better. I know you want to end this war so no more lives are lost so I have no doubt you’ll be able to pull it off eventually as long as you keep at it.


Jericho: Abi said something like that.


Jepthath: *Smiles* I’m not surprised. She learned from the best!


Hiram: Give me a break.


Jepthath: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. I have something I’d like to teach you, but if you’re going to be a smart ass I’ll keep it to myself.


Hiram: You’ve been holding out on us!? C’mon old man…


Jepthath: Old man? It was this “old man” that taught you what you know!


Jericho: Again, it’s nice that we’re all lively here. But guys don’t need to squabble.


Jepthath: Hahaha, Hiram knows I’m just messing with him.


Hiram: Yeah, brother. We’re not being serious.


Jericho: It’s hard to tell with you two.


Hiram: We’re just that damn convincing.


Jepthath: Indeed.


Jericho: Anyway, Jepthath, if you will…


Jepthath: Of course. I was being serious about teaching Hiram a new technique.


Hiram: Well, what is it?


Jepthath: Settle down, Hiram. I’m about to tell you. To be more precise, Hiram will be the one to teach the attack to himself.


Hiram: What?


Jepthath: Have you ever tried to combine your light and dark energy?


Hiram: I never thought about it.


Jepthath: Since you have the power to manipulate ice and fire, it would definitely give you the edge if you can combine them in some way. Do you want to give it a try?


Hiram: Hell yeah!


Jericho: I’d knew you’d say that. I guess I’ll train in the meantime.


Jepthath: Don’t worry, Jericho. I have something to teach you as well.


Jericho: Can’t wait.


Jepthath: Now then Hiram, are you ready?


Hiram: Who do you think I am? I was born ready!




Jepthath: Good. Very good!


Hiram: Alright, this should come in handy.


Jepthath: I should note that you should only use the attack when there are no other options.


Hiram: Why’s that?


Jepthath: It’s an attack that gets weaker the more times you use it.


Hiram: I’ll make sure to keep it in mind.


Jepthath: Now then, Jericho if you would…


*Circulus starts ringing*


Jepthath:Oh shi.. I’m sorry, if you’ll excuse me. *Exit him to backroom*


Jericho: I hope this call is good news.


Hiram: For real, it’s be a nice change of pace. We’ve been getting calls and news of our friends dying for some time now.    


Jepthath: What is it? I’m busy teaching Your Highness.


Guard 1: I’m sorry to interrupt you sir, but I have something to tell you.


Jepthath: Well, speak up! What is it?


Guard 1: The thing is, we’re at a death scene…


Jepthath: Wait, don’t tell me…


Guard 1: It looks like a suicide.


Jepthath: Dammit, who was it?


Guard 1: It was… Lior.


Jepthath: WHAT!!? HOW!!?


Guard 1: It looks like a self-inflicted wound.


Jepthath: That’s even less believable than him being killed! I know Lior! He wouldn’t do such a thing!


Guard 1: But all evidence seems to suggest it was the case.


Jepthath: Where are you now?


Guard 1: We’re at his house.


Jepthath: Stay there, I’ll be there shortly.


Guard 1: Ah, but sir!


*Turns off Circulus. Enter him back to Jericho and Hiram*


Hiram: I’m guessing it wasn’t anything good.


Jepthath: I’m going to Lior’s house.


Jericho: Why? What happened to him?


Jepthath: He’s dead.


Hiram: No way!


Jericho: How?


Jepthath: From what I’m told, he killed himself.


Jericho: That can’t be true! Lior isn’t the type of guy to do that!


Jepthath: And that’s why I’m going over there.


Hiram: But what about Jericho?


Jepthath: I’m sorry, I’ll teach him another day.


Hiram: Then we’re going too!


Jepthath: I’m sorry, but I think it’d be better if you went back to the palace.


Jericho: Why?


Jepthath: Abi should be done with her research now. Knowing how studious she is.  


Hiram: That may be true, but we can’t ignore this!


Jepthath: Which is why I’ll be going. I’ll fill you on the details later.


Hiram: But…


Jepthath: Please! I’m asking you!


Hiram: *To Jericho* Well, what do you want to do?


Jericho: Alright, we’ll head back. You must have your reasons, I guess.


Jepthath: Thank you! I promise I’ll make up for this later. *Exit him to the front entrance*


Hiram: He sure took off in a hurry.


Jericho: I have a bad feeling about this.


Hiram: Now it’s Lior’s time to die? I don’t understand it at all.


