10 Things I Do Differently Now That I’m Happy

In my past, I suffered from major depressive disorder. There was a period when getting out of my bed and going to school was a difficult task. I know, I know, I’ve talked about my depression and suicide attempt many times on this blog to the point it’s hackneyed, but I always like to see how different I am now compared to how I was once. Happiness can be tough to maintain, but investing in the right habits pays off. Self reflection is a powerful exercise I usually save around the end of each year, but I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to go by fast. Below are some habits I’ve noticed I implemented in my life when I started to become a more cheerful person. The best time for me to be happy is NOW!


Abide by the Golden Rule


You know that saying you heard when you were a kid, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Well, happy people truly embody this concept. The only times you will see me not is when people try me. Sorry, but I don’t have time for disrespect or people who think it’s a good idea to make others feel bad unwarranted. I like to treat others with respect. I want to be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other people. My brother has helped make me become a more compassionate human being. So I’ll continue to treat others as human beings until they give me a reason not to.


Partake in acts of kindness

“I think hiring a stripper for our boss’ birthday party is a good idea, Michael! I’m sure he’ll love it!”

When I was playing Sm4sh at my university’s breezeway with some people, I was wearing this shirt and a number of people passing through let me know they liked it. Naturally I smiled and said “thank you” every time. They didn’t have to take the time out of their day to say it, but they did, and I felt good about it. If something like that makes me feel good, I think I can have an idea how people feel when I say or do something nice for them. What’s even better about partaking in kindness is that not only do I feel better, but so will people receiving the act of kindness. How extraordinary is that? To me, the way you treat others is a strong indicator of how you feel about yourself. So if you’re someone who has an incessant need to put others down in an attempt to gain attention, validation, or happiness, you’re grosser than a raccoon and it shows how jealous and unhappy you are. Happy people have a lot to share, and one of those things is happiness. There is no such thing as “too much good”.


Spend money on others


The above gif was me for a good chunk of my life. There was a time I was quite selfish and parsimonious with my money. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I had a change of heart, but I’m guessing it’s because when I started to appreciate those around me more, I know they deserve the best too! Research shows that spending money on other people makes you much happier than spending it on yourself. This July, I was able to have just about all of my family member’s birthday and Christmas presents already ordered and paid for. I’m not saying this as a way to brag about how much money I have, or my altruistic activities, I’m saying it as a reminder to myself I’ve come a long way. Who says money can’t buy happiness?


Surround myself with other happy people


“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”. — Oprah Winfrey

I found out it’s true, misery does love company. Unhappy people gravitate toward others who share their negative sentiments. No offense to all the purposefully negative people out there, but I’m not going to join your pity party so that you can feel better about yourself. You all are boring and draining as hell, and nowhere near as complex or interesting as you think you are. On the flip side, happiness shares its light and spreads through people. Now that I have friendships that are uplifting, supportive, deep, and loving, with people interested in my betterment, I’m on track to my own enlightenment. When it comes to relationships, we are greatly influenced whether we like it or not, by those closest to us. Since I know which people increase my happiness I continue to nurture those relationships.


Take responsibility for what I do

I’m not perfect, and you know what, fella? I’m perfectly aware of that. When I mess up, I admit it. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last who has fallen short when it comes to personal behavior. I can’t learn from my mistakes if I can’t acknowledge I’ve made them! And if I don’t learn from my mistakes, I’m doomed to repeat them. I’m done generating excuses and blaming others why things aren’t going my way. Focusing on learning from what went wrong will help me turn a mistake into something productive. When something goes wrong, I consider it an opportunity to grow and become an even better version of myself.


Don’t take myself so seriously

Why so serious? Besides mistakes, I’ve done some stuff people would consider embarrassing (I don’t want to call them “embarrassing” myself ’cause to me, the word implies I care what others think), stupid and ridiculous. I don’t plan on discussing any of them on my blog because I’d rather save my anecdotes for my vlog, but anyway, I’m able to take what happens to me in stride and move on. No need to dwell on the minor inconveniences and issues.

Okay, I’ll give a recent incident: I was at my university’s gym and I was running on one of the treadmills. While I was trying to hit my 2.5 mile run for the day, I had a sudden urge to fart. I didn’t want to let it rip though because all of the treadmills were also occupied. I tried my best to silently emit the gas and when I did I was relieved. Unfortunately, this was one of those “silent but violent” type of farts and this one did not smell like my protein shakes. I was hoping for the rest of my run everyone’s nostrils were not tortured by the malodorous stench in the air.

The point I’m trying to make is if I can’t find the humor in the less than positive situations in my life, I can only imagine I would be spending a large portion of it in misery.


Express gratitude 


Being grateful for the goodness that is already evident in my life will bring a deeper sense of happiness. During the day, I always take a second to stop and be grateful for the small stuff. And in the long run, it really helped increase my happiness. Whether it’s a friendly cashier asking how my day is or another collegian holding the door so I don’t have to get my student ID out, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and appreciate the little things.


I get enough sleep


I can’t stress enough about the importance of sleep to maintain my mood, focus, and self-control. My energy, attention, and memory are all affected when I don’t get my handsome sleep. When I feel groggy, tired, or sick it’s hard for me to put forth my best effort. Sleep deprivation is known to raise stress levels and I feel like being less productive at work and school if I don’t catch enough Zs. I make sleep a priority, because it makes me feel invigorated and I know how yucky I feel when I’m sleep deprived.


