Starchaser’s 1K Project

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I briefly touched on this when I was talking about my New Year’s Resolutions, but I’d like to use this post to go into further detail. This is one of two of my lifelong goals (I’ll talk about the other one in my next post), and while there isn’t a timeline for either, I hope I can have this one accomplished by the time I’m in my early 40’s. 20 years should be ample time to get this done. And even when I do accomplish this, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop, I’m going to keep going until I can’t anymore!

So what is the “1K Project“? The 1K Project is where I want to create and release at least 1,000 creative outputs. 1,000 writings, 1,000 songs, 1,000 art pieces, and 1,000 videos. The key word was “and” because I didn’t use “or”. Of course, releasing a combined number of 1,000 creative works would be wonderful, but I would prefer if each of my pursuits had at least 1,000 each so that way I will have made a lifetime’s worth of work. My writing has greatly improved over the years, but it’s my drawing, music production and video making I need to spend more time on since those three are lacking.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “quality over quantity”, isn’t quality supposed to be more important than quantity? I think some people have the wrong idea that having a higher output will somehow reduce the quality of the ideas you create. However, I think some of my creative influences such as 2Pac, Charles Hamilton and Lil B prove this wrong. They all have released so many songs and because of this, their respective discographies dwarfs most of their contemporaries. Yes, some of their songs are better than the others they’ve made, but it’s thanks to the fact they were spending so much time with making music the quality naturally polished and improved.

One of the best ways I can reach my goal is to manage my time, organize what I need to do every day, and focusing my attention and energy. Since I’m still relatively new to drawing and making music, my only goal for them is to boost my creative output. I do plan on vlogging, but I will start that when I graduate because the time I use to study for dumb classes can be used for making videos (haha, graduation is going to be a wonderful moment for me for a number of reasons). This often means making junk until I train myself to do a better job. It’s only natural. When I first start something, it’s not like I’m going to be a master by the end of the day. Consistent practice is the best way to hone my skills.

Despite the difficulties that come with my goal, I think working hard to boost my creative output will be worth it in the end. A higher creative output means better quality work and more work accomplished.


RIP Craig Mack

Death is never a Mario Party. And the game of life has lost another member of its community. Craig Mack, one of the artists who laid the groundwork for Bad Boy Records is dead. I’ve learned about his death today and from reports I’ve read, he died of heart failure. Craig Mack is probably best known for his catchy hit “Flava in Ya Ear“. That was my favorite song for the longest time. For me, it was a tradition to play it on the last day of school from elementary school all the way to my freshman year in high school.

RIP, Craig Mack and thanks for the music.

My Brother’s Sophomore Album

“Here’s a collection of songs for y’all to simp to. If you just went through a bad break up, I got you. If you just got curved by the girl of your dreams, I got you. If you are in a happy relationship, I can’t relate. Lol, you should still listen to this tape anyway though. The production is really pretty.” -@IAmMannyBravo

Of course, being the brother that I am, I am going to use my own blog as a platform to promote it. It was released on Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of background behind the whole album which I won’t be getting into. For me, the highlight is definitely It Be Like That Vol. 2. Ever since I attended university, I’ve only had casual dating/relationships, and a one night stand, but that song made me feel like I’ve broken up with my girlfriend whom I’ve been with for years and I have to go drink to numb myself and feel less heavy in my heart.

Anyway, check out my brother’s album ’cause it’s great!

The 13 Best Songs to Make Love to (According to Starchaser)

Note: For the record, I never did it while listening to music ’cause I’d rather save that for the love of my life, so don’t take this post too seriously (I will admit I would have all these songs on my playlist). You’re probably not like me in that regard though.


Hi there, reader. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume your sex playlist is boring and repetitive and you want something to spice things up, or maybe you’re wondering what I have on my own playlist whenever I consummate. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Like R. Kelly once said, “I see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind”. Can you believe there are people who think playing music whilst doing the nasty is strange? I concur, it is if you play something dumb or inappropriate. There’s music about sex and music you can play during sex. The songs I have in mind aren’t necessarily songs about the act of love (though many of them are pretty explicit and detailed). Rather, they’re songs you can do it to. Here are 13 sensual songs you can use to heighten the experience of your next amorous encounter.


