セクシー女性: Starchaser’s 7 Sexy Anime Women

I guess I can say this is a sequel to my 10 beautiful anime women list. The subject of attractive anime women happens to be my specialty and one of my favorite things to talk about. Just like real women, I feel certain words/adjectives are better at describing them. It’s one of the reasons I’m using the word “sexy” instead of “beautiful” again. While the anime women below can be described as either, I always felt the word “sexy” had a cool vibe to it. Not only are you highly attractive, but you’re pretty rad as well. Lol, I don’t know if that made any sense, but that’s just what I think. Anyway, below are anime women that rock my socks off, melt my butter, rock my boat… well you get the idea!




The only character’s name I cared to remember from a godawful anime. It’s a darn shame when good character designs are wasted in crappy anime wouldn’t you say? I might be a bit biased since she’s rocking the color of life and my favorite color. It looks great on her! According to my research, *Dorothy Ann voice* she’s actually an alien who is part of the Planetary Gears. They travel to planets where they “dry them of their libido for their own food”. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the anime, so I’m not sure if I read that right (if anyone is more knowledgeable please correct me). You mean to tell me they drain inhabitants from other planets of their sex drive and that’s how these aliens get their energy? Well with a body like hers, she can at least star in a number of men’s private dreams.

Moco is skilled at hacking which makes me wonder why she didn’t partake in cyberterrorism more often. She could use her skillitez to disable or modify the signals that control military technology, cause a regional power outage, disrupt a pipeline, cause a widespread computer virus… the possibilities are endless. She’s also adept with firearms and I remember she can transfer and gain memories through a kiss. Please kiss me, Moco. I don’t think there’s anything you want/need to know about me, but making out would give us both health benefits. It would also increase my sexual desire which you can snack on after we’re done. Everyone wins! Haha, I’ll stop now.


Evangeline A.K. McDowell


Yukihime love

A.K.A. Yukihime. She would have made my list simply for this pic. It made me want to stay in the bathroom for longer than necessary. Anyway, Yukihime is an immortal vampire who can control the element of ice. Makes sense ’cause she’s as cold as ice! Foreigner song aside, she’s the main character’s teacher and guardian, and the leader of an organization of immortals in the anime/manga series UQ Holder. Even though she has an appearance of a young woman, she’s in reality over 700 years old. I had a crush on my art teacher when I was a kid so it’s probably no surprise Yukihime is on this list since she was a teacher and is way older than me just like my art teacher. She’s been and lived through a lot, and can’t die by natural means since she lost most of her vampire weaknesses.

Her true form is that of a 10-year-old girl so she uses magical pills to change her appearance whenever she needs to. Her biggest characterization is her relationship with Touta. Two years ago before the start of the series, according to his dying parents’ wish, she saved Touta’s life with her powers. She grows to deeply care for him and is the happiest whenever she interacts with him. I have to applaud the writing of Ken Akamatsu because there is more I would like to say to elucidate how strong their relationship is, but that would get into spoiler territory. But believe me when I say it’s sweet and tender.





Enigma, as her name implies, is an enigma. But she is also sexy as eff. Musaigen no Phantom World was a mess, but there is at least one good thing I can say about it. She acts as the final antagonist in the anime and is one of the more powerful characters too. I really like the above gif, I can stare at it for a good number of minutes. The camera makes sure to focus on her face, chest, legs and then back to her chest. Enigma is actually a phantom that was created by humans and hates humanity because every part of her body was modified with to be what I guess is an artificially-created phantom. Her main goal is the oh so original one that is world domination.

She has two useful abilities: body and mind possession and stealing others’ abilities. For the former, she can then act like the person she’s possessing does so you’d never know unless she wants you to. Which does beg the question, why doesn’t she just kill anyone who stands in her way? Think about it, if you can possess someone, you can literally get away with murder because it’s not exactly “you” committing the act. Anyway, mini rant aside, her latter ability involves her kissing the person whose power she wants to steal. I’m not sure if I have any super powers besides making strawberry banana pancakes, but Enigma can kiss me any day (preferably with tongue).


Utaha Kasumigaoka



Y’know, I think if I ever get married, it’s going to be to a woman who resembles Utaha. I’m not sure why I think that’s the case, but if it ends up being true I’m not going to complain. Utaha has it all: looks, talent, brains, adulation from her peers, and a tendency to make silly faces. Her best feature though is the fact she has game. What I mean is she confidently uses her attributes, characteristics, and overall personality to try and win the affection of the man she wants. I mean, it does eventually pay off in the end. Utaha is an overachiever. Her first light novel sold over 500,000 copies, she’s able to finish a visual novel’s script in one night, straight A student, and even writes plays for the drama club.

Besides writing a lot, she also likes to read and flirt with Tomoya. Despite being level-headed most of the time, she is a character who has no shame. Since she’s in a harem anime, there are other girls who want the main character to themselves as well. She can get jealous when Tomoya gets close to the other female main characters. Besides making funny faces, she cracks sarcastic jokes and one one occasion, breaks the fourth wall. She’s able to make a yandere plot on the fly too. Can someone please give this lady a spin-off?