I’m happy for other people’s success 


I don’t just celebrate my own accomplishments, I also make sure to revel in the success of others. Some people have the wrong idea that in order for there to be a winner, there has to be a loser. When in actuality, everyone can win! It’s way better to celebrate the success of others instead of being jealous that their success is not my own. Envy, bitterness, and being a hater never got anyone anywhere. Everything is not always about me and there are opportunities for others to shine in the spotlight.


Show signs of being happy

Jim Carrey

Think about it. Unhappy people don’t tend to look happy. I think every thing I listed show I am indeed a high-spirited person. People who know me personally have a mental image of me smiling, laughing, having a good time and enjoying life. If someone were to ask me the question “Are you happy?” I can respond with a resounding “Yes” and I wouldn’t have any doubt in my mind.


Hip Hop Just Turned 30: The 25 Best Charles Hamilton Songs


Happy birthday, Mr. Hamilton! Your music has kept me going since 2008. I laughed, I cried, and I heard something that changed my life. I can’t even imagine my mental state or if I’d still be alive if I never listened to you, you’ve gotten me through so much and your music has always been there for me. Honestly, it’s hard to condense a lifetime’s worth of catalog into 25 songs. Charles Hamilton showed there isn’t a limit to what can be said in music. He virtually touched on every subject from drug use, Sonic the Hedgehog, music braggadocio, suicide, injustice, death, ex-girlfriends… if it was worth writing a song about, Charles did. I tried to include familiar tracks whilst adding some of my personal favorites. This is the definitive list of The 25 Best Charles Hamilton Songs. Listed in no particular order because I am bad with numbers. Thank you for everything, Charles Hamilton!


Brooklyn Girls

“Only I can get away with something like this!”. Hm, indeed. Perhaps the most recognizable Charles Hamilton track of all time. “Brooklyn Girls” possessed everything you’d expect in a commercial hit: catchy hook, euphonious beat, smooth flow and affable lyrics. Those pink Dre Beats in the video are friggin’ fire!


Bruce Almighty (Moon Outta the Sky)

Another Charles Hamilton masterpiece. I respect the hell out of the samples (he sampled one of my favorite childhood movies). Pure intelligent emotion and music like this is the reason CH evokes such inspiration for StarCHasers. I will admit, I teared up when he starts singing. You can tell this man put his heart and soul into this song.


Wrist Music

This song holds high sentimental value for me because I got my semicolon tattoo on my wrist whilst listening to this song on repeat. What starts out as a heartfelt and brooding song about depression, self-loathing and self-harm is sprinkled with glimmers of hope with lines such as “the scum of the Earth have a gooey glow” and “I’m the man now, on some Mega shit/Niggas always wanna bite, on some Tera shit/But they walk away broke on some beggar shit/I walk away with hope, on some better shit”.


Lacey Duvalle

…………All I’m going to say about this song is God bless anyone who knew who Lacey Duvalle was before Charles Hamilton made a song about her, lol.


Writing in the Sky (Bonus)

This album closer was where according to Charles himself, he “found out God was a woman”. But for me, this was the song where I started to think “Maybe… life is alright and… everything will be okay” back in early 2009. The drums and sample are amazing, even my mom loves hearing this song as we sing along whenever we hear it in the car (I’m pretty sure she’s heard the sample).


Most Likely to Succeed 

I’m convinced there isn’t anything Charles can’t sample and make it great. The last verse is godly. This song is a perfect example of CH’s unique production skills and lyricism.


The Bermuda Triangle

Charles Hamilton freely admitted many times that J Dilla is a huge influence on his work as a producer. All the songs on the tribute project And Then They Played Dilla are great, and this is the highlight and standout moment for me. CH trades bars with SHow TuFli and Yung Nate and the upshot is pure perfection. It definitely seemed like they all had fun whilst recording their verses.


New York Raining

I don’t think there is anyone who does love songs better than Charles. This was the first single with his new record label, Republic Records and was featured on the Fox TV show Empire. I’ll always root for my favorite rapper so it felt unreal for something like this to come out when it did. I’m glad he’s in a better place not only with his career, but his life.


New Girlfriend Music

This tender love song makes me feel like I’m in love and the funny thing is I’m not in a long-term relationship and have no intention to be when I’m attending university, lol. Charles Hamilton’s flow here is like kinder chocolate and makes sense considering the sweet topic he’s rapping/singing about. I know he’s no Freddie Mercury, but Charles Hamilton’s singing has always been easy on the ears.


Cable in the Classroom

If I were to have a son, his middle name would be Charles. And if I had to pick a verse to represent rap as a whole, it would be the second verse on this track. “Cable in the Classroom” is probably, lyrically, the best rapping anyone’s ever done. There’s a lot of layers, references and clever wordplay that can go over your head if you’re just breezing through, but I think with this song CH is someone you’d give your full, undivided attention to.



“A good night’s sleep is all I care about”. That line always stood out to me for some reason. CH puts his heart out and raps about police violence and I absolutely love the hook.


Choices (A Wave for Alex)

For all my money, this is the best Charles Hamilton song. The whole backstory to this song makes it even more heartbreaking. This beautiful song serves as a reminder how precious and short life is and how even the simplest of choices can have a big effect on us.



