That’s Life!

I had two eye-opening conversations recently, one with my sister and the other with my brother. I told my sister what my childhood dream was: to make the world a better place. I’m 23 now and honestly, despite everything I’ve been through (good and bad), my dream has not changed. The only thing I added to it is “for my niece to live in”. When my niece was born, I was truly happy, but at the same time I started to consider my own mortality. “How much longer do I have to live?”. Before my niece was born, I would’ve been content dying any time, not because I was suicidal, but because I felt I lived a wonderful life. Now, I at least would like to live another 18 years. Why 18? Because I’ll be able to see my niece grow up. It’s something my grandma was never able to do with her grandchildren. Also, I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish everything I want and need to in that amount of time. Of course, I’d like to live for as long as possible, but 41 is the minimum.

I am happy, I cannot stress that enough. When I look in the mirror, I am pleased with what I see. A number of people deep down can’t say the same thing, so it makes me more appreciative I can. At the same time though, I’ve been sad as well. I talk to my best friend every day and I’m glad I have family and friends I love and who love me. But sometimes I think about things such my favorite teacher who’s dead, and the fact I wanted to take my mom to a Prince concert. My brother’s album title says it all, “We Gon’ Die Anyway“, but mayne it doesn’t make it easier when people who left a great impact on my life aren’t with us anymore. I had to learn it the hard way when my grandma died… Life’s too short to be waking up angry, holding grudges, and being bitter. I do my best to make sure the people in my life know I love, appreciate and care about them. Whenever I get the chance to make someone happy, cheer them up… I’ll never pass it up. It’s very fulfilling. I’m totally aware my actions do have an effect on those around me. If I want to be a positive force in the universe, I need to fill it with as much positivity as I can. I hope my niece will understand what I’m trying to accomplish.

My brother told me what his mindset was regarding people in general… He wishes nothing but the best for everyone and hope they find happiness in their lives.

This brings me to something I’d like to say to you, the reader and my followers. To me, life is a gift. We only get one shot at it. This is your life, no one else’s. At the end of the day, it is you who has to be happy with the choices you make, food you eat, things you do, and the goals and dreams you are pursuing right now. Do not let the thoughts, opinions and judgments of others stop you from doing what you feel and know in your heart is right for YOU! Do what gives you inner peace. Eat the food that makes you feel good. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved, who make you laugh, who support you, who sincerely bring you joy. Go after what you want, and not because your parents or society told you, but because you truly want to!


Tomorrow Is the Day & I’ve Been Slacking

Tomorrow is the day I go back on campus. If everything goes well and I’m able to get the classes I need for the following semesters, this time exactly next year will be my last semester as a collegian. I’m going to miss spending time with my family, of course (especially my niece). If only they could all live in the same city as me then I wouldn’t even need to pay for housing or food y’know? This semester looks to be filled with interesting classes so I’m hoping I will be a smarter version of myself by the time the semester ends than when it began. I hope to develop cordial relationships with my professors and any financial burdens that may arise be resolved in a timely manner.

On another note, I noticed I haven’t posted anything regarding my play “Love Conquers All Sins” since February. That’s pretty damn pitiful and I honestly have no excuse. I will definitely make sure I spend time daily to write once tomorrow starts. Since I like daydreaming a lot, I actually have all the character designs finished in my head. Now all I need to do is draw them, but I’m still practicing. My blog will be the first place I post them (after sharing them with my brother and sister).


Here are the things I hope to accomplish by the time the year ends…

  • Finish and post 4 scenes of my story/play
  • Get all A’s in my classes (I’ll accept one B)
  • Buy a birthday present for my mom
  • Complete 4 art pieces
  • Start applying to become an Anatomy and Physiology tutor
  • See Kid Cudi live with my mom and brother
  • Go to WasabiCon
  • Become an early riser (consistently wake up at ~5:00 AM)
  • Write more poetry


A lot of stuff has been on my mind lately. Recently, I’ve been really happy and really sad at the same time. Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Until next time!