Jericho: Beats me too. But we left the investigation to Jepthath and the guards. Let’s go back and see how Abi’s doing.


Hiram: Alright. *Both exit out of the church to the main street*

Love Conquers All Sins: Act II, Scene I

Santoria. Underground Railroad.


Achziv: I’m coming home. I’m coming home.


Seilah: You’re not a native of Santoria, mother.


Achziv: True, but I’ve spent so much of my time in Santoria.


*Both continue walking*


Achziv: I must say, my cloak looks so good on you! ❤


Seilah: You made it yourself?


Achziv: I had you in mind when I did. Your usual garb would turn heads, but we couldn’t have you walking the streets when you have those protruding horns.


Seilah: So who are the Angels we are sent to kill this time?


Achziv: Ah, that’s right *pulls out photographs*. If you can find these two trouble makers that’d be wonderful.


Seilah: What are their names?


Achziv: It doesn’t matter, the damned are nameless after all.   


Seilah: *Gleaning over photos*


Achziv: Is there something wrong, Seilah?


Seilah: One of them look familiar.


Achziv: Which one?


Seilah: *Points* This man in the background.


Achziv: What do you remember about him?


Seilah: I can’t remember. Do you have any idea who he is?


Achziv: You don’t need to worry about him. He’s not one of our targets. In fact, it’d be best if you would avoid him.


Seilah: Why? If I have to fight him I could just use my Mac…


Achziv: I said, it’d be in your best interest to avoid him. In fact, I order you not to kill him no matter what.


Seilah: I don’t understand.






Achziv: Seilah, dear, do you remember what I said to Paimon at The Round Table?


Seilah: “Every play has a proper sequence”.


Achziv: Exactly, we’re still in the preface. No, the exposition rather.


Seilah: I just want to help.


Achziv: I understand, but we can’t get hasty okay?


Seilah: Yes ma’am.


Achziv: Good.


Seilah: I was wondering, is the other man your “old friend”?


Achziv: Oh no, he’s someone I’ll be dealing with personally. Right after I’ve done my research at the prison.


Seilah: What are you working on now?


Achziv: I’m trying to find a way to accelerate the resurrection of the god. If I could figure it out, we wouldn’t need so many souls.


Seilah: Is it going well so far?


Achziv: It’s pretty slow actually. None of the prisoners have been good enough samples, and the closest thing I have to a god is myself.


Seilah: I’m sorry to hear that.


Achziv: No need to apologize. It’s thanks to you and your Macro I was even able to get this far.


Seilah: I do my best for you.


Achziv: That’s what I like most about you. You make mommy proud. ❤


*Enter to Achziv’s prison laboratory*


Achziv: Ahhhhh, home sweet home.




Achziv: And the sound of warm greetings to start the day.


Demon: Don’t… don’t think you’ll get away with this!


Achziv: Oh, but I already have.


Demon: If the Demon King knew you’d be sorry!


Achziv: I don’t think he’ll mind if I use failures for my own purposes.


Demon: Failures?


Achziv: You guys were stupid enough to get captured by the enemy. It’d be more trouble bringing you back and healing you than using you for something more productive.


Demon: Impossible! The King wouldn’t abandon his own people.


Achziv: You think you know more about the Demon King than I do? Someone who’s worked with him personally? You know nothing! You’re just a low class soldier!


Demon: And you show your loyalty to him by using your own allies as experiments?


Achziv: It’s a small sacrifice, really.


Demon: And you!




Demon: You’re one of us! How can you just accept this?


Seilah: I follow Mother.


Demon: You’re following her to your doom!


Achziv: *Grabs him by the throat* Okay, that’s enough out of you. If you keep talking I’ll sew your mouth shut.


Demon: *Spits at her face*


Achziv: … Oh Seilah! ❤


Seilah: Yes?


Achziv: Could you wait in the incubation room? Mommy and this man have some talking to do.


*Exit Seilah to the incubation room*


Seilah: I don’t think I’ve ever been in the incubation room before. *Sees distorted images* Huh? It’s probably nothing.  


*Voice in the background*




Seilah: Hmm, there’s a book case. I guess I’ll read until she calls for me.




Achziv: Seilah!


Seilah: Mother. That took longer than I expected.


Achziv: I was in a good mood and that low class scum tried me! By the way, have you met Isaac yet?


Seilah: Isaac?


Achziv: He’s my latest test subject. Let me show you whom I’m referring to. *Points at test tube*


Seilah: That’s… an Angel!


Achziv: You guessed right!


Seilah: He’s so deformed though.