Lieselotte Sherlock



♫She’s a very kinky girl. The kind you don’t take home to mama. She will never let your spirits down. Once you get her off the street.♫ Kudos to you if you know what classic song I’m referencing. It’s true though, Lieslotte is quite perverted and will use her good looks to reach her goals if she has to. It’s always nice when a woman doesn’t care about being labelled derogatory, misogynistic terms, but Lieslotte probably doesn’t care since she exudes confidence and ambition. Even though she is goal-oriented, she would rather find the fastest route to get her work done and will even deceive/mislead her own family and friends. She would join Grimoire Security so she can study Breakdown Phenomenon to gain access to the Eternal Library before becoming an evil mage which is why she ended up fighting her friends. She would even choose to steal her own twin sister’s magic even though by doing so it put her sibling’s life in danger. Despite her morally dodgy actions, she is a caring character.

One thing about her character I find a bit amusing is that in the manga her chest size was smaller, but later on becomes one of the biggest of the cast. Did she use her magic to give herself an augmentation? Lieselotte’s fighting style seems to involve using her magic to enhance her hand to hand combat. She can steal other characters’ magic to strengthen her own by physical contact. Once she has took her opponent’s magic, she can now use their spells as much as possible, even strengthening them with her own magic.


Koko Hekmatyar



Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said, “oh baby”! Koko is an arms dealer and a member of HCLI’s Europe/African Weapons Transport Division. The main protagonist of the Jormungand series, she became involved in arms dealing at an early age, starting when she was a teenager. Even though she never went to college, while watching the anime I honestly thought she received a higher education because she always came off as someone who always knew what she was doing and is very successful in what she does. Since her career involves her traveling the world I assume she knows how to speak in multiple languages. She leads a squad consisting of bodyguards who serve to support and protect her (can I too?).

Koko usual disposition is cheerful and happy, but she will throw temper tantrums to express her vexation. When it comes to her dealings, she only accepts cash and will most likely have you killed if you pay her in drugs. Besides being highly knowledgeable in weapons, she exhibits charisma like no one else in the series. She never has any problem when talking to anyone and her subordinates follow her orders without question because they have full trust in her judgement. To me, one of her best physical features are her eyes. Even though they’re sharp, they’re also pretty at the same time and complement her equally pretty hair and skin. お嬢様. ❤


Tsunade Senju



I am not really a fan of Naruto (please don’t kill me), but Tsunade was my favorite character in the series (and if the creator gave her a spin-off anime or manga I would be really happy which he definitely should because I would consume every episode/chapter). She’s Hashirama Senju’s granddaughter, who was Leaf village’s first Hokage. She’s affectionately known as “Princess” among the villages. She’s also the world’s strongest (and most beautiful) kunoichi when it comes to brute strength because of her extreme control of Chakra. She has developed a fear of blood because of losing the lives of those close to her. During the whole Naruto run, Tsunade has proved herself to be a great medical-nin, hokage and teacher. She helped all of the students reach their potential and mayne, there are so many examples I’d like to give, but that would get into spoiler territory, but please believe me when I say she’s a bad ass and wonderful character.

Tsunade take her job as Hokage very serious and will put her own physical health at risk to protect every villager of the Leaf. When she was first introduced, she came off as a cynical type and Based God knows how much I detest cynicism, but thankfully she stops being a cynic after meeting Naruto. Tsunade typically shows a tough demeanor, even when she is facing great personal adversity. It kind of reminded me of Dorothy from The Golden Girls because even though she is tough, she still loves her village and its people. If you’ve never experienced anything Naruto related, the next thing I’m about to say may shock you: she’s in her 50’s. I know black don’t crack, but Asians be blazin’ y’know! That was supposed to be a joke, but it was corny so don’t judge me too hard!



And that’s my list! Are there any waifus out there I missed, you can always let me know in the comment section below. Good looking anime women will always be something worth discussing in the anime community. Shoot, it’s one of the reasons why many of us fans love anime so much.


萌え: Starchaser’s 5 Moe Anime Characters

I hope you’re ready for anime characters that are too cute for words. Just like beauty, moe is in the eye of the beholder. What is moe for me, may not be moe for you. However, I think all the characters on this list are lovable and have their unique charm. Unlike attractive anime women, there aren’t a lot of characters that elicit feelings of moe from me. Cute isn’t exactly synonmous with moe, if that was the case, this list would be way longer. I hope you don’t have diabetes, ’cause there’s enough sweetness on this list to give a fella a cavity.


