Brave Fencer Musashi…

Does anyone remember this underrated gem of a video game? Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since Brave Fencer Musashi debuted on the PlayStation console in Japan. To celebrate, Square Enix released a 20th anniversary video. Sadly, the video doesn’t hint of a HD remaster or any new development for the franchise. It does show neat illustrations and feature catchy tunes from the OST.

Mayne, this was my favorite video game for the longest time until Super Mario Galaxy 2 came around. It’s one of the few video games I really want to speedrun and review on my vlog. This is definitely one of the most important games I’ve played in my lifetime and shaped my love for gaming in general. I actually have a copy of the case and game in my memory box, lol.


Failed My Final Exam

But still passed the physics class so I’m like…


Good Washu Almighty. Thanks, UCF for sucking the love of physics right out of me, and I have to do two semester of this crap!? I hope I won’t have to trudge through Physics II. Anyway, next semester is my last so let’s hurry the funk up! But before that, I’m going to make sure to enjoy spending time with my family and friends for the rest of the summer. So see you all in the next blog post!

Something I Wanted to Get off My Chest

Note: Random blog post incoming! *Makes noises airplanes make*


I’m sure I’ve been holding this one in for a bit, but having more conversations with my brother (goodness, I love that guy) has put the topic to the forefront of my brain. Here on my blog I mostly talk about anime and beautiful anime women, but that doesn’t mean those are the only topics I enjoy talking about, and I don’t shy away from the more contentious issues or hard questions on this planet that we face as a species. Okay, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely curious what I have to say, right? Of course you are! So what I have to say is typed below and it’s in bold for great emphasis…


There is no respectful, skillful or polite way to state views that marginalize people. 

Seriously, I’m an optimistic idealist so I REALLY wish I didn’t have to say this. I’m not sure why I have to either because I feel this should be obvious, but again, after having more conversations with my brother and anecdotal evidence on online forums this apparently is not the case.

What I mean by this is that there are some people who say things that were clearly pretty horrible, and then just expect me (and others) to sit there and take it, and not point out the ghastly nature of the value, view, concept or thing they espoused. Since it’s pride month, I’ll use LGBT rights as an example. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community. It’s been that way since I was a child. I have gay friends whom I love dearly and anyone who knows me, knows I think more highly of my friends than I do myself (and I tend to think highly of myself, thank you). So when someone says things such as “Homosexuals are flawed, have a mental disorder, it’s a choice, etc.” or “Marriage should be between a man and woman” we have a problem.

I’m usually a cordial, welcoming, and respectful person, and I’m perfectly fine with people having different tastes, thoughts and opinions, but when you’ve said that, then I cease to be peaceful and polite, no matter how “matter of factly” you state your view.

You just stated my friends are “less than”. That’s a no-go!

Saying, or communicating something rude, untrue, offensive or that dehumanizes another human being, no matter how little swearing or slurs you use, and no matter how advanced your vocabulary, is not respectful. No matter how much you may want to think it is. 

It’s even worse when the person says something around the lines of “Hey, let’s agree to disagree”. Yeah, no, let’s not. That is where I have to draw the line. The conversation comes to a close after I explain that it’s wrong to marginalize people. If a simple explanation is not enough for that person, then very few things (besides experiencing marginalization themselves) would convince them otherwise. I’m certainly not going to change their mind by continuing to talk to them.

“Gee, Starchaser. Why do you take this so personally?”. You might ask. Because real people are involved! Another thing I take issue with is when someone adheres to a shitty belief and says they just have a “different opinion”. No. We’re not talking about who would make the better waifu, Akame or Senjougahara (it’s Senjougahara, btw) here. We are talking about real things that happen in real life, that have real consequences for real people. 

On the flip side, being intentionally boorish and “speaking your mind” doesn’t make the horrible concepts you believe better either. Saying that one honestly believes in a terrible idea doesn’t change the nature of the idea.

I think I might say this as well, but this isn’t suggesting we should suppress freedom of speech or anything like that. Without freedom of speech, how would I or others know who the bigoted morons are? Say whatever the blue cheese you want. Speech away. What I am suggesting is we don’t pretend that something is polite when it clearly isn’t. I’m suggesting that we don’t reward, give props, or congratulate people for saying horrendous and/or incorrect things no matter how “well articulated” or “politically incorrect” they come across. Free speech should be protected, but not mistaken to mean “the freedom to not be called out on saying ridiculous broad generalizations online or offline“. Shoot, considering who the current president of the United States is, it has become increasingly more important to do so if you ask me.

The last thing I want to say is if someone isn’t convinced by simple logic that everyone deserves equal rights point, blank, and put a period on it, then they’re someone that I can’t really talk with. Because they have demonstrated they don’t respond to reason. They’re not someone I want to talk to or associate myself with. 

My 同人誌 Collection So Far

Howdy everyone!

Apparently classes don’t end until Friday. -___- But before I pull an all study day for my final exam tomorrow, I wanted to make a quick post on the doujinshi I own. As I’m sure most of you know, doujinshi is something I’ve particularly enjoyed this year and the number I own has accumulated quite a bit so I wanted to share what I have with you all.




To start things off, this is the 薄い本/usui hon or porn doujinshi I have. In other words, this is stuff I wouldn’t share with my niece, or my mom, or my dad, or anyone really. Now you’re probably judging me based on my questionable taste and material, but besides reading I don’t do anything with them. I swear! One of them is covered because they’re nude on the cover and you don’t need to see that.




