Failed My Final Exam

But still passed the physics class so I’m like…


Good Washu Almighty. Thanks, UCF for sucking the love of physics right out of me, and I have to do two semester of this crap!? I hope I won’t have to trudge through Physics II. Anyway, next semester is my last so let’s hurry the funk up! But before that, I’m going to make sure to enjoy spending time with my family and friends for the rest of the summer. So see you all in the next blog post!


Physics Class


^It has me like… But seriously, I don’t find this inspiring one bit. I hope this class won’t sap the interest I have in this subject ’cause it took me some time before I liked math again. I just want it to be June already, that’s all I ask for lol.

Me After Final Exams


Y’know I always disliked cumulative finals. I understand the goal is long-term retention, but it also means that in late April, I’m going to have to restudy what I did in January. It’s a good thing I did so well in all my classes this semester. Even though I didn’t fail any of my finals, I did the math and I could have failed all of them and still passed.

I guess what I’m getting at is that students should definitely put their all in the beginning if they’re going to be putting in any effort at all. That way it will take a lot of pressure off when it’s time for finals. I’m back home again, but I’m taking summer classes so I’ll be back on campus real soon. I’ll still make sure to enjoy my short time off. My brother’s graduating this Sunday! Yaaaaaaaaay! I’m looking forward to what crazy thing he’s going to do on stage. 🙂

4.0 for the Summer Semester

That’s another thing I can mark off my bucket list. *In my Dr. Eggman voice* NOW YOU KNOW WHY I AM THE BEST! Anyway, I really wish this university was closer to my niece, I dislike being away from her and all. But now I’m back in town so I can finally spend some time with her. I’m actually looking forward to the fall semester, I’m taking interesting classes so I’m hoping I’ll be learning a lot whilst also studying to become a tutor by the end of the year.

Honestly, between me and you reader, the more I spend my time at my university, the more I don’t feel like going for my Master’s. I’m still ambivalent because let’s be honest, a Master’s degree does sound sexier than a Bachelor’s, but I have to take in consideration the fact it will also take an additional two years. Two years is a long time y’know. When I think about it, all I want to do is write, draw, make videos, and teach. Of course I am already doing the first two and by the time I graduate, I will also be adding the last two to my daily life.

But enough about school, I have two weeks off and considering I had classes that lasted the whole semester, I deserve it! All my mind will be on is learning and spending time with the people I love!