Ritsu Tainaka



Starting off would be an obvious choice from an obvious anime that is basically synonymous with the term moe. Hey Kyoani, I’m still waiting for a third season! Anyway, Ritsu (or Ricchan) is the leader of the Light Music Club and drummer of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She was the reason the Light Music Club didn’t get disbanded when it was going to be. She’s known for her upbeat, outgoing and carefree personality, which naturally makes her a fun character to be around. She’s known for being audacious (both definitions if you Googled that word), but she has no ill will in anything she says or does and apologizes when she realizes she went too far.

I think the biggest reason Ritsu is moe to me is because she reminds me of myself when I was a senior in high school. Unfortunately, I did not play drums (or any musical instrument) when I was in high school, but I was and still am a sociable guy who cares about my friends. I also did like to troll and/or annoy others because it was hard to resist when the chance came up! Ritsu resonated with me the most in K-On and that’s the reason she’s my favorite character in the anime.


Tomoko Kuroki



Probably not anyone’s first choice (or any choice) when it comes to moe. Her moe appeal wouldn’t be her looks since she has unkempt hair, bags under her eyes and probably bags under her bags. Also she’s not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to social situations or tactfulness. She tends to have a morbid outlook on life and she can’t even escape her own grim point of view in her daydreams/fantasies. Okay, I know I just spent a few sentences not exactly praising the character, so the question is, what is so moe about her? For me it’s the fact she’s not supposed to be moe that she is in fact moe!

That probably didn’t make any sense, but what I think anyone can take from Tomoko is that she’s at least trying. She wants to be popular in her high school and that’s around the time people most likely still care what others think. She will do outrageous things to get others’ attention which always fall flat on their face. I said she was trying, I didn’t mention anything about succeeding. Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots. At least Tomoko is an adorable idiot. Oh, I like the kanji combination of her last name: Kuroki/黒木, which would literally translate into “black tree”.


Suruga Kanbaru



A.K.A. the awesome lesbian friend I wish I had. One of the reasons I picked up running in my exercise regimen and will probably start playing basketball again once I graduate ’cause of her too. Kanbaru is one of the most popular students at her school mostly because she was responsible of the success of the school’s girls basketball team. Besides basketball, her other hobbies including running, reading yaoi manga/literature, and being Koyomi Araragi’s sex slave (her words, not mine). She’s pretty hilarious because of her forthrightness and being straightforward which can cause others to feel some kind of way. I like her as the narrator in the Monogatari Series too.

Being one of the reasons I started partaking in healthy and productive healthy hobbies is moe enough for me. That’s not the only reason, but it’s a big one. There’s a quote that says “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything”. I’m going to just say that probably applies to boys as well. If that’s the case, then that would mean there’s only a few women who can make me do anything. There’s something else I’d like to mention, but if you haven’t watched the Monogatari Series, I don’t want to get into spoiler territory.


Yui Ichii



Yuyushiki is a really adorable feel-good anime. Seriously, just writing this blog post and mentioning it makes me want to re-watch it again for the fifth+ time. Yui is one the main characters of the show and is the more serious out of the trio. Her friends Yukari and Yuzuko know this and tend to tease her which leads to often amusing results with Yui either physically retaliating violently (but still funny), or being completely indifferent. It’s obvious though that Yui does love and care about her friends, even if she has a hard time expressing it in words at times.

Even though Yui might be the “straight man” she is not above ridiculous behavior herself. A corny joke has her burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. It’s something I can relate to since the joke “Yo mama is so poor, I saw her kicking a can down the street, and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, ‘Moving'” never fails to make me laugh as well even though I know how corny it is. Yui is the one who makes some of the silliest faces and it’s understandable when you consider she’s surrounded by equally as silly friends.


Iroha Isshiki 



Probably the character that induces the strongest feelings of moe from me. Good gosh, I’ve never felt a feeling of adulation and repulsion until I saw her on screen. She first appears in the season season of Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru (these light novels and their long titles) and has become a popular character in her own right. She initially comes off as a cheerful and happy student who doesn’t seem to have any problems, but my perception changed when she acted differently many times throughout the anime. Despite the cutesy airs/vibe she puts on, she’s actually a sly and cunning individual and only Hachiman and Hayato know about it.

Iroha can be quite extra, especially when she comically rejects Hachiman when she thinks he is going to confess to her. She likes to maintain a positive image because everyone will like her and it will be easier to manipulate others. She eventually becomes student council president (a position she didn’t want) and lacks confidence in the beginning. She does start believing more in herself and is an efficient president. Honestly, overall, she’s just a pure, cute angel that needs to be protected at all times!


And that’s my list! Did I miss any moe characters or are there any you feel are moe? Let me know in the comment section! Until next time! Hope you have a good day ahead!

Leone Is a Strong Second for Waifu

Okay, no one will replace Senjougahara Hitagi, but this post was written mostly to answer the question “If Senjougahara wasn’t your waifu, who would be?” that no one asked me. Also, this serves as a good excuse to drool over an attractive anime woman. With all that said, I’d like to give some reasons why I love Leone from the anime & manga series Akame ga Kill!