Nobody Else but You

You’re probably laughing right now if you know where the above song is from, but hear me out. There are songs that make you want it immediately, this is not one of them. However, there’s something interesting to be said about songs that aren’t immediately thought of as ones you’d have sex to (especially if it’s from a Disney movie). What makes this song unique though is that the lyrics indicate this is song for make up sex. Even the title is perfect for the moment “Nobody Else but You“. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy having sex to this song has no soul.


Sex with Me

This is definitely the song you should have sex to. Right now!


Funky Ride

This was one song I remember playing during my lucid sex dream with Senjougahara. In other words, this song is very important. I love this song so much because it can be used for literally anything: driving with the windows down during an overcast (friggin’ glorious), smoking, meditating, relaxing, sleeping, slow dancing, and of course, having sex to. I know there are people who owe their birth to this song.


Nice & Slow

Before Usher made corny songs like “OMG” he made classic panty droppers like this.


You Remind Me of Something

R. Kelly is a pervert, and not the good kind either (like me). But there’s no way I’ll be taking songs like this off my playlist, lol.


Ratha Be Ya Nigga

2Pac made a multitude of songs for women, some of them encouraging and others sexy. This is definitely the latter. And good gosh, the beat bangs (no pun intended)!


Little Red Corvette

Out of respect for Prince, I won’t put a link to any of his songs even if they are on YouTube. Honestly, you could have sex to a lot of Prince songs and probably the songs he’s written for others too.


It’s Gonna Be Lonely

Another Prince song (see, what did I tell you?). It may not be the sexiest song, but there can’t be a more fun song to do it to than this. The smooth guitar with Prince’s beautiful high-pitched singing is guaranteed to illicit smiles (and more).


Dirty Mind

Okay, last Prince song on this list. “It doesn’t matter where we are/Doesn’t matter who’s around/Doesn’t matter, I just want to lay you down”. It’s direct and gets to the point.


Get You Wet

Plies is the epitome of ratchet and if ratchet sex had a song it would be this. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing because in this song, Plies is determined in making the lady in question reach her climax. I can’t believe I used to listen to this regularly back in middle school. For a while, I used to think Pleasure P sang “I want to put it in yo’ butt”, *face palms*


Grind on Me

“Step one: ya kissing on me. Step two: girl I’m caressing your body. Step three: now I’m licking off the whip cream. Step four: and ooooh you grinding on me”. I’ve dirty danced to this song so many times.


Rock the Boat

I miss Aaliyah. When I was younger I remember singing along with the lyrics, but I never knew what “rock the boat” or “work the middle” meant. I just assumed she was talking about an actual boat. Nowadays, I know better and when a woman tells you how to rock her boat, you better listen.


Sexual Eruption 

I mean, why not? lol.



And that’s my list! Of course there are more songs you can get it on to, but I’d say this is a good start to get anyone started.

Hip Hop Just Turned 30: The 25 Best Charles Hamilton Songs


Happy birthday, Mr. Hamilton! Your music has kept me going since 2008. I laughed, I cried, and I heard something that changed my life. I can’t even imagine my mental state or if I’d still be alive if I never listened to you, you’ve gotten me through so much and your music has always been there for me. Honestly, it’s hard to condense a lifetime’s worth of catalog into 25 songs. Charles Hamilton showed there isn’t a limit to what can be said in music. He virtually touched on every subject from drug use, Sonic the Hedgehog, music braggadocio, suicide, injustice, death, ex-girlfriends… if it was worth writing a song about, Charles did. I tried to include familiar tracks whilst adding some of my personal favorites. This is the definitive list of The 25 Best Charles Hamilton Songs. Listed in no particular order because I am bad with numbers. Thank you for everything, Charles Hamilton!


Brooklyn Girls

“Only I can get away with something like this!”. Hm, indeed. Perhaps the most recognizable Charles Hamilton track of all time. “Brooklyn Girls” possessed everything you’d expect in a commercial hit: catchy hook, euphonious beat, smooth flow and affable lyrics. Those pink Dre Beats in the video are friggin’ fire!