Cocky Charles Hamilton is best Charles Hamilton. He has the music abilities to be exactly that though so it’s all good. A lot of notable and quotable lines in this song like the first few lines and he eventually comes in with one of the most inspirational choruses I can think of. “I once was a loser/Now I’m older still the same loser/That’s why I look so different to ya/You see the past I see the future”.


November 10th

A good song, but let’s be honest here, the video is quite silly. And no, it’s not because this video conveys his Sonic obsession (I have a Tails tattoo myself), but because of the faces he makes throughout it. Musically, CH glides over an upbeat instrumental that samples a familiar Sonic stage. This was probably his second biggest hit mostly because it was accompanied by the above video. Seriously, why doesn’t he make more music videos?


Enter the Hedgehog

Speaking of Sonic, his whole Sonic the Hamilton project was filled with samples from the series. For anyone who wants at least to understand a part of Charles’ worldview most people would point you to The Pink Lavalamp, but if you were to ask me I’ll point you to Sonic the Hamilton. The first track is this one where he raps and melancholically sings over a Sonic ’06 instrumental. “My only competition is time. In my mind time is a crime I’m being punished for all the time”. Gotdamn, talk about brilliant. I remember taking my first LSD trip while listening to this and I finally understood what it meant to be “in the zone”. I listen to this song on a daily basis.


Friendly Reminder/Mop-N-Glo

“But I visited a Genesis via an Exodus”. I’m embarrassed to admit it took me awhile for me to get that line. These type of projects of his are really great because he usually only samples the artist and the artist in question on At Most I’m Just… is his favorite band Incubus. The way he samples is incredible because I initially couldn’t even tell he used an Incubus beat.



Meditation type of music. An ode to his (and mine) favorite color, pink. I’m not sure if he made this a calming song on purpose since pink is considered to have a calming effect.


I’ll Be Around (Outro) 

Because I have a family I love and friends I adore, these type of songs are the ones I love the most. “People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em”, but that quote doesn’t apply here. He puts everything out there and lets the people in his life know how much he cares about them. Society tells us men aren’t supposed to cry, but CH gets emotional here because those who left a positive impression on him are more important than what society thinks. I only make beats, but if I ever put my vocals on any of my songs, I’d like to make a song like this for my family and friends.



Anyone reading this, will now have a better idea how I got my username and alias. When I first heard this song my reaction went from 😕 to :l to 🙂 to 😀


Ambitions of Musicians

I remember when people would rap over the “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” beat, but Charles did it best!


Every Now And Then

This is SUCH a feel good song and a half. 🙂


The One I Need

Charles isn’t just a rapper and song writer, he’s also a music producer. Sometimes, songs don’t need vocals in order to be a dulcet tune. This is easily my favorite beat he’s made so far and made me want to start producing.



Before Drake (who sucks, sorry, Charles ’cause he does) rapped about ex-girlfriends, CH did it first and better. Here, he flips a Kanye West track and proceeds to tell a tale about a woman who he has been mentioned a number of times before in his songs.



There was a time when Charles was madly in love with Rihanna. It’s kind of funny ’cause I can relate to being infatuated with someone more famous than myself (Nicki Minaj). The Well Isn’t This Awkward project was all kinds of ambitious and amazing. Despite the title, he samples Fleetwood Mac’s “Rihannon” and not a Rihanna song. This is the type of love song I’d like to make for my special someone. *Sigh*


Nah Dead Ass

Compared to all the other tracks on my list, Charles is pretty tame here. This song feels more like he’s having a conversation with the listener than anything else. It may not bump as hard as the others tracks on this list, but I believe it aged well and is one of those hidden (and underrated) gems in his discography. “I will give you my all, as long as my all is more than enough for you”. Those lines had me crying because that’s what I want to be able to do for everyone in my life right now and forever.



And that’s my list! Yeah, yeah, I already know. Anyone who’s a fan of Charles Hamilton isn’t going to agree with everything on this list because certain fan favorites will be left out. Like I said at the beginning, it’s quite difficult to make a list of the best songs he’s produced when he has over ?k+ songs in circulation. I actually like how my list turned out though. If you must know, my favorite Charles Hamilton song is the one where he raps. Music is the only love!

5 Things I Gave Up That Made My Life Happier

Life. It is the sum of all the experiences I will have whilst riding this planet called Earth. It’s the most thrilling journey I’ll ever embark on. Deep philosophical stuff aside, that statement is absolutely true. It’s full of ups and downs (and side to sides), good and bad, wins and losses. By the time it’s over, I’ll have learned what really mattered, and also what really didn’t. Through great personal reflection, I was able to recognize the things in life that are worth keeping around, and those that needed to be discarded. Of course, it wouldn’t have hurt if I had a friendly someone pushing me in the right direction so I could’ve gotten rid of these things sooner, but if that same person saw me now they most likely would say “Better late than never”. Here are five things I gave up so I could go on to find my bliss.


Toxic people

I know, I know, this one should be obvious to most people. But for me it was the most difficult to do because there was a time I didn’t have an inkling of an idea on what a friend or girlfriend was. I was trying to maintain relationships with people who simply weren’t worth my effort and attention. It took time to realize it, and hell, it took even more to have the courage to do something about it, but it’s important for me to know I’m nobody’s doormat! I am beautiful and I have value. And I need to be around others who see that too and don’t take my existence for granted.