Sex appeal 


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Leone is the sexiest anime woman I’ve ever seen. If you have ever seen Akame ga Kill, you know that Leone’s looks are killer. From her short hair to her pretty face, to her eyes that resemble lustrous gold, to her radiating smile that shines like the morning sun… Leone’s looks are not to be ignored. When I look at her, I always think to myself, “Why can’t she be real and in love with me?”. Because if she was, I wouldn’t have partook in casual dating/relationships whatsoever, I would’ve been in a monogamous relationship with her all throughout my stay at university. I bet sex with her would be awesome and passionate too!

Anyway, combined with her looks, Leone also has wonderful ASSets. Her measurements according to the manga are 90-57-86. What this means is she possess breasts of steel. To complement that, she has a fat ass and back dimples to boot! Her outfit consists of a black tube top (which just accentuates her chest), a scarf around her neck, pants, belt and boots. She might be a little flashy regarding her garb, but it does show off all of her best superficial features, wouldn’t you agree? And who am I to complain?

God bless the creators, they even gave her a camel toe lol.


Pretty laid-back outside of combat and missions 

When she’s not killing people or gathering information on targets, Leone exudes energy, cheerfulness and sociability. She serves as the cool big sis toward the younger members of Night Raid, often referring to herself as “お姉さん/onee-san”. Unlike the other members, the empire doesn’t know about her existence so she can roam the capital without any trouble. It works for her job and I guess that also means she can buy all the sake she wants. She’s pretty popular where she’s from for both good and bad reasons. She has swindled men out of their money so she’s probably not the best example of moral goodness.

However, she’s more kind-hearted than she shows and it’s one her best features as a character if you ask me. When Tatsumi was disconsolate about the death of his friends, she was the one who wanted to cheer him up and saw his potential to become an assassin. She even saved some kids who were being abused by nobles. She has scant patience for those who commit unjust and cruel acts, even less than other Night Raid members.


Can handle her alcohol


I’ve recently gained an appreciation for alcohol. It’s not something I drink regularly, but like smoking cigars, I drink around the holidays. I think I’ve been able to increase my tolerance, but if the first time I drank taught me anything, it’s that I should never mix drinks. I had four different type of drinks during the Christmas of 2016, and inevitably, I disgorged my dinner. I’ve drank since then and I don’t mix drinks and so far I’ve been holding up pretty well for myself. Leone is able to hold her alcohol well and is seen with it more than anyone else. Having her not only as a lover, but a drinking buddy would be wonderful ’cause she’d always be there when I would want to drink. Someone I don’t mind becoming inebriated in front of and make amazing memories with.


Physically strong 


Unlike her measurements, there isn’t a numerical value (at least none that I know) given for her physical strength, endurance, speed, durability, etc. So that means no psi punch, no bite force, or how many miles per hour she can run. Based on what I’ve read and watched though, she’s at least strong enough to crush skulls, break necks, lift big rocks, kill people with a single kick, smash craters into the ground and break billars with one punch. She’s fast enough to dodge magic bullets and has a healing/regeneration factor, but it’s not as fast as say, Wolverine or Deadpool’s. Since she’s the member who gathers information on the targets that Night Raid have to assassinate, she is skilled in stealth. Good to know ’cause I usually fail those stealth type of missions in video games.


Loves to fight 


Her reason for joining Night Raid is simply for the fact she likes to fight and she takes great joy in killing people who abuse their power on the weak and helpless. She has a penchant for fighting strong enemies and has a tendency to be a delay fish who causes delays when she comes across one. As I’ve already stated, she’s physically strong and is one of the strongest amongst the entire cast. “The stronger the enemy, the more I wanna take ’em down!” is something I remember her saying.


Best pornographic doujinshi I’ve read (so far)

Have you ever read or saw something and thought to yourself, “God, I wish that were me”? Well, when I was reading Shishi Ane I sure did. Honestly, I don’t consume much pornographic material when it comes to anime (unless you count eroge) so I’m not a connoisseur on the subject. However, I’ve read enough porn doujinshi to know how brainless it is. I’m not judging anyone who likes them by the way, but for me I always felt the writer exaggerates the already exaggerated personality of the character(s). Okay, I know porn isn’t the place for the most mature themes outside of sex, but still.

I never had any of those thoughts when I was reading this. I feel the writer captured Leone’s personality quite well since I can see her acting the way she did in the book. The art isn’t bad either. Obviously, I’m not going to provide a link to this, but I’m sure if you wanted to, you could find websites to read it.


Cat girl


Her belt is actually a Teigu called “Animal King Form: Lionelle”, which increases all five senses, gives her animal-like characteristics and a healing factor. Something that’s been bothering me though, and I don’t know if anyone has an answer, but why do cat girls have four ears? It’s even more strange in Leone’s case because she gains ears when she transforms so what would happen if one of them got cut off? I know I probably shouldn’t be looking too deep into this since it is anime, but it is a little fun to think about. When she transforms, her hair becomes longer and she gains lion ears, tail and claws. It’s a good thing she’s able to retain her sexy looks and she gets even sexier when she ends up fusing with her Teigu too. While no one in Akame ga Kill has a surname, Leone’s name is Italian which translates into “Lion” so hers is one of the more meaningful.