Bruce Almighty (Moon Outta the Sky)

Another Charles Hamilton masterpiece. I respect the hell out of the samples (he sampled one of my favorite childhood movies). Pure intelligent emotion and music like this is the reason CH evokes such inspiration for StarCHasers. I will admit, I teared up when he starts singing. You can tell this man put his heart and soul into this song.


Wrist Music

This song holds high sentimental value for me because I got my semicolon tattoo on my wrist whilst listening to this song on repeat. What starts out as a heartfelt and brooding song about depression, self-loathing and self-harm is sprinkled with glimmers of hope with lines such as “the scum of the Earth have a gooey glow” and “I’m the man now, on some Mega shit/Niggas always wanna bite, on some Tera shit/But they walk away broke on some beggar shit/I walk away with hope, on some better shit”.


Lacey Duvalle

…………All I’m going to say about this song is God bless anyone who knew who Lacey Duvalle was before Charles Hamilton made a song about her, lol.


Writing in the Sky (Bonus)

This album closer was where according to Charles himself, he “found out God was a woman”. But for me, this was the song where I started to think “Maybe… life is alright and… everything will be okay” back in early 2009. The drums and sample are amazing, even my mom loves hearing this song as we sing along whenever we hear it in the car (I’m pretty sure she’s heard the sample).


Most Likely to Succeed 

I’m convinced there isn’t anything Charles can’t sample and make it great. The last verse is godly. This song is a perfect example of CH’s unique production skills and lyricism.


The Bermuda Triangle

Charles Hamilton freely admitted many times that J Dilla is a huge influence on his work as a producer. All the songs on the tribute project And Then They Played Dilla are great, and this is the highlight and standout moment for me. CH trades bars with SHow TuFli and Yung Nate and the upshot is pure perfection. It definitely seemed like they all had fun whilst recording their verses.


New York Raining

I don’t think there is anyone who does love songs better than Charles. This was the first single with his new record label, Republic Records and was featured on the Fox TV show Empire. I’ll always root for my favorite rapper so it felt unreal for something like this to come out when it did. I’m glad he’s in a better place not only with his career, but his life.


New Girlfriend Music

This tender love song makes me feel like I’m in love and the funny thing is I’m not in a long-term relationship and have no intention to be when I’m attending university, lol. Charles Hamilton’s flow here is like kinder chocolate and makes sense considering the sweet topic he’s rapping/singing about. I know he’s no Freddie Mercury, but Charles Hamilton’s singing has always been easy on the ears.


Cable in the Classroom

If I were to have a son, his middle name would be Charles. And if I had to pick a verse to represent rap as a whole, it would be the second verse on this track. “Cable in the Classroom” is probably, lyrically, the best rapping anyone’s ever done. There’s a lot of layers, references and clever wordplay that can go over your head if you’re just breezing through, but I think with this song CH is someone you’d give your full, undivided attention to.



“A good night’s sleep is all I care about”. That line always stood out to me for some reason. CH puts his heart out and raps about police violence and I absolutely love the hook.


Choices (A Wave for Alex)

For all my money, this is the best Charles Hamilton song. The whole backstory to this song makes it even more heartbreaking. This beautiful song serves as a reminder how precious and short life is and how even the simplest of choices can have a big effect on us.



Cocky Charles Hamilton is best Charles Hamilton. He has the music abilities to be exactly that though so it’s all good. A lot of notable and quotable lines in this song like the first few lines and he eventually comes in with one of the most inspirational choruses I can think of. “I once was a loser/Now I’m older still the same loser/That’s why I look so different to ya/You see the past I see the future”.


November 10th

A good song, but let’s be honest here, the video is quite silly. And no, it’s not because this video conveys his Sonic obsession (I have a Tails tattoo myself), but because of the faces he makes throughout it. Musically, CH glides over an upbeat instrumental that samples a familiar Sonic stage. This was probably his second biggest hit mostly because it was accompanied by the above video. Seriously, why doesn’t he make more music videos?


Enter the Hedgehog

Speaking of Sonic, his whole Sonic the Hamilton project was filled with samples from the series. For anyone who wants at least to understand a part of Charles’ worldview most people would point you to The Pink Lavalamp, but if you were to ask me I’ll point you to Sonic the Hamilton. The first track is this one where he raps and melancholically sings over a Sonic ’06 instrumental. “My only competition is time. In my mind time is a crime I’m being punished for all the time”. Gotdamn, talk about brilliant. I remember taking my first LSD trip while listening to this and I finally understood what it meant to be “in the zone”. I listen to this song on a daily basis.


