Leone Is a Strong Second for Waifu

Okay, no one will replace Senjougahara Hitagi, but this post was written mostly to answer the question “If Senjougahara wasn’t your waifu, who would be?” that no one asked me. Also, this serves as a good excuse to drool over an attractive anime woman. With all that said, I’d like to give some reasons why I love Leone from the anime & manga series Akame ga Kill!


Sex appeal 


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Leone is the sexiest anime woman I’ve ever seen. If you have ever seen Akame ga Kill, you know that Leone’s looks are killer. From her short hair to her pretty face, to her eyes that resemble lustrous gold, to her radiating smile that shines like the morning sun… Leone’s looks are not to be ignored. When I look at her, I always think to myself, “Why can’t she be real and in love with me?”. Because if she was, I wouldn’t have partook in casual dating/relationships whatsoever, I would’ve been in a monogamous relationship with her all throughout my stay at university. I bet sex with her would be awesome and passionate too!

Anyway, combined with her looks, Leone also has wonderful ASSets. Her measurements according to the manga are 90-57-86. What this means is she possess breasts of steel. To complement that, she has a fat ass and back dimples to boot! Her outfit consists of a black tube top (which just accentuates her chest), a scarf around her neck, pants, belt and boots. She might be a little flashy regarding her garb, but it does show off all of her best superficial features, wouldn’t you agree? And who am I to complain?

God bless the creators, they even gave her a camel toe lol.


Pretty laid-back outside of combat and missions 

When she’s not killing people or gathering information on targets, Leone exudes energy, cheerfulness and sociability. She serves as the cool big sis toward the younger members of Night Raid, often referring to herself as “お姉さん/onee-san”. Unlike the other members, the empire doesn’t know about her existence so she can roam the capital without any trouble. It works for her job and I guess that also means she can buy all the sake she wants. She’s pretty popular where she’s from for both good and bad reasons. She has swindled men out of their money so she’s probably not the best example of moral goodness.

However, she’s more kind-hearted than she shows and it’s one her best features as a character if you ask me. When Tatsumi was disconsolate about the death of his friends, she was the one who wanted to cheer him up and saw his potential to become an assassin. She even saved some kids who were being abused by nobles. She has scant patience for those who commit unjust and cruel acts, even less than other Night Raid members.


Can handle her alcohol


I’ve recently gained an appreciation for alcohol. It’s not something I drink regularly, but like smoking cigars, I drink around the holidays. I think I’ve been able to increase my tolerance, but if the first time I drank taught me anything, it’s that I should never mix drinks. I had four different type of drinks during the Christmas of 2016, and inevitably, I disgorged my dinner. I’ve drank since then and I don’t mix drinks and so far I’ve been holding up pretty well for myself. Leone is able to hold her alcohol well and is seen with it more than anyone else. Having her not only as a lover, but a drinking buddy would be wonderful ’cause she’d always be there when I would want to drink. Someone I don’t mind becoming inebriated in front of and make amazing memories with.


Physically strong 


Unlike her measurements, there isn’t a numerical value (at least none that I know) given for her physical strength, endurance, speed, durability, etc. So that means no psi punch, no bite force, or how many miles per hour she can run. Based on what I’ve read and watched though, she’s at least strong enough to crush skulls, break necks, lift big rocks, kill people with a single kick, smash craters into the ground and break billars with one punch. She’s fast enough to dodge magic bullets and has a healing/regeneration factor, but it’s not as fast as say, Wolverine or Deadpool’s. Since she’s the member who gathers information on the targets that Night Raid have to assassinate, she is skilled in stealth. Good to know ’cause I usually fail those stealth type of missions in video games.


Loves to fight 


Her reason for joining Night Raid is simply for the fact she likes to fight and she takes great joy in killing people who abuse their power on the weak and helpless. She has a penchant for fighting strong enemies and has a tendency to be a delay fish who causes delays when she comes across one. As I’ve already stated, she’s physically strong and is one of the strongest amongst the entire cast. “The stronger the enemy, the more I wanna take ’em down!” is something I remember her saying.