Pleasing everyone

Even Jesus Christ wasn’t liked by everyone. He walked on water, healed Peter’s mother in law, raised Lazarus from the dead, fed thousands of people, turned water into wine (boo, water is better), yet there were people who still wanted to stone him to death. So, what I learned from my savior’s life story is that you could be a literal perfect human being and some assclown out there will still find a reason to not like you. The point is, I’ll never be able to make 100 percent of the people I meet in my life happy, and, the sooner I came to terms with that, the better off I was. What I’ve personally found is that by knowing what I want for myself, and taking the necessary steps to make them happen, I ultimately worried less about what others thought about me because I’m confident in the person I am. I love myself, and if you don’t like me, you’re prob… no, definitely not worth me worrying about anyway.



I was tempted to put all of the above in their own categories, but I believe one of them will inevitably lead to the other two. I don’t ever want to be the kind of man who makes excuses. Making a mistake may be unpleasant, but making a mistake and following through with excuses is even worse. It’s not whether I screw up or not in life, it’s a normal part of my experience. Taking responsibility and facing up to what I’ve done is a great way to learn, and to avoid doing the same thing again in the future.

It’s easy to go around blaming others when things go wrong and in some cases, it might be someone or something’s fault. But the problem is that blaming others will never help me move forward. I used to play the blame game, it may not have been a fun game, but it sure was an easy one to partake in. I can understand why I did and why others do, it shifts the responsibility on someone else. If it’s someone’s else’s fault then I don’t have to do anything because the burden is on them. If I can step back and accept responsibility when things go wrong, I’ll also be admitting to myself that I have to fix the problem. Like Eric Thomas in the above video said “If it’s your life, I need you to take complete ownership of it. IT’S YOUR LIFE!”. No blaming!

As with blaming, complaining is also easy to do. But in the long run, what does it accomplish? Nothing, to answer my own question. My mental, emotional, and even physical health would always be in a negative state if I didn’t make a decision to stop complaining and wallowing in pessimism everyday. When I’m dealing with life’s inconveniences there are going to be two options: Do something about the issue or complain. I think I know which option is the more attractive.


The need to always be right

There are so many people who can’t stand the idea of being wrong, wanting to always be right. It’s even worse when these same people say things that are logically, scientifically and just factually incorrect! Thankfully, we live in a time where information is right at our fingertips so we can fact check what we say and see if it’s backed up by evidence (of course, people who always need to be right don’t do this). I learned how to stop always being right when I started taking more and more science classes. Changing your mind in the face of new evidence is a good thing. Being mutable and open to change is healthy because there is an ever changing nature not only in science, but in society. The world is a less threatening place when I prepared to acknowledge that life keeps changing and when I’m willing to admit I don’t have all the answers.


The need to be in control

Even those who are considered the greatest in their field don’t always win (unless you’re Floyd Mayweather). No matter how much planning or plotting I do, life is always waiting to throw me a curveball. There’s no need for me to always be in control of everything that happens to me and around me. There’s no need for me to resist, push or fight against things, especially those things that are out of my control. Like Reinhold Niebuhr once said “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. Moving along and expecting nothing, but being prepared for anything is a foolproof way to ensure that I’m never too devastated when things don’t work out, because it’ll always be easy for me to keep on moving.

ファンアート: Starchaser’s Favorite Anime Fan Art

I love anime (duh!) and I love art. In addition, I happen to follow Zerochan and Pixiv, anime art communities, regularly and I have always wanted to share some of the artwork I came across. I thought because others may love anime fan art, but don’t meticulously look through the archives like I do, it’d be a nice idea to share some of the fan art I really enjoy. So this post is about artwork I really like. As someone who wants to improve in drawing, seeing other people’s work serve as an inspiration for me to keep practicing and drawing!



Art by ながれぼし
Translated title: MakiRiko’s Secret Piano Lesson

To start this list is my locked phone wallpaper. I actually like all of this artist’s RikoMaki illustrations (I even got my hands on some doujinshi by the same artist which revolves around these two and they’re cute stories), but since this has been my locked screen for a while now (still is) it obviously made my list. I also like how this artist utilizes values and it really gives this piece a “warm feeling” which complements the 百合/yuri vibes. Canonically speaking, this piece makes no sense because even though Love Live! and Sunshine take place in the same universe, there’s no indication Maki and Riko know each other or ever met. Anyway, I think this is a reference to the fact Riko and Maki are both piano players in their respective shows and the former likes yuri manga. I can’t front, I do think they make a nice couple, lol.



Art by イトハナ
Translated title: NozoNico’s Wedding 

Speaking of nice couples and wallpapers, this is probably the most beautiful fan art I’ve ever seen. This was my laptop wallpaper for quite some time (I always made sure to change it whenever my dad wanted to use my laptop though, lol). It’s a pic of my OTP happily married (I’m guessing this took place while μ’s were in New York since gay marriage isn’t legal in Japan) and the cover of an illustration book I own. The wonderful thing about fan art is romantic ships can become a reality (well, sort of). Pretty, crisp lines and happy expressions on both Nozomi and Nico’s faces, make this image heartwarming to look at.



Art by LASA
Translated title: Ram-Anesama

Even underrated characters get love in the fan art world. I don’t care what anyone says, Ram >Rem and you can fight me if you disagree. Her “come-hither” look and seductive pose is pretty tempting and I’m not complaining about the thigh action. Yes, I’ll admit, Ram could get it, lol. Often overlooked for her younger sister, this image makes me wonder why people sleep on Ram so much. The use of color make this one a perfect example of fan art done right.