Achziv: He’s reacted poorly to some of my experiments, but he’s still living and sentient.


Seilah: Where did you find him? Surely not the prison.


Achziv: He’s a relative of my “old friend”. When I first met him, I realized his potential power and knew it would never be fully realized if he stayed with his family so I decided to take care of him.


Seilah: So, what is he being used for?


Achziv: I’m trying to see if I can make a Nephilim. I always wondered if it was possible to make an Angel-Demon hybrid.


Seilah: Why would you want to do that?


Achziv: Why wouldn’t I? Nephilims are something special. According to my research, they’re capable of harnessing light and dark soul energy. This means they can learn attacks unique to Angels and Demons. I’d also like to know more about them, I haven’t seen one for myself and they’re so rare they’re said to be a mirage.


Seilah: How do you know when he’ll be one?


Achziv: Of course, a good indication is when he’s able to utilize light and dark energy. He’s becoming more receptive of the latter, and he’s also been showing demonic features as a result so I’m more optimistic about this project.


Seilah: But why is he in chains?


Achziv: He’s been mentally unstable for some time, but I’m on my way to creating a crown to hopefully subdue his temperament.


Seilah: What use will he be to you?


Achziv: We don’t have any healers on our side, so having a powerful one could save a few headaches.




Achziv: Now then, I think it’s time we start what we came here for. If you need me, you’ll know where to find me. Once you’re done with your assignment make sure to come back here.


Seilah: Yes, Mother.


Achziv: Do you have everything?


Seilah: I’m certain.


Achziv: What about your Circlus?


Seilah: It’s in my ear.


Achziv: Good, if you’re ever in trouble let me know right away.


Seilah: Yes, Mother. I’ll be on my way now.


Achziv: Take care! ❤


*Exit Seilah to the main room*


Demon: …….


Seilah: Hmph. *Leaves for the entrance*


Outside the prison. Front entrance.


Seilah: You.


Guard: What can I do for you ma’am?


Seilah: I was wondering if you knew where I could find either of these men.


Guard: I can point you in the right direction with one of them.


Seilah: If you would.

Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene V

Santoria. The palace. Bywell: The room of space and time.


Hiram: I hope you’re ready, brother.


Jericho: I am. Since Abi will take care of the smaller tasks, I can spend all my time training.


Hiram: I’m gonna kick your ass!


Jericho: You haven’t bested me yet.


Hiram: I was being nice those… ten times. I’m not going to hold back!


Jericho: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come on!


*Hiram charges toward Jericho, the camera fades into black*


Hiram: This shouldn’t be the outcome! I don’t understand! I thought I could do it, but you still ended up kicking my ass!


Jericho: You’ve gotten stronger too, Hiram! But I’m still way ahead of you!


Hiram: You won’t be #1 forever. I’ll beat you one of these days.


Jericho: I’ll be looking forward to it. I think that should do it for today, we should go see Jephthah now.


Hiram: Wait.


Jericho: ?


Hiram: Before we do that, we should try the Unison attack.


Jericho: You’re right. I think I can make it work this time.


Hiram: You know the drill.


Jericho: Right.


Together: *Gathering energy*


Jericho: Just a little more… NOW!


Together: Shikosen!!!!!


*Energy ball disappears*


Hiram: Again!?


Jericho: Hah… hah…


Hiram: Are you alright?


Jericho: Yeah, I’m fine. It sure takes a lot out of me though.


Hiram: I don’t understand. Jephthah and Abi can do it, so what’s stopping us?


Jericho: I’m sorry, if only I…


Hiram: No, it’s not your fault. If you were doing it wrong I’d make sure to slap some sense into you.


Jericho: Maybe Jephthah could tell us something.


Hiram: Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should be going to his place now.


Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene IV

Infierno. The main hall.


Achziv: Ahhh damn, looks like we’re still field agents, Seilah.


Seilah: I thought you enjoyed your line of work, Mother.


Achziv: Yeah, killing Angels isn’t so bad, but I was expecting a promotion for all of our hard work or at least a sonnet.


Seilah: Have you discovered the remaining court officials’ identities?


Achziv: Of course. I must say, the Santorian library’s archival documents make for a fascinating read by themselves. The current constable is at the southern border so if Paimon and Dalit succeed in capturing it, I won’t have to worry about killing him myself.


*Paimon walks and approaches Achziv and Seilah*


Achziv: My, speak of the devil.


Paimon: You, where’s Dalit?


Achziv: “You”? I do have a name you know.