Best pornographic doujinshi I’ve read (so far)

Have you ever read or saw something and thought to yourself, “God, I wish that were me”? Well, when I was reading Shishi Ane I sure did. Honestly, I don’t consume much pornographic material when it comes to anime (unless you count eroge) so I’m not a connoisseur on the subject. However, I’ve read enough porn doujinshi to know how brainless it is. I’m not judging anyone who likes them by the way, but for me I always felt the writer exaggerates the already exaggerated personality of the character(s). Okay, I know porn isn’t the place for the most mature themes outside of sex, but still.

I never had any of those thoughts when I was reading this. I feel the writer captured Leone’s personality quite well since I can see her acting the way she did in the book. The art isn’t bad either. Obviously, I’m not going to provide a link to this, but I’m sure if you wanted to, you could find websites to read it.


Cat girl


Her belt is actually a Teigu called “Animal King Form: Lionelle”, which increases all five senses, gives her animal-like characteristics and a healing factor. Something that’s been bothering me though, and I don’t know if anyone has an answer, but why do cat girls have four ears? It’s even more strange in Leone’s case because she gains ears when she transforms so what would happen if one of them got cut off? I know I probably shouldn’t be looking too deep into this since it is anime, but it is a little fun to think about. When she transforms, her hair becomes longer and she gains lion ears, tail and claws. It’s a good thing she’s able to retain her sexy looks and she gets even sexier when she ends up fusing with her Teigu too. While no one in Akame ga Kill has a surname, Leone’s name is Italian which translates into “Lion” so hers is one of the more meaningful.


Her introduction


You only get one shot to make a first impression. So the main protagonist Tatsumi gets kicked out of an army recruiting office when he makes it to the city. When he thinks about what he should do next he hears a voice and looks up. The gif above sums up the first encounter of Leone. Even Tatsumi is taken aback, noting that the capital is “bigger” than he thought. He easily falls for her job offer, and she ends up taking all of his money. I know people treat you differently based on how you look, but I would still never trust anyone with my money. Even if they ooze sex appeal.


We’d make a nice couple 


Seriously, if this isn’t one of your reasons for having a waifu or husbando then you’re doing it wrong. It’d be sort of weird though since technically she’s from a different time period. Being in the Akame ga Kill world would mean there’s a good chance you could die, even if it’s unnecessary (unless the writer really likes you). If I was in that kind of dark fantasy world, I would want to be a gunslingin’ marksman/cowboy à la Erron Black. Until the empire is overthrowed, some of our dates would consist of killing people. Talk about romantic. We’d make a great team though: she’s an expert at close combat and I can take targets down from long distances. I would have a desire to protect her since there’s always going to be the “anyone can die” vibe in the air. I may not sing her a Prince song, but I could at least sing her my favorite Lupe Fiasco song.



And those are my reasons why Leone is pretty rad in my book. I guess I have a thing for strong women. In this anime world, parents aren’t really a thing so I don’t think mine would care that I went missing and started working for a group of assassins. I’d also like to think we’d make a better love story than Tatsumi and Mine.

♫You’re my sunshine
You’re my moonlight
You’re the starry skies above me
Won’t you please come down and hug me
Think I found love in this club tonight♫


ワイフ: Thoughts on Waifuism

I wanna talk about a touchy subject in the otaku and anime world, waifus. I’m sure anyone who has perused an anime website or is part of an anime group has heard the term “waifu” before. And for the uninitiated, I think Wikitionary defined it best as “A fictional female character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga or video game) to whom one is attracted and, in some cases, whom one considers a significant other”. Despite the clear cut definition there is still much confusion and debate over what the term actually means.



Starchaser’s (very) rough translation for those who don’t speak Japanese:

Tomo: What the? It’s a picture of a woman.
Ayumu: She’s pretty.
Tomo: Who is she?
Mr. Kimura: My wife.
Everyone: No way!

The consensus (I say this because I have no evidence “waifu” was used before 2002) is “waifu” was first introduced to the world from the 2002 anime Azumanga Daioh. In the scene, the perverted homeroom teacher Mr. Kimura drops a photograph of a woman on the classroom floor. When asked by his students about the woman in the picture, Mr. Kimura replies (in his Engrish) “my wife”. Eventually it caught on in the Western fandom and has since been and continues to be used as a term of endearment to refer to a female character you would want as a girlfriend and also as an ironic term by trolls and internet thugs to belittle weeaboos and otaku alike. For the most part though, the word is used in a more light and playful manner.