Friendly Reminder/Mop-N-Glo

“But I visited a Genesis via an Exodus”. I’m embarrassed to admit it took me awhile for me to get that line. These type of projects of his are really great because he usually only samples the artist and the artist in question on At Most I’m Just… is his favorite band Incubus. The way he samples is incredible because I initially couldn’t even tell he used an Incubus beat.



Meditation type of music. An ode to his (and mine) favorite color, pink. I’m not sure if he made this a calming song on purpose since pink is considered to have a calming effect.


I’ll Be Around (Outro) 

Because I have a family I love and friends I adore, these type of songs are the ones I love the most. “People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em”, but that quote doesn’t apply here. He puts everything out there and lets the people in his life know how much he cares about them. Society tells us men aren’t supposed to cry, but CH gets emotional here because those who left a positive impression on him are more important than what society thinks. I only make beats, but if I ever put my vocals on any of my songs, I’d like to make a song like this for my family and friends.



Anyone reading this, will now have a better idea how I got my username and alias. When I first heard this song my reaction went from 😕 to :l to 🙂 to 😀


Ambitions of Musicians

I remember when people would rap over the “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” beat, but Charles did it best!


Every Now And Then

This is SUCH a feel good song and a half. 🙂


The One I Need

Charles isn’t just a rapper and song writer, he’s also a music producer. Sometimes, songs don’t need vocals in order to be a dulcet tune. This is easily my favorite beat he’s made so far and made me want to start producing.



Before Drake (who sucks, sorry, Charles ’cause he does) rapped about ex-girlfriends, CH did it first and better. Here, he flips a Kanye West track and proceeds to tell a tale about a woman who he has been mentioned a number of times before in his songs.



There was a time when Charles was madly in love with Rihanna. It’s kind of funny ’cause I can relate to being infatuated with someone more famous than myself (Nicki Minaj). The Well Isn’t This Awkward project was all kinds of ambitious and amazing. Despite the title, he samples Fleetwood Mac’s “Rihannon” and not a Rihanna song. This is the type of love song I’d like to make for my special someone. *Sigh*


Nah Dead Ass

Compared to all the other tracks on my list, Charles is pretty tame here. This song feels more like he’s having a conversation with the listener than anything else. It may not bump as hard as the others tracks on this list, but I believe it aged well and is one of those hidden (and underrated) gems in his discography. “I will give you my all, as long as my all is more than enough for you”. Those lines had me crying because that’s what I want to be able to do for everyone in my life right now and forever.



And that’s my list! Yeah, yeah, I already know. Anyone who’s a fan of Charles Hamilton isn’t going to agree with everything on this list because certain fan favorites will be left out. Like I said at the beginning, it’s quite difficult to make a list of the best songs he’s produced when he has over ?k+ songs in circulation. I actually like how my list turned out though. If you must know, my favorite Charles Hamilton song is the one where he raps. Music is the only love!

Life Lessons I Learned from Prince

I really do love and miss Prince with every fibre of my being. It was always my dream to take my mom to see Prince live (VIP package, of course), but now it will be the only dream I will never be able to fulfill. I knew one day I would be able to have the money to take her, but it’s impossible now that Prince is dead. I know it’s been over a year since he died, but it doesn’t take the sting out of living in a Princeless world. I still remember my brother breaking the news to me on the day he died. At first I started choking up, then I got teary-eyed and it got to the point my words were incomprehensible to my brother since I burst into tears and started wailing. The last time a death was able to get such a strong emotional response out of me was when my grandma died.

It’s safe to say Prince was a musical genius and the master of amazing. He was a beautiful person inside and out. He oozed charm and sexiness. I loved him no questions asked, but what really made Prince an icon was that no matter what people thought of him, he never changed who he was to fit in because he knew he was made to stand out. While his lifetime’s worth of music is what propelled him to super-stardom, what I appreciated the most about Prince was his ardor to live life with passion and a purpose. He’s someone who’s an inspiration for certain facets of my life from the way I dress to my progress as a creative force. In many ways, I am grateful for his existence and grateful I was able to live in the same time frame as the greatest musical artist to have ever lived. Here are some lessons his life and music have taught me.