Interviewing My Best Friend



Here’s something really special for my readers. In normal conversations, we “interview” people we know and meet all the time when we ask them questions. Casually saying hello to someone is different than sitting down with them with a goal in mind. Making this blog more personal is what I decided and I wanted to capitalize on it. What better way than to interview someone I’ve known and been close to for over a decade? Even though I know my best friend and the future godfather to my (possible) children I did write some questions ahead of time. I may have heard about some of the things mentioned before when he was town, but it’s different getting him to retell it. With this, I was trying to capture his story, in his own words, in an exciting and detailed way. I’m happy to say we were able to do exactly that.


Me: Well, let’s get this interview on the road! First, I’d like to thank you for accepting my offer. There’s going to be people reading this so please introduce yourself!

Tye: No problem, bruh. You know it’s nothing.

Tye: I’m Hunter Dandridge V. I am a senior at Keimyung University located in Republic of Korea. I study international relations and I’m 22 years old, single, and living life up to the fullest. I lived in South Korea for 7 years and in Germany for 7 years. That’s where I met my best friend Andrei! I was in middle school at that time. My life is has been an adventure!

Me: Haha, meeting you at summer camp is definitely my favorite childhood memory! Good to see you’re doing well. It must be exciting that this is your last year at university, but before I query about your education I’d like to talk a bit about the places you lived. I remember you moved to South Korea during our freshman year, what was that like? What would you say was the biggest change for you?

Tye: The biggest change was the food and culture! Koreans are so xenophobic! The food smells bad but you get used to it. Old people will push you out the way and will give you dirty looks if you are with a Korean girl, especially if you are black.

Me: So you initially didn’t like living in South Korea? I’ve read it’s unlikely to encounter problems, but the odds go up if you’re black, male and with a Korean woman. You lived there for so long though, has the xenophobia abated or is it still as prevalent as it was when you first arrived?

Tye: Yeah I didn’t like it initially. And in some places it’s okay but in most of the country they are extremely ignorant. They also are racist to Chinese people and Japanese people. They are usually very proud about their country and are proud about their influence in the world (Korean wave). Actually, it’s not that big of a deal. They are usually out shined by China and Japan. Kind of a sad story but you can understand why they act the way they do to foreigners if you understand Korean history. They seem to always be a victim and even now as we speak it could be argued that they are a prime example of USA neocolonialism. The overall sentiment of the United States is positive. They really praise Caucasian or western features such the eyes and nose. So much so that they have the biggest plastic surgery industry in Asia and I think.. The world. So as you can see the culture and their attitudes are hypocritical they push and pull foreigners with the same hand. (One for globalization the other for prestige) and push because their ignorant and strong nationalist ideology.

Me: That sure is a lot to take in and pretty informative. From an outsider’s point of view South Korea seems like such an awesome place, but no group of people are perfect. I’d like talk more about your school years. How was high school (especially your freshman year)? Did you meet anyone at your school that helped you get used to being in a different country?

Tye: I had a girlfriend.. Good learning experience lol

Me: Lol, I remember her! Speaking of girlfriends, you did mention you were single. Do you hope to get married one day? What do you look for in a relationship?

Tye: …no I don’t want to get married monogamy is a rare commodity.

Tye: I look for loyalty, trust, understanding, things that don’t exist anymore lol.

Me: I see. Have you met a woman who has close to having all of those qualities?

Tye: I thought. She ended up cheating on me too many times…

Me: Awh damn. Cheaters are scum. Marriage is something to think about in the future, but what about now? Are you currently looking to be in a relationship or are you more into casual dating?

Tye: Hmmmm, casual dating. I don’t want anything serious. If there is a woman who can change my mind.. I’m waiting. And it will take a lot of convincing lol

Me: Best of wishes to you in that endeavor. Whenever you find the one make sure to invite me to the wedding!

Tye: Of course it doesn’t need to be said lol

Me: By the way, what are your thoughts on kids? Do you want to have any?

Tye: .. Maybe, when all the crazy left my body. That would be my final crazy action lmao.

Me: Omd, lmao. Well, don’t worry. Even if you don’t have kids there’s a possibility you’ll have godchildren so you have that to look forward to

Tye: Yeah I forgot to tell you… My other friend has a child and I am a godfather. His name is Raymond jr. Half black and Filipino lol.