Paimon: I said, where’s Dalit?


Achziv: Don’t worry about her yet, she’s still recovering in my main laboratory.


Paimon: My Lord has left her in your care?


Achziv: Of course he did… are you questioning Your Highness’ judgement?


Paimon: Unacceptable! I won’t allow it!


Achziv: You can complain to him all you want, it won’t make a difference.


Paimon: No! There’s no way My Lord would leave one of our kind to you!


*Paimon looks over to Seilah*


Paimon: Don’t trust her out of your sight.


*Exit Paimon who storms off*


Seilah: Why is Paimon so angry all the time?


Achziv: No, he blames himself for not being able to save The King’s father. His family has been serving under the royal family for generations after all.


Seilah: That doesn’t explain why he doesn’t trust you, Mother.


Achziv: He’s never liked me. *Chuckles* Especially since I’m not a Demon. It’s true he’s never had a high opinion of my race so he must have been disappointed when he found out I was still alive.


Seilah: Is that so?


Achziv: But let’s change the subject to something more enjoyable. We have some Angels to assassinate!


Seilah: Whom should we target first?


Achziv: There’s actually an old friend of mine I’d like to meet again. Killing him will be fun!


At The Demon King’s throne room.


Paimon: My Lord, is it true Dalit is at that Aswang’s lab?


Abaddon: Yes, and what of it?


Paimon: But why?


Abaddon: Obviously so she can be ready for this war and she’ll be assisting you after all.


Paimon: But couldn’t you have had her in one of our recovery chambers?


Abaddon: Achziv has thought of ways to make Dalit a better fighter so she won’t have to end up in one again. Achziv has been one of my most loyal subjects. She’s served under my father just like you. Not only that, but it’s because of her I know who my father’s murderer is.


Paimon: But…






Abaddon: Do you dare doubt my judgement, Paimon?


Paimon: No, My Lord, I would never….


Abaddon: Then you will cease questioning one of my most trusted underlings and one of your own allies, or you will cease to live.




Abaddon: Now then, if that’s all you’ve come to say you can leave my presence. I do believe you have a battle to prepare for and you should’ve been spending your time on that instead of wasting mine.


Paimon: Yes, My Lord. *Exits out of the throne room*


Paimon: *Thinking* Damn that Aswang, I know she’s up to something. I better have my right-hand men watch over her. Whatever it is she’s plotting, it won’t get past me! *Walks off*


Legion: Master, if we may ask a question. Why do you speak to your general in such a manner?


Abaddon: Legion, what did I just say about questioning me? I have little patience for stupid questions such as yours and the ones he asked.


Legion: He only wants what’s best for…


Abaddon: For me. Yes, I know, but I’m the one who’s King so I’m confident I know what’s best for myself and this world. His job is to lead my armies, not give me advice.


Legion: And ours is to protect you.


Abaddon: Exactly. As long as everyone knows their place, there won’t be any conflict in my plan.


Legion: So what do you have scheduled for today?


Abaddon: You and I are going to train.


Legion: Train?


Abaddon: Don’t make me repeat myself. You and I are going to train. With Achziv and Seilah finishing off the rest of Jericho’s closest workers and Paimon and Dalit battle at the southern border, all of my time can be focused on killing that bastard.


Legion: We see.


Abaddon: Come with me to the outside of the temple, there’s something I’d like to show you as well.


Legion: Yes, Master.


Abaddon: It has been some time since we last trained, I have no plans on holding back so you shouldn’t either if you don’t want to die.


Legion: We have been keeping ourselves in top shape to be worthy of being your bodyguard.


Abaddon: We shall see about that.


Later, outside the Temple


Abaddon: I expected better from you.


Legion: Hah… hah… hah…


Abaddon: Perhaps that was asking for too much.


Legion: You… have gotten… stronger since last time.


Abaddon: I don’t expect anyone to surpass my power. I need to get stronger. I want to be as strong as my father. No, I want to be stronger than him. Jericho was strong enough to kill him and live to tell the tale. I won’t let that happen with me!


Legion: We will do everything we can to help you become the strongest in the world!


Abaddon: Excellent, I did say I had something to show you, so go near the water and look down.


Legion: *Stares attentively at the water* Gah! What’s that stench!?


Abaddon: Stop being a bitch.


Legion: Master, what are you doing?


Abaddon: I’m giving it some of my energy.


Legion: “It”?


Abaddon: Look at the water again.


Legion: …. We see, We see…! red eyes?


Abaddon: That’s right.


Legion: What exactly is it?