These were pretty cool. These doujinshi are by someone who goes by the screename ながれぼし, which translates into “shooting star”. Besides having a nice name, the anime series this is based off of (Love Live and its spin-off Sunshine) take place in the same universe. I’m not really sure what Maki and Riko have in common besides being pianists (that’s always a fun word to say) and the main composer of their respective idol groups. In this doujinshi series, Maki is in her third (and final) year and during this time she meets and gets a “kohai” in the form of Riko. µ’s (the school idol group Maki was a part of) disbanded by this time. It seems as though she has went to the way she was beforehand, playing the piano as a refuge from the tough times of living the life her parents planned out for her. Maki and Riko form a friendly bond and as you can tell by the covers, it turns into something more as they get to know each other. I don’t think I can spoil you though ’cause it’s not likely you’ll be buying these if you don’t read Japanese, right?




If you didn’t know by now, I’m a shipper. I enjoy this ship, despite their limited social interactions. You have the energetic and positive You with her contagious catchphrase (ヨーソロー!) and the socially awkward, but bright Yoshiko Yohane. These ようよし doujinshi are done by different people. The top four are all done by the same person though. It’s harder to get doujinshi revolving around these two, but then again it’s not like they interacted with each other a lot compared to other characters in the anime so that’s probably why. I still like what the writers/illustrators did though, so I hope to see more in the future.




My OTP and I think I have all of them now. These doujishi are done by a talented woman by the name of 上林眞/Kanbayashi Makoto. She’s as good at writing as she is at drawing, in other words, she’s really, really good! The characterizations are amazing and the art looks just like Nozomi and Nico. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought this was a spin-off series or something. It started with a handshake and a willingness to help and moved to friendship to maybe something more. But how does one handle their feelings when it gradually grows stronger? How do you let them know? Should you let them know? Or perhaps your actions already said more than enough? …Anyway, I love this artist’s work. It makes my 心/kokoro all happy y’know.


Illustration books


And random illustration books ’cause why not? As the name implies, they’re doujnishi that simply have illustrations. These tend to be the thinnest/shortest for some reason. The art is wonderful to look at though so it’s great to see illustrators from Pixiv release something tangible.



And that’s my doujinshi stash so far! I’ll probably have more as time goes on and my Japanese reading skills get better. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day ahead. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry whilst studying for my final exam.

Quick Update

Hey everyone!


How’s everyone doing? I hope you’re all doing well. I noticed I haven’t been posting or partaking much on WordPress recently. I’ve just been having the time to post life lessons for my niece. I’ve mostly been (badly) studying for my Physics class. Thankfully classes end on the 22nd, so it won’t be long until I again have the free time to do the stuff I actually want to do. I can’t wait to see my niece again! And draw, and blog, and read this textbook on genetics.

June is Yeezy season. If I had any doubts (I didn’t) that Kanye West had it musically, his eighth album Ye and collaborative album Kids See Ghosts with fellow musical genius Kid Cudi dispelled them. For those that don’t know, Mr. West is one of my creative influences. Out of all the music artists I listen to, he’s the only one who’s never made an album I never liked. I think it’s safe to say that man is unstoppable. One of the biggest things I took from him in my own creative endeavors was to be passionate about what I do. If I can do that, then I can create anything. And if I love what I do and make, then that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Speaking of creative stuff, I have been listing ideas and topics for my vlog. I have wrote some things down already in my Blog vs. Vlog post, but this list I’ve been doing on my Google Docs is a bit more focused. I even have been daydreaming about some of the videos I want to make. Some of the posts I’ve made on here will be converted and presented in video format too. There isn’t any date on when the vlog will be up and running, but my first video will be embedded on here so you all will be the first to know (outside of YouTube, of course, lol). If you like my blog, I think you’ll like what my vlog will be about too. I’m sure some of you already know what I look like, but you’ve never heard my voice so yay, my voice will be heard! My goal is to become a quadruple threat in creativity: writing/blogging, vlogging, drawing and music producing. I think I’ve said it before, but it’s always nice to remind myself.

Oh yeah, my new, recent interest this summer has been anime art/illustration books. I’ve only bought two so far, but I really enjoy looking at the pictures and how other artists, whether it be the manga illustrator(s) or the anime staff interpret the characters of a show. Of course just looking at the pretty pictures isn’t the only reason I buy them, they’ll make for great references whenever I decide to do fanart of my own.

That’s all I have to say for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day ahead and I’ll leave you with a beautiful song and a pic of an equally beautiful anime woman.



Happy Pride Month!


For zee record, the letter A means lot to me. It’s the first letter to my name, my orientation and also stands for “ally”. I don’t know if there are many things in life I can say “should” about, but supporting the LGBT+ movement is definitely one of them. I’m a staunch supporter of human rights for everyone. There is no good reason to restrict things like marriage equality and acceptance of those with same sex (or both sex) attractions. People have lives, lives that matter. Bigotry and hate never served anyone’s interests.

I don’t really have much else to say, but I wish everyone a happy and safe pride month!

Physics Class


^It has me like… But seriously, I don’t find this inspiring one bit. I hope this class won’t sap the interest I have in this subject ’cause it took me some time before I liked math again. I just want it to be June already, that’s all I ask for lol.