Be yourself

“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people” ― Prince

Prince made sure he nor his music could never be boxed into one genre or category. He let his music speak for him and wore what he wanted without caring about how it came across. He wore flashy clothing, high heels (seriously, what other man can rock high heels!!?), and eye liner because that’s what he wanted to do. If nothing else, it was hard to ignore him. For a number of men, they wouldn’t dare wear what Prince did for the fear their sexuality would be called into question. The funny thing is Prince got more vagina than those kind of insecure guys ever could. He was progressive during his life and was the definition of daring. He showed me it’s perfectly okay to go against the norm and be unapologetic all throughout.


A strong spirit transcends rules

Prince thought we should all strive to be different, to be more than what society says we should be. The things that make you different are what make you awesome and interesting. On paper, Prince’s qualities wouldn’t be what comes to one’s mind when the topic of masculinity is brought up, but when I think of what a manly man is, Prince is one of two (the other being The Rock) who instantly come to my mind. It didn’t really make sense for him to become a sex symbol, but he did become one. Warner Bros. Records didn’t want “Kiss” to be released as a single, but it became his third number-one US hit and won a Grammy award. His music crossed lines and blurred them, he was the epitome of someone who let his art speak for him. He taught me in my life and creative endeavors, the more genuine and honest I am, the more people can and will relate.


If you want something, you better pursue it wholeheartedly

Prince didn’t become a multi-instrumentalist or release thirty-nine albums overnight. He knew what he wanted to do and went after it. I realize if I’m serious about my craft, I better get to work every day.


Don’t let the naysayers and haters get you down

giphy (10).gif

“There’s nothing a critic can tell me that I can learn from. If they were musicians, maybe. But I hate reading about what some guy sitting at a desk thinks about me. You know, ‘He’s back, and he’s black,’ or ‘He’s back, and he’s bad.’ Whew! Now, on [1990 film/soundtrack album] Graffiti Bridge, they’re saying I’m back and more traditional. Well, ‘Thieves in the Temple’ and ‘Tick, Tick, Bang’ don’t sound like nothing I’ve ever done before.” ― Prince

He’s absolutely right. His words remind me of another quote I love by Denzel Washington, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t talk about those who can”. Those guys sitting at their desks have it easy, there are people that sit on the sidelines waiting to jeer at you when you fail because they’re too scared to pursue their own dreams. I always tell these kind of people that just because you suck don’t fault the next person for trying. Anyone who’s tried anything knows how hard it is to try. It takes courage to perform, try new things, and putting yourself out there in the spotlight for everyone to see which Prince did. Prince ignored the naysayers because those weren’t the kind of people who wanted to see him improve or grow. I ignore and expunge the people who question my abilities, goals and dreams all because they’re paralyzed by fear and can’t pull themselves up. I have nothing to gain from them, so I don’t waste my time or thoughts on them.


Purple is a beautiful color

Currently if you were to Google “purple is a” one of the autosuggestions read “a gay color”. There are even questions on various Q&A websites where users ask something like “Does wearing purple make a man look gay?” By the way, the answer is “yes” if you’re a stupid person. Prince made me want to add the color to my wardrobe and when I think about the fact purple is one of the colors of the asexual pride flag and the hair color of my waifu it gives it more sentimental meaning for me.


Life is a party and parties weren’t meant to last

As I am writing this post and embracing this moment in my life, I couldn’t agree more with his lyrics. Prince understood very well that life is ephemeral and it was important to treat it as a party. No, not one of those parties where you get wasted and don’t remember what happened when you wake up the next morning. What are parties usually for? To celebrate something. I’ve learned to take life one day at a time, just being able to wake up in the morning is a victory. I make sure to celebrate the everyday, enjoy the simple things, be thankful I have family and friends, live in the moments, and take in the present because tomorrow is never promised.


And those are some important lessons I learned from Prince. The man who inspired an entire generation, the man who inspired me. He will live on through his music and the positive impact he’s had on his fans. The world lost a musician, composer, innovator, talent and icon. RIP Prince, and thank you.