Me: Awh! Congratulations!

Me: What’s it like in the day of the life for Tye? Do you have a routine?

Tye: If I don’t go to the gym in the morning I go to the gym at 11pm. I always have to go to the gym.

Me: Are you playing any sports or is it just for physical fitness?

Tye: I practice jujitsu and play basketball and I model.

Me: Noice, how did you get into jujitsu and modeling?

Tye: My friend asked me to join and I really liked it so I stayed and been doing It for two years. And modeling agency scout noticed me while I was visiting Seoul while I was coming out of a Nike store

Me: Teaching English, playing basketball, jujitsu, modeling and university… life must be very eventful! By the way, how does modeling work? Is it demanding or is it more fun for you?

Tye: More like a mini get away.. Lol, I do photo shoots on Saturdays in Seoul which is like 4 hours away so the agency pays for my transportation and everything.

Me: You appear in magazines and do walkways and things like that?

Tye: Yeah, this week is the Seoul fashion week.

Me: Have a good time! What do you plan on doing once you graduate?

Tye: I plan to work for the U.S. Government

Me: CIA? Criminal investigator? Attorney? You’re a talented guy so there’s a number of choices, but what do you want to do specifically? Lol

Tye: I want to be an ambassador. Foreign relations officer.

Me: I know you’ll succeed. Do your best! What sparked your interest in working for the government?

Tye: My father and growing up international around the military.

Me: What would you say is the happiest moment in your life so far?

Tye: Happiest.. I don’t know, I have a lot and they are all equally satisfying. Anytime I’m with all my friends lol

Me: I guess your life wouldn’t be an adventure if you didn’t have a lot of happy moments.

Me: Do you have any closing words and/or advice or anything you’d like to say to the readers before ending this interview?

Tye: Yes, life is what you make of it and whatever you do today will affect you tomorrow.


P.S. Thank you so much, Tye for taking the time to do this. Thank you for being my best friend for over 15 years now. Thank you for being one of the many blessings in my life. I am so happy to have a best friend like you in my life. I love you!

The Story of When I Told a Stranger She Was Beautiful

I remember when I did that. I walked up to a random beautiful woman and told her how beautiful she was, but I ended up in the hospital. Her boyfriend didn’t like what I did very much.

Okay that never happened, at least the part where I went to the hospital. It was a fantasy of mine I never fulfilled yet because I didn’t know the consequences. Sometimes when I was at my school I would see some girls that are so pretty and take my breath away. I finally was able to fulfill this fantasy of mine a month before I graduated two years ago. It’s obvious why I still remember this moment, it’s not every day that I tell a stranger she’s beautiful.

The story began at the end of lunch time. After my brother, friends and I ate our lunch we would usually go on the second floor of the school where we would continue our conversations and do crazy things like the cinnamon challenge or attempt to imitate Booker T’s Spin-A-Roonie. I was a library aid for my second semester and the library was downstairs. I would arrive a few minutes early to see if my teacher wanted me to do any tasks. After I said my see you laters to my brother and Carlito, I went down the stairwell and that’s when I saw a beautiful woman walk up the stairwell. That’s when it clicked in my head that I would tell her that she’s beautiful. I did sincerely feel that way and it was now or never.

I got her attention the same way I would with anyone, I said “Excuse me”. She turned around and had this shocked “What the hell” look on her face. That’s when I realized that this could result in a bad situation, but I had her attention so I followed through and told her, “I just wanted to say that you’re really beautiful”. She said, “Oh thank you” and smiled. I said “I hope you have a nice day” and she responded “You too”. That’s when we parted ways and I went to the library and she continued walking. My only concern was that I hoped I didn’t make her late for her class.

And that was the time I told a stranger she was beautiful. A stairwell is a weird and awkward place to be told you’re beautiful, especially from someone you don’t know. Honestly, I’m glad I told her she was beautiful. It went well and even if it didn’t, then at least I would have an interesting story to tell my friends. Would I tell another stranger she’s beautiful? Maybe, maybe not. I consider it to be a one time thing, but then again I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind.