Being Sick

Yesterday wasn’t a fun day for me. It’s been years since I was sick and the last time I vomited was back on Christmas day. The good thing about yesterday was that it made me appreciate the fact I’m usually not sick lol. I guess it was something I ate, but I spent a few hours in a fetal position because it was the most comfortable for me and took the pressure off my stomach. It was almost 9 pm when gut soup made a quick exit up my throat, out of my mouth and thankfully into a trash bag.

Whatever it was that I ate, my body was like “this food isn’t going any farther”. Whenever I puke, my abs feel like they get a workout of a lifetime. I felt a lot better after though. I just brushed my teeth, flossed and went to sleep. It’s not often I vomit, but when I do, I usually feel better very soon.