Her introduction


You only get one shot to make a first impression. So the main protagonist Tatsumi gets kicked out of an army recruiting office when he makes it to the city. When he thinks about what he should do next he hears a voice and looks up. The gif above sums up the first encounter of Leone. Even Tatsumi is taken aback, noting that the capital is “bigger” than he thought. He easily falls for her job offer, and she ends up taking all of his money. I know people treat you differently based on how you look, but I would still never trust anyone with my money. Even if they ooze sex appeal.


We’d make a nice couple 


Seriously, if this isn’t one of your reasons for having a waifu or husbando then you’re doing it wrong. It’d be sort of weird though since technically she’s from a different time period. Being in the Akame ga Kill world would mean there’s a good chance you could die, even if it’s unnecessary (unless the writer really likes you). If I was in that kind of dark fantasy world, I would want to be a gunslingin’ marksman/cowboy à la Erron Black. Until the empire is overthrowed, some of our dates would consist of killing people. Talk about romantic. We’d make a great team though: she’s an expert at close combat and I can take targets down from long distances. I would have a desire to protect her since there’s always going to be the “anyone can die” vibe in the air. I may not sing her a Prince song, but I could at least sing her my favorite Lupe Fiasco song.



And those are my reasons why Leone is pretty rad in my book. I guess I have a thing for strong women. In this anime world, parents aren’t really a thing so I don’t think mine would care that I went missing and started working for a group of assassins. I’d also like to think we’d make a better love story than Tatsumi and Mine.

♫You’re my sunshine
You’re my moonlight
You’re the starry skies above me
Won’t you please come down and hug me
Think I found love in this club tonight♫

The Best Dark Monsters in My Dark Deck

Playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is one of my favorite pastimes if you didn’t know. I love playing it with my friends and especially my cousin Romeo (he’s not actually my cousin, but I wish he was). To me, Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most imaginative card games out there. Since 2014, I’ve been collecting cards and will continue to do so until I have enough to trade them for an old man’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Today, I’d like to go over one of my two decks and some of the highlights regarding it. Oh and for the record, I don’t play in tournaments anymore so I don’t give a crap about the banned list. With that said, here’s the list!


Image result for yugioh ebon magician curran

6. Ebon Magician Curran

ATK: 1200
DEF: 0

Okay, okay, I’ll admit, Ebon Magician Curran is only on this list because she’s my favorite card. She’s an adorable little monster which becomes more dangerous the more monsters my opponent controls. At the start of the turn, Curran will at least punish the opponent by dealing 300 damage for each monster on their field. She was made at a time when a good chunk of strategies focused on swarming the field with monsters and setting up summoning stuff from the Extra Deck.

Even though she has a great burn effect, she’s pretty much a sitting duck on her own which is why I usually summon her when The Seal of Orichalcos is on the field or if I can equip her with Axe of Despair or Mist Body. Those type of cards can prevent her from being destroyed by battle and keep the ball rolling regarding her effect.




5. Prometheus, King of the Shadows

ATK: 1200
DEF: 800

Besides having bad ass art, Prometheus has a versatile effect that helps me summon a special monster (which will appear later on this list). One of the goals of my dark deck is to have a lot of my monsters in the graveyard and usually by the time I summon him, there’s at least 5 monsters so he’ll have a 2k attack boost.

I like to combo this card with the Trap cards Escape from the Dark Dimension or Return from the Different Dimension. They both help me special summon even more monsters, for more battle damage. I am a little bummed by the fact Prometheus‘ effect isn’t permanent, but if he’s destroyed by battle, he can then be used for the effect of two monsters in my deck.



4. Spirit Reaper

ATK: 300
DEF: 200

This ghoulish monster works great in my deck because of its strong offensive and defensive effect, and I don’t even need a tribute to summon him.

If you look at Spirit Reaper’s stats you’re probably thinking, “What’s so great about its attack and defense? Are you mad?”. Maybe, but if you look at the card’s effect you’ll see it provides a wall since it can’t be destroyed by battle. Once the field is clear, I can change this monster to attack position and hit my opponent. Thanks to Reaper’s second effect, they must discard a card when Reaper lands a direct attack.




3. Cyber Jar

ATK: 900
DEF: 900

Spammy card is spammy. I love all of the Jar monsters because they have devastating effects. This particular jar grants each player up to five new cards to the hand, but there’s much more besides that. Instead of discarding the players’ hands, it wipes out the entire field once flipped. And if the players draw Level 4 or lower monsters by Cyber Jar‘s effect, they will be special summoned. This is still a pretty risky move though so I try not to play it unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s able to clean the field with new creatures, giving me new cards to combine with the others I already have, and also the chance to completely ruin the opponent’s field.

The worst case scenario with Cyber Jar is if my opponent attacks and even with this effect, I’m still unable to special summon at least one monster. This means my opponent can have a field day with my life points. This has yet to happen to me, since my deck has more monsters. I love this card because it can change the flow of the game in my favor in the matter of a turn.




2. Dark Armed Dragon

ATK: 2800
DEF: 1000

Easily one of the most feared monsters in my dark deck (Romeo can attest to that) and for good reason. Being able to summon Dark Armed Dragon is far too easy thanks to working around dark monsters. Having a Dark Grepher or Armageddon Knight can make having exactly three dark monsters in the graveyard possible in the first turn. It brings an incredible offense, as combined with its high attack allows me to banish a dark monster in the graveyard to destroy any card on the field. With several methods to have exactly three dark monsters in the graveyard, it’s not a chore to summon it even later in the duel.

Once it is out on the field, I will most likely clear the opponent’s field. The main objective with this card is to bring destruction, and it’s no difficult task. Its removal effect has no restrictions whatsoever, so I can either remove up to three cards in a single turn or dump more dark monsters in the graveyard after its summon to wipe out the entire field. Its high ATK can easily overcome many monsters, and in the best scenario, it can declare a direct attack for solid damage. Banishing several dark monsters might be a risk later in the duel, but with cards like Escape from the Dark Dimension and Return from the Different Dimension it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.




1. Rainbow Dark Dragon

ATK: 4000
DEF: 0

What other monster can it be? My dark deck centers around summoning this special card. It might seem expensive to summon since there needs to be 7 dark monsters (and with different names no less) in the graveyard to be removed from play. Thankfully, one of my other goals for my dark deck is to fill the graveyard due to effects and card costs. Armageddon Knight directly sends a monster to the graveyard from the deck just for being summoned, Mystic Tomato and Giant Germ also help by sending copies of themselves to the graveyard for an attack boost once this is summoned.

Unlike other powerful dark monsters in my deck like Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Magician of Chaos, The Dark Creator, etc. Rainbow Dark Dragon needs an entire deck built around it to be played. Also, unlike Dark Armed Dragon, this dragon will most likely be played late. This can be both a good and bad thing because it’s possible to set up one turn kills. On the other hand, its costly summon gives me one shot to do damage on the field, so I need to make sure to have a plan b in case this card gets destroyed.



That’s my list! Obviously, this isn’t all of my cards, but I hope you got an idea on what I like to play. If you play Yu-Gi-Oh! too and want to play me, we can do that. I’ve dueled people over video chats and they’ve always been fun. Anyway, make sure to have fun when playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, I mean, it is just a children’s card game after all! 😉

How to Apologize

I felt a need to write something about this topic because I did so recently to my tattoo artist and this was something my father never taught me (even though it’s highly important and I’m guessing it’s also because he never does even when he is in the wrong). Seriously, that man still owes my siblings multiple apologies. Anyway, this also brings up another interesting aspect because my father isn’t the only person in the world who finds saying “I’m sorry” to be an insurmountable task for some reason. Here’s an article from Psychology Today which elucidates some of the reasons better than I can.

So what is an apology? An apology is an expression of remorse for something that was done or said that hurt another person. We’re all human, so it’s inevitable we’ll make mistakes, screw up, and hurt others (willingly or unwillingly) just as we are hurt by them. A sincere apology can be deeply healing and requires humility, courage, self-reflection, and rigorous self-examination in order to realize your own words and/or actions may have hurt someone else. It also requires a level of maturity. I’ll admit, I wasn’t always willing to apologize when I was younger, but as I’ve grown older and gained more life experience, I’ve become more aware of how my words and actions can have an effect on others. The inability to apologize can greatly wound all of my relationships. Being a man of my word isn’t the only aspect of myself I take pride in, knowing how to properly apologize is also necessary in order to be a real man.


Write it if you can’t say it

This is what I had to do. While I am someone who prefers apologizing in person, the thought of “You could be dead this Friday” popped in my head. While a face to face apology is always ideal, if you absolutely can’t do it, then it’s better to put it out in the universe then not doing it at all.


Admit you were wrong

A vague apology will get you nowhere. You have to explain exactly what you did, that you know it’s wrong and you value the other person’s feelings. Imagine if you were the person you hurt, what would you want to hear? Describe what you did in plain English (or whatever language the other person understands) even if it is embarrassing.


Take complete responsibility 

For the love of Obelisk the Tormentor, never, ever make any excuses while you’re apologizing. They instantly muddy up the sincerity of your confession. Don’t use any “buts” too. As in “I’m really sorry but….” Take full responsibility for your mistakes.


Offer to right your wrong

This isn’t always going to be possible. Sometimes it’s tangible: you break your friend’s Nintendo Switch so you complete your apology by replacing it. You should offer to try in any way you can to make up for you what you did. If a situation can be fixed and rectified then do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Move on and walk the walk

Your future actions are either going to validate or bring into question the sincerity of your apology. You should intend to work hard on fixing whatever fault led to your offense. There’s a famous Latin dictum you might have heard, “Acta non verba” which translates into English as “Deeds, not words”. At the end of the day, words will matter very little if your actions don’t match them. After you’ve apologized, stop dwelling on it. Start behaving in a way that demonstrates the sincerity of your apology.



How NOT to apologize 

On the flip side, anyone’s who has ever been on the receiving end of an insincere apology knows how a fake apology can actually exacerbate an already stressful situation. Try not to do any of the following below…


“I’m sorry you felt that way”

Let’s just get this out of the way. The reason your actions made someone else feel bad is probably because of something you did. So just own it. Saying the above or anything similar is a highly unsatisfying way to make amends. It admits no wrongdoing and shifts responsibility to the other person for having feelings and emotions.


Don’t blame outside factors 

I will never say something like “My father never taught me how to apologize and the fact I’m a man makes it even harder to do so”. If you read that sentence and thought it was an excuse, that’s because it completely is. When you make these type of crappy excuses, you’re suggesting you don’t take full responsibility for what you’ve done. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never ruin an apology with an excuse“.


Don’t demand forgiveness and don’t expect it

It’s the other person’s right to forgive you or not, and you need to be aware of that. By assuming they’ll forgive you after you apologize, you undermine the sincerity of your apology.


Don’t keep apologizing

What I mean by this is by over-apologizing, it will only make your apology lose meaning the longer you dwell on the wrong you did to them.  If you repeatedly apologize for the same offense over and over again, you may keep wounds open and prevent the process of healing and moving on, for everyone involved.


Don’t wait

Offer your apology in a timely manner, and don’t leave the injured party to stew over what you’ve done. I will admit though, if it’s been months or years since the offense took place, I believe it’s better to offer your sincere apology late, than never.



And that’s my do’s and don’ts for apologizing. I hope that these guidelines help you understand what to do and not to do and how to make an effective apology. Did I leave out some points you’re aware of? Or do you have any stories about times you gave or received an apology? Let me know in the comment section. Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

5 Things You Should Know About Depression

Note: Even though I suffered from major depressive disorder (MDD) myself, I am in NO WAY trained in mental health. If you know someone who is depressed, or you are suffering from depression, it’s important to get help ASAP. If untreated, depression generally worsens and can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions (believe me, I know).


1. Depression is NOT synonymous with sadness 

I think this is one of (if not) the biggest misconceptions regarding depression. Everyone I’m sure, presumably has experienced sadness. Sadness is an emotion, a feeling and a normal one at that. However, depression is something persistent, it can last for weeks, months or even years. It can affect someone in various ways such as a changing in their personality, interests and the way they see the future. Sadness is normal and depression is abnormal.


2. Depression can possible be genetic

One of the reasons I’m pretty ambivalent about having kids. My mom once told me both of my grandmas had nervous breakdowns. One article from healthline.com reads, “A British research team recently isolated a gene that appears to be prevalent in multiple family members with depression. The chromosome 3p25-26 was found in more than 800 families with recurrent depression. Scientists believe that as many as 40 percent of those with depression can trace it to a genetic link. Environmental and other factors make up the other 60 percent”. It’s important to note that most diseases are the product of the individual’s genes and environment. Someone who runs into lots of environmental risk factors, but doesn’t have any genetic risk factors for depression might not develop it. Depression is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors.


3. Depression affects millions of people worldwide

More than 300 million people actually, and is a leading cause of disability. Women are also more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men. Another thing I’d like to note here is the fact depression doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone at anytime. Even The Rock (one of the coolest guys on the planet) suffered from depression. To quote the WHO article, “Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds”. So if there’s something to be learned so far it is that there are people from all walks of life that have/had depression.


4. Stigma can prevent people from seeking treatment

Depression is treatable. However, there are still barriers and stigmas in society which make it difficult for people to admit they have it and seek treatment. This is particularly prevalent with men (which could possibly be one explanation why women are diagnosed more often than men, but I can’t say this with 100% certainty). But it does make sense since in the US, men die by suicide 3.57x more often than women. Depression can lead to self-harmful behavior and suicide.


5. Depression is NOT a choice and no one can just snap out of it

For the love of Ganesha and everything else holy in India, anyone who says the contrary has no idea what they’re talking about. Just like no one chooses to have heart failure, no one chooses to be depressed. The brain is an organ, and like any organ in the human body, it can malfunction and things can go wrong. People who are depressed don’t choose to have a low mood or find everything to be a tasking effort. Depression is out of their control and they can’t do anything to stop it from happening.



For the rest of this post, I’d like to discuss some of the symptoms of depression. There are many signs and symptoms of depression. They may be psychological or physical in nature. Having some of the following signs and symptoms most of the day, nearly every day for at least 2 weeks, is typical for depression:

  • Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, guilt
  • Feeling tired, run-down, having low energy
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities
  • Gaining or losing significant amount of weight
  • Problems concentrating, thinking clearly, or making decisions
  • Changes in sleep patterns (i.e. sleeping more than usual or extreme restlessness)
  • Thoughts or plans of death or suicide

Source: medicinenet


Not all people with depression experience all of these symptoms. Symptoms vary among individuals and according to the stage of disease.


I wanted to write this blog post because I wanted to inform anyone reading this and I was (hopefully) able to accomplish that. The other reason is because of my own personal thoughts that I currently have right now. While I don’t feel depressed, I am slowly having this feeling that my depression is on me like a shadow and all it will take for it to come back full force is for a significant event to occur. Right now, I’m making sure to be cautious and aware of it.

If someone you care about has depression, the best and most important thing you can do is support them. The first thing to do is of course, educate yourself on what depression is and how it affects the person you care about so you can be more supportive. Also make sure to encourage them to get the help they need. Someone trying to cope with a mental disorder needs treatment. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for and getting help. Encourage them to see a doctor and/or psychologist. Even if it doesn’t seem that bad, seeking help early can prevent problems from getting worse.

The 13 Best Songs to Make Love to (According to Starchaser)

Note: For the record, I never did it while listening to music ’cause I’d rather save that for the love of my life, so don’t take this post too seriously (I will admit I would have all these songs on my playlist). You’re probably not like me in that regard though.


Hi there, reader. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume your sex playlist is boring and repetitive and you want something to spice things up, or maybe you’re wondering what I have on my own playlist whenever I consummate. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Like R. Kelly once said, “I see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”. Can you believe there are people who think playing music whilst doing the nasty is strange? I concur, it is if you play something dumb or inappropriate. There’s music about sex and music you can play during sex. The songs I have in mind aren’t necessarily songs about the act of love (though many of them are pretty explicit and detailed). Rather, they’re songs you can do it to. Here are 13 sensual songs you can use to heighten the experience of your next amorous encounter.


Nobody Else but You

You’re probably laughing right now if you know where the above song is from, but hear me out. There are songs that make you want it immediately, this is not one of them. However, there’s something interesting to be said about songs that aren’t immediately thought of as ones you’d have sex to (especially if it’s from a Disney movie). What makes this song unique though is that the lyrics indicate this is song for make up sex. Even the title is perfect for the moment “Nobody Else but You“. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy having sex to this song has no soul.


Sex with Me

This is definitely the song you should have sex to. Right now!


Funky Ride

This was one song I remember playing during my lucid sex dream with Senjougahara. In other words, this song is very important. I love this song so much because it can be used for literally anything: driving with the windows down during an overcast (friggin’ glorious), smoking, meditating, relaxing, sleeping, slow dancing, and of course, having sex to. I know there are people who owe their birth to this song.


Nice & Slow

Before Usher made corny songs like “OMG” he made classic panty droppers like this.


You Remind Me of Something

R. Kelly is a pervert, and not the good kind either (like me). But there’s no way I’ll be taking songs like this off my playlist, lol.


Ratha Be Ya Nigga

2Pac made a multitude of songs for women, some of them encouraging and others sexy. This is definitely the latter. And good gosh, the beat bangs (no pun intended)!


Little Red Corvette

Out of respect for Prince, I won’t put a link to any of his songs even if they are on YouTube. Honestly, you could have sex to a lot of Prince songs and probably the songs he’s written for others too.


It’s Gonna Be Lonely

Another Prince song (see, what did I tell you?). It may not be the sexiest song, but there can’t be a more fun song to do it to than this. The smooth guitar with Prince’s beautiful high-pitched singing is guaranteed to illicit smiles (and more).


Dirty Mind

Okay, last Prince song on this list. “It doesn’t matter where we are/Doesn’t matter who’s around/Doesn’t matter, I just want to lay you down”. It’s direct and gets to the point.


Get You Wet

Plies is the epitome of ratchet and if ratchet sex had a song it would be this. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing because in this song, Plies is determined in making the lady in question reach her climax. I can’t believe I used to listen to this regularly back in middle school. For a while, I used to think Pleasure P sang “I want to put it in yo’ butt”, *face palms*


Grind on Me

“Step one: ya kissing on me. Step two: girl I’m caressing your body. Step three: now I’m licking off the whip cream. Step four: and ooooh you grinding on me”. I’ve dirty danced to this song so many times.


Rock the Boat

I miss Aaliyah. When I was younger I remember singing along with the lyrics, but I never knew what “rock the boat” or “work the middle” meant. I just assumed she was talking about an actual boat. Nowadays, I know better and when a woman tells you how to rock her boat, you better listen.


Sexual Eruption 

I mean, why not? lol.



And that’s my list! Of course there are more songs you can get it on to, but I’d say this is a good start to get anyone started.