A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Tags: Wallpaper, Pokémon, Pikachu, Meowth, Psyduck, Mew, Riolu, Teddiursa, HD Wallpaper

I don’t know if that’s the title of this and I can’t find the artist who drew it either. Pokemon has been a source of inspiration for wonderful fan art for as long as I can remember. This amusing picture takes an already comical art subject and parodies it with Pokemon. I would’ve expected Meowth to pull the trickery Pikachu is doing and I find it funny how Psyduck is showing its hand to everyone. This work manages to encapsulate the essence and details that make Pokemon recognizable.



Art by タッツー
Translated title: Kill la Kill X Gurren Lagann

This was beautifully done and I’m not just saying that because I adore both of these anime. When I first saw this I literally thought it was a promotional poster for a crossover, but sadly after finding the source I realized it was not so my fanboying was for naught. It is quite peculiar a crossover hasn’t even been suggested, I can already imagine the fun and craziness that would occur! This would make a great poster though (I should look into that). Row Row Fight the Fibers!



Tags: Monogatari, Senjougahara Hitagi, Izumito, Mobile WallpaperArt by Izumi
Translated title: Senjougahara

I doubt the artist will be reading this, but if they did I’d like to let them know I love them and they did a good job! I’d also say their Satsuki-sama images are pretty too! Anyway, this pic really does Senjougahara justice and captures her beauty. This one just leaves me stunned and I could stare at it all day. It’s a top-tier fan art for sure. キャァアア, my waifu is so gorgeous! ❤



And that’s my list! I know, it’s not a lot and I’m fully aware there are an innumerable amount of great anime fan art out there. The anime fan art community really makes you want to draw too, no? I am always amazed to see the ridiculously high quality art they create.

10 Things I No Longer Worry About

Oh well, whatever happens, happens.

Note: This is a rewrite.


“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.” – Mary Hemingway


We all worry. This wonderful brain we all possess which has the capacity to engender innovative ideas and solve complex problems can also have the tendency to dwell on troublesome situations, even if one may not exist. Midterms, bills, public speaking, relationships… worry can appear into every aspect of our lives. Even I’m not immune to it, sometimes my life can seem a little more hectic than I want it to be. It’s during these times in my life that I stop, sit down, close my eyes, and relax my brain for 10 to 15 minutes. In doing this, I expunge the so-called “problems” from my mind and awaken feeling fresh and energized. Worrying is the worst. Here are some problems I found myself worrying about far too often before I discovered how to meditate, refocus and spent my time and energy doing better things.


1. Death

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” – Mark Twain

It’s strange because I’ve almost died on three occasions (fall, choking, suicide attempt) so I’m starting to think the Grim Reaper has a thing for me but doesn’t want to fully commit yet. I remember a Carl Sagan quote where he says we are all star stuff. So in other words, we are all an expression of the cosmos. When I think about death, I think that the atoms that comprise my body are going to take on a new form in the universe (the first law of thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just takes on a different form). Even though my conciseness will be gone my atoms will still be here, becoming new life here on Earth or part of new worlds not yet created.

Sooner or later in my life, I’m going to have to face the inevitability of my own death. The Grim Reaper is going to be serious one day, and hiding is only going to impede me from living life to the fullest. People die every day, but the fact I’m still one of the people breathing is a miracle in itself. I could go to sleep tonight and not wake up to see tomorrow. Even if I do wake up, there is still a chance the place I live could be nuked or a meteor could fall to Earth killing us all. Sure, the chances might be slim, but they’re still there. Without the outlook on my vulnerability and the magnificent opportunity that life provides, there would be no motivation to do something great and beautiful with my life.


2. Money

First off, catchy song. Yes, I need money, we all do. There’s no denying that, I just don’t need to allow it to be the source of undue stress. I don’t allow the dinero to be a force of solving any of my distress. I remember writing in my journal for my College Success class “money provides opportunities”. Think about it, you need money for almost everything. You need money to buy groceries, you need money to go to Disney World, you need money to attend university, you need money to travel, etc. People do some strange things for paper and I’ll never understand why. Now, you won’t catch me saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” because people who say that have obviously never bought a puppy.

I like to live my life so that I can reflect on the great times I had, and I don’t worry about spending those extra few dollars on the eggnog, I just enjoy it. That said, it may not be all sunshine all the time, so I make sure to have money stashed away for a rainy day.


3. What people think about me

When I was younger, I always said I didn’t care what people thought of me, but the reality was very different. I was constantly seeking the approval of others and didn’t want to offend or make anyone angry. It took me my sophomore year in high school to finally accomplish not caring what people thought of me. By my senior year I jumped out of the Tornado and started flying on my own ever since. I started being me, regardless of what my friends, family, or the pretty women at the gym thought about it. People’s opinions on me aren’t going to pay for my tuition or put food on the table.

Fitting in/conformance is required in certain situations, but it’s not the end-all, be-all for every situation in life. There are times when I need to keep a low profile, but for the most part, unless I’m James Bond, I let loose and have fun, regardless of what people think. It’s my life. I live it, I love it, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of it.


4. The small stuff

Little things go wrong every day in our lives. I failed my quiz, a dollar short for my purchase, tripped and fell on the floor, laughed during a presentation. If I were to consider this a bad day, I’d be archiving my life the wrong way. Instead of getting frustrated by the little things, I focus on the positives because no situation is hopeless. I can still pass the class, the cashier didn’t mind, I’m still able to walk, nobody is going to remember me laughing in six weeks… there are too many great things happening on a day to day basis to worry about the little annoyances.