Abaddon: It’s something Father created and bequeathed to me. He said I could do whatever I want with it.


Legion: By giving it your own energy?


Abaddon: History shows we’re not the only ones who invaded the enemy’s territory. I don’t want any of them to get close to my Temple.


Legion: We see.


Abaddon: Well, except Jericho. This place will be his tomb.


Legion: We still don’t have a clear idea why your father left it for you.


Abaddon: I’m also going to use this monster to acquire my revenge on that bastard.

Love Conquers All Sins: Act I, Scene III

Infierno. The Demon King’s temple.


Demon 1: Hey, look everyone! Our Highness has returned!


Demon 2: The Great Demon King is back!  






*Abaddon walks towards his temple to the main hall enter him to Achziv*


Achziv: Welcome back, Your Highness. It’s great to see you again.


Abaddon: Indeed, have you gathered every one for today?


Achziv: Dalit is still recovering, should we wait for her?


Abaddon: There’s no need. Fill her on the details later.


*Walking to the room of The Round Table*


Achziv: So why has Your Highness congregated his most powerful subordinates? I believe it can only mean one thing.


Abaddon: Silence, Achziv! You’ll find out soon enough.


Achziv: *Walks up ahead to the door enter her to Seilah, Legion and Paimon*. Attention demons and demoness! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Great Demon King has arrived!


*All bow down to Abaddon*


Abaddon: My subjects I’ve gathered you all here today, because it’s time. Our attack on Santoria begins soon.


Paimon: *Raises his hand* In that case, just leave everything to me My Lord, I’ll send all my men to massacre those Angels!


Achziv: Calm down, Paimon. Every play has a proper sequence, you should really think before you speak.


Paimon: I don’t need to hear that from a Duwende like you! It’s obvious you’re brainless, I just wish you were lifeless too!


Achziv: That a fact? Oh my, I guess we’ll never be friends then.


Paimon: Like I ever would wan….


Abaddon: Enough!


Paimon and Achziv: ……


Abaddon: I did not call you all so I can hear you two bicker.


Achziv: I’m sorry for causing you annoyance, Your Highness.


Paimon: *Raises hand* If I may ask My Lord, why would you agree to Achziv’s Demon Horse experiment? It wasn’t a success and it got one of our own killed!


Achziv: If I may explain to him, Your Highness.


Abaddon: Go on.


Achziv: *Smug smirk* You see, what imbeciles such as Paimon don’t understand, these vessels I’ve created mean it’s no longer mandatory for you and your men to go to every battle. By using Angel souls and The Circle I’m able to recycle the souls even if they lose. You should be thanking me, I even took your safety into consideration.




Abaddon: Do you have any other questions Paimon?


Paimon: No, my Lord.


Abaddon: In that case, it’s time to begin strategizing. Achziv and Seilah…


Achziv and Seilah: Yes, Your Highness?


Abaddon: Achziv, you have been been wonderful asset to this mission, both of you can continue with your normal operations. And Paimon…


Paimon: Yes, My Lord?


Abaddon: If you’re so anxious to fight, you can take Dalit and your men to the southern border.


Paimon: You can count on me My Lord!


Abaddon: If you fail to capture it, you better not come back.


Paimon: Understood.


Abaddon: Of course, Legion will continue being my personal bodyguard.


Legion: We will put our life on the line for The Demon King.


Abaddon: Excellent. Now, I’m sure all of you are aware of the future king of Santoria.

Achziv: *Smiles* Jericho.


Seilah: ….


Paimon: ….


Abaddon: Not if I have anything to say about it.


Legion: The King shall avenge his father’s death.


Abaddon: That’s the big one, but it’s not the only reason. Santoria needs to perish.


Seilah: Santoria, huh.


Abaddon: Even with his deserved death, the Angels won’t stop fighting and this war won’t be over until one side is completely obliterated. I also would like to say for everyone here that I order you not to kill him. If I’m going to avenge my father then Jericho needs to be slain by my hand and mine alone.


Achziv: But Your Highness, what if Seilah or I run into him when we’re in Santoria?


Abaddon: I’ve granted you permission to harm him, but for your sake, neither of you will kill him or I’ll bury you together. Do I make myself clear?


Achziv: Crystal.


Abaddon: Now then, do any of you have any other questions?


*All is silent*


Abaddon: Your silence tells me everything. In that case, this battle is going to be the battle of no mores. Once all the dust has settled and all the Infierno smoke has cleared, there will be no more Angels, no more Santoria and most importantly no more Jericho!