5. The past

This was hard for me. Sooner or later I had to let go of my past. Instead of dwelling on it, it’s an important facet to learn from, but I shouldn’t let it get in my way and become a burden. Instead, I look ahead and get, that, dirt off my shoulders. *Jay-Z voice*

I made errors in my past. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been wrong, I’ve made mistakes, nobody’s perfect. There’s no need to run from or be ashamed of who I am now or where I came from. I can’t let what happened distract me from my goals and vision. As long as I learn from my mistakes and stand up every time I’m knocked down I can still win. The only way I can continue being harmed by something that already happened is if I let it. That which doesn’t kill me only gives me an opportunity to prove I’m better and can do better.


6. Negative people

People aren’t always going to like what I do. And that’s fine, I’m still going to continue doing what I’m doing. If I stopped and stressed out every time someone said something distasteful, I’d never have accomplished anything in life. Like I said before, the fox doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. I’m friends with people who are the nicest, most compassionate, loyal, thoughtful, and overall better human beings than me, and they still have negative people say and do some deplorable crap to them. You can’t please everyone and some people seem to live their lives with a chip on their shoulder 24/7. Don’t sweat the negative people.


7. What can go wrong

Along with people’s thoughts about me, this was a concept that tortured me for years. When my brother said his album’s title, I finally found a satisfying answer to this conundrum. If I didn’t start something because I was scared of all the things that could go wrong, then I would deserve to be unsuccessful, because I can’t be successful if I don’t know how to react when faced with adverse circumstances. All the choices I make in life, the worst thing that can happen to me is I die. This has yet to happen though so I will probably find that I will survive whatever calamity I was imagining with my sanity still intact. No matter how well I make my plans, something can go wrong. Somethings are out of my control which actually brings me to my next point.


8. Things out of my control

One of my friend’s motto when life becomes stressful is “This is only temporary”. The idea is to stop from getting annoyed about stuff that are outside of your stratosphere of influence. I detest Trump and his supporters, but there’s nothing I can do about it currently. The best way to stop thinking about all the dumb crap I can’t control is to focus on what I can. I recognize that sometimes, all I can control is my effort and my reaction. When I put energy into the things I can control, I’ll be much more effective and productive.


9. Celebrities

I am one of those rare people who couldn’t care less about celebrities. In my case, I care about those I respect, especially those who provide teaching and feed my mind. Okay, there are certainly a few I do like such as Chris Tucker and I’m aware of eminent scientists, politicians and professional wrestlers, but I’m not constantly worried about what they’re doing. Celebrities isn’t a recent phenomenon, I’m sure there were people in Egypt who discussed wanting to have sex with Cleopatra. Nowadays though you have E News, Access Hollywood and TMZ breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news. They wouldn’t be in existence if there weren’t hordes of people yearning to learn the latest celebrity gossip. I don’t know why it matters though. How is knowing where Jennifer Lopez is vacationing at or whom Chris Brown is dating going to help me in life? There’s a lot going on in the world outside the lives of celebrities.


10. Worrying

It seems weird to worry about worrying, but it happens. It’s normal to worry even though I’m better off not doing it, but when I’m worrying about worrying it’s time to take a step back and breathe. Inhale. Exhale. If life is too short to worry about all of the above it’s certainly too short to beat myself up over thinking and having a natural reaction.

How to Be Nice(r) on the Internet

old person
What did this faceless stranger call me!!?

I’ll admit, I’ve typed out stuff on the internet that wasn’t very nice. Especially in the early days of my internet browsing. When I contributed to Yahoo Answers (holy macaroni that was over a decade ago now), I was a troll before trolling was cool and would write things that were so off the wall that I never would today. Actually, Yahoo Answers is a bad example because while I was a troll, I never really said anything with the intent to hurt someone’s feelings (unless they were racist or homophobic for some reason). MyAnimeList is a better and recent one, now there’s a website where I got downright nasty and typed things I can’t imagine myself saying on any of the sites I use today. For the record, I was usually verbally defending myself, users on MyAnimeList tend to be crabbed and disagreeable and will say crap to try to make you feel bad because they’re so gotdamned insecure. Still, even if I feel my vitriol is justified, I still don’t like being negative y’know?

I’m someone who carries myself the same way online as I do offline. There is virtually no difference between how I behave online and offline (well, I like being more ratchet online, but that’s about it). Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people as a computer screen, keyboard and the chances of physical repercussions being almost nil makes them feel more emboldened to act a certain way. In their offline lives they are more civil and refrain from telling their boss how they really feel about them, yelling at the religious person attempting to proselytize and getting out of the car so they can punch the reckless driver in front of them. The anger from their day-to-day events boils inside of them, and online, freed from any real consequences, they unleash their bottled-up venom. The internet has made this world we live in a bigger AND smaller place. A lot of us spend a good chunk of our day online. Shoot, for me the internet has become a major source of my entertainment, education and communication, and I’m not the only one this applies to. So isn’t it time to let go of the facade between our online selves and our “real” ones and act with the same kind of decency on the internet that we do in our daily interactions?

As I said before, I’m not saying I’m innocent, so I’m not encouraging you to only type Pollyannaish comments while you’re using the internet. One of the beauties of the internet is that we get to disagree, voice our thoughts and maybe see someone else’s point of view, or you see something someone typed which makes you wish for a hostile alien takeover.

What’s the point of being a kind person on the internet? Well, a decent human being treats others with dignity and respect. You should’ve heard the aphorism “Treat others how you want to be treated”. It’s called “The Golden Rule” for a reason, but I can tell a number of people either were asleep when their teacher taught them this lesson or were absent from class. Anyway, a decent human being treats life’s fellow travelers as they themself would like to be treated. And in doing so, they add more positivity to the universe and make the world a better place for everyone. Everyone has the power to brighten someone else’s day, whether it’s at their workplace, their home or online. Here are some ideas on how to be a good person while still freely expressing yourself on the internet. These are the rules I try to abide by every time I’m online.


There are people on the other side of the screen

Well, unless they’re bots, but you get the idea. This is pretty easy to forget. We see only our screen and our surroundings. The thought of people reading what we type might seem surreal. However, unless you’re the only registered user on a site, they will be out there. I should also note you shouldn’t take everything people say on the internet so personal. It’s something I go by, if someone comes at me with some negative energy it is usually a problem with them and not me. Like a friend of mine once said “Okay, words hurt”. So when typing something, keep this rule in mind ’cause your words can carry weight.


Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say to someone’s face

Seriously. This is arguably the most important rule for online interactions. If you are moody and sarcastic in real life, or opinionated and confrontational then feel free to be so online too. But let’s be honest, very few of us are unfriendly in real life compared to people being mean online. There’s a disconnect between offline behavior and online behavior. So, just as you wouldn’t run up to someone on the street and get all in their face saying something caustic, there’s no need to do so online. I have more respect for people who are boring offline and are also boring online, at least they’re consistent. You can disagree with a person without being condescending or derogatory.


Think about your goals

So you saw something that got you all huffy on the internet? What’s a fella to do? Now before you go all typey typey, what are you trying to do with your comment? Start a conversation? Meet someone new? Learn something? Answer a question? Or are you trying to hurt someone because what they said offended you? Or maybe you are trying to make someone else feel bad so you can get a temporary ego boost? Think about it. If your goal is to actually further engage, does your comment have the ability to do exactly that? If your goal is to actually hurt someone’s feelings, then I’m assuming you’re a grown-up, meaning you’re not in 5th grade anymore (like I was when I was on Yahoo Answers). Instead of hitting that “submit” button why not do something better with your time?


Mind your business 


My brother and I are two fellas who pride ourselves in minding our business. Before getting on anyone’s case, I always ask myself “Is it any of my business?”. I’ve seen a bunch of posts and comments on the internet I detested, but I rarely ever went out of my way to tell them how they’re wrong and an idiot. I go on the internet to have fun, and arguing and/or debating with random people I will most likely never meet is not my idea of a good time. Most of the time when I come across a topic where I add in my perspective, I will simply civilly state my case instead of responding directly to a specific person. I just let people be people and let them do their thing. I generally abstain from internet debates because they get people all worked up, waste time, and nobody learns anything.

Another reason I don’t debate or argue is because the impression I’ve got from being on a number of online forums is a lot of people try to debate to prove to themselves their choices are the correct ones, and a lot of the time on things that matter very little. These type of people need validation on their choices so they take it upon themselves to prove that everybody who disagrees with their tastes is wrong. You like a different anime than me? Well, then you are WRONG, because otherwise it means I am wrong and I can’t have that. Different taste in video games? WRONG! Different tastes in music? ALSO WRONG! My word, your tastes really suck because they don’t correlate with mine. That’s the sort of “debates” I often find online, and in that case what’s the point? These type of discussions go absolutely nowhere.


Remember that actions have reactions

Like Guru from Gang Starr said “Actions have reactions, don’t be quick to judge. You may not know the hardships people don’t speak of”. Amen to that. The thing about the internet is you aren’t always going to see the consequences of your actions. You can use your imagination and think about what the likely outcomes are of what you are about to type. Would you like it if someone said to you what you are about to say, and said it in front of a large group of people? Would you say the same thing you have just typed if the person was standing in front of you?


Say something positive

Just because people are more likely to make negative comments in online forums than positive ones doesn’t mean you need to join. When I have something positive to say, I never hesitate to say it. I take the time to type my thoughts out before surfing away to somewhere else on the internet. I have yet to have anyone respond to me in a negative manner for saying something nice to them. As a blog owner, writer, illustrator, and music producer I know how incredibly encouraging it is to see something positive.


Do you have any other advice about how to be kinder online?

巨乳: Six B(r)e(a)st and Brightest Anime Women

Breasts, melons, boobs, tits, knockers, fun bags, tatas, the twins, planets (that’s a new one), hooters… no matter what you want to call them, おっぱい have always been, and most likely always will be, a ubiquitous part of anime. Let’s be honest, well-endowed women are popular in anime, and all the more so if they have attractive personalities to match. It’s kind of funny for me personally ’cause I grew up in Germany. In other words, I’m not prudish in the slightest. It’s also funny since I’m asexual and most women do nothing for me, but when it comes to some anime women, I act like I’m a 13 year old who just hit puberty and got the hormones from hell. Do you love big-breasted anime women too? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Don’t worry, I’m friendly and nonjudgmental, so let’s bounce our way through a few of the b(r)e(a)st anime has to offer!



Enigma is a character from a bad anime so the only thing I cared about in the show was her plot. I know Musaigen no Phantom World has another busty character with an infamous scene, but Mai has one of the worst fashion sense I’ve seen for any anime character, haha. Okay, since I don’t care about the anime or any of the characters why is she on this list? Because I find her to be sexy af. Hey, this list is for developed characters, but not in the writing sense mind you. Enigma is a phantom who can take over a human’s body and mind. She has the ability to steal powers from others by kissing them because anime I guess. There’s literally not much else when it comes to this character. Everyone in the anime is boring, but from a looks standpoint, Enigma is the best. I’m such a weeb for saying this, but I’ll say it again, she’s sexy af. As much as I found the constant fan service awkward in the show, I can’t deny when it’s good, it’s good.

Dang it…



Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Box was a fun anime and manga series. I enjoyed laughing at the silliness it produced (and the erections I got from Medaka’s scenes). Medaka’s amazing rack was probably one of the selling points, but I always like to bring up Medaka when it comes to attractive anime women discussion anyway. Medaka is a beautiful force to be reckoned with. She is super strong and a carefree character with a very positive attitude. Her physical strength is also what makes her such an attractive woman in anime, simply because she can strike others down not only with her breathtakingly beautiful looks, but with her extremely powerful attacks. Whatever the occasion, Medaka stands out in her own way whilst giving off a strong aura of confidence.

Even though Senjougahara will always be the waifu, Medaka is a strong second. The element of confidence tied in with her large breasts is what makes her such a beautiful and bold character. She is not one to be messed with, as she can put a stop to anyone who angers her. Her loving and complaisant nature is another reason she made the list. A quick note, I noticed Medaka and Senjougahara are both characters created by Nishio. I’m starting to get the feeling I’m highly attracted to his imagination or something. *Puts head down in shame*



Rias Gremory

Rias is a character that really bounces around a lot and I’m not not just referring to her huge bust. Seriously, she’s all over the screen. High School DxD had some very stunning scenes, and they were TITillating and ASSome (hee hee, I’ll stop). A good chunk of my enjoyment was because of Rias to be honest. I know there are other women in the series, but Rias caught my attention the most. She demonstrates her abilities all throughout the series and intentionally and unintentionally shakes what her mama gave her.

She is also a very loving and caring character, as you would see throughout most of the anime. She has explosive power in the palm of her hands and in her boobs. She’s a wonderful leader as other characters are willing to listen to her and follow her orders. Pair her personality with her two assets and she has more asset to her assets.




Well this is one way to introduce a character. This picture basically encapsulates the first encounter of Leone. When the protagonist goes to the city in order to make some money for his village, this is one of the first things he sees. It truly is a sight for sore eyes. There are those that ooze charm, and Leone oozes sex appeal and being attractive. The great thing about Leone is she likes shoving her breasts in the protagonist’s face. It did make me wonder though, how in the world did he NOT want to hookup with her? She even explicitly stated she’s down with being in a relationship with the protagonist so what’s the problem? I swear, sometimes I feel I should be an anime protagonist because out of all the characters on this list (and in Akame ga Kill!), she’s the one I want to date and have sex with the most. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Besides her big breasts, she has a beautiful smile, back dimples and a fat ass to boot. Neat!

I think what makes Leone’s bust stand out more is not just how big they are, but how they sync well with her tube top which helps accentuate them. Leone is on the tall side, thick, with smooth facial features that really bring everything together in one sexy package. Not only that, but she is extremely clever which only makes her that much more alluring to the eye.




*In Jimmy voice* Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Yeah, I’m not gonna front, I always wanted to say that. From a written perspective, Esdeath-sama is arguably the most interesting character in Akame ga Kill!. When you look at Esdeath-sama, you see an extremely beautiful and battle loving character who just enjoys every minute of fighting. However, Esdeath-sama is as cruel and sadistic as she is good looking. She enjoys putting her enemies through great pain, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Her evil character is fun to watch though, as you are easily attracted to her by her glow of excitement when she’s on the battlefield. For most men, it’s their dream to have a woman who is solely devoted to him, and in the woman’s case it’s their dream to give everything to the one they love. Esdeath-sama falls in love and becomes obsessed with the protagonist despite the fact he has the personality of a clogged toilet.

She is an independent woman, who is kind to her subordinates and the ones she trust. She doesn’t back down from a challenge, and when confronted with a problem she deals with it with class and strength. This is why Esdeath-sama rides off into the distance on my list of big-breasted anime women.



Tsukiumi is probably one of the most prettiest anime women when it comes to any harem anime. I think she has the biggest chest in the show, but I could be wrong since most of the women in Sekirei have big boobs. You can probably tell just by looking at her, but Tsukiumi has a tsundere personality and because of this, has a short temper. She doesn’t like to be touched by anyone except the person she’s in love with. If that’s you then she’ll have no qualms taking your hands and having you fondle her breasts.

She has a sense of pride (think Vegeta) and it’s her most distinct trait. There are times she will partake in foolishness knowing full well what she’s getting herself into because her pride won’t let her back down. Strong and prideful anime women are great too!



And that’s my list! I think I covered a cast of some characters who truly show off their assets in a huge way. I know, I didn’t list a number of characters, but this is not my usually top five or ten list. Heck, these kind of lists can go on forever if I tried. Did I miss your waifu’s giant levitating chesticles? You can always sound off in the comments below. Until next time, have a nice day!