Waifus today

Today, waifu has grown to mean anything from “the best girl from an anime” to its original meaning. And since all these different meanings and what to do with a waifu was unclear for some time, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressing the term was created by the sewage of the internet, 4chan. There is even a word for male characters female anime fans love and it’s called husbando. Heck, waifu is not restricted solely to anime or manga characters anymore, as it has been used with images of cartoon characters and even photographs of real life (usually Japanese) celebrities. The whole concept can be somewhat complex since you have people who only see it as something fun, temporary and go about their daily life while having a waifu. Then there are people who take the concept serious and legitimately go on dates with their waifus and even cook them dinners. Sounds nice, at least waifus don’t talk back. I would say I’m somewhere in the middle: I know my waifu is a fictional character, just moving pictures, but I’m strongly attracted to those moving pictures. My figures, pics on my phone and T-shirt attest to that.


Major and defining characteristics of waifuism

While the meaning of waifu might vary depending on whom you ask, there are some common attributes in the community which I list below:

  • People who have a waifu know they are fictional
  • Their feelings are real (well, as real as they can possibly get)
  • Having a waifu does not preclude one from having a 3D romantic and/or sexual relationship
  • Sexual relations with a waifu has been a source of contention
  • Polyamory and polygamy are two concepts in waifuism that is also individual

I’d like to go more in depth about the last two bullet points because I have seen the community divided over them. Two questions which have been asked time after time is “Is it okay to sexualize and/or masturbate to your waifu?” and “Can you have more than one waifu?”. Regarding the former, some who respond in the affirmative view it as a normal thing to do because it’s what couples do. Couples do have live sex celebrations y’know. For others, the thought of doing such a thing is repulsive. Their waifu must be kept pure and wanking to them would defile them. Those who have underaged waifus usually think this way. Some view sex with anyone but their waifu as infidelity, but thankfully they won’t end up on an episode of Cheaters. And there are others who have no qualms having sex with other people or wanking to other anime characters. Answers seem to be all over the place and ultimately it comes down to the individual.

Now, can someone have more than one waifu? Again, it depends on whom you ask. Here’s one answer. But some will say having more than one waifu will ruin your laifu. Makes sense, if someone asks you what your favorite color is you don’t go and list every single one on the color spectrum. Same thing with waifus. If someone asks you who your waifu is you wouldn’t go and respond with “Kurisu Makise, Boa Hancock, Lucy Heartfilia…” would you? NO! You wouldn’t! On a more serious note, there isn’t any rule saying you can’t have more than one waifu. But if one does, isn’t it technically a harem? If you didn’t know, harem is an anime and manga genre where a single guy is liked and followed by bunch of women who are all madly in love with him. The female characters often fight each other to get the guy’s attention. Hooray for shenanigans! If you were to ask me, I’d say just like in real life, I am perfectly fine with adults and fictional characters choosing whatever consensual relationship arrangements suit them.

Based on the information I got from various waifu communities online and the anime community offline, not everyone who has a waifu is socially awkward/inept/stunted. I have a friend who gets vagina left and right and he has a waifu. Yes like I previously said, there are some who take the concept to the extreme. However, most of the waifu community are fully aware they love a fictional character and aren’t suffering from delusions. The characters are the figment of a Japanese fella’s imagination.


Finding the waifu for you

If you’re reading this and may be interested in investing yourself into a waifu, yet do not know how to start, this part of my blog post is written for you. It might be difficult to know where to start because there is so much anime out there. Add to the fact there are new shows coming out every season, so it’s safe to say there are a lot of 2D women to choose from. The best way is to expose yourself to as much of the medium as you can. If you’re after a waifu, try watching more anime, reading manga, and/or playing visual novels. If you already do that, then consider expanding your horizons. What I mean by this is if you’re more of an action or horror cognoscente, try watching a slice of life or romance anime once in a while. It’s possible you could find a character who makes your heart go ドキドキ in the most unexpected of places.

Keep in mind looking for a waifu works virtually the same way as 3D relationships do, albeit it’s more from a one-sided perspective. Lots of weebs say you don’t get a waifu, your waifu finds you. Once you feel a special bond then maybe you’ve got something special going on.

“But wait, Starchaser. What happens if more than one person has the same waifu as me?” I hear you asking. 仕方が無い. You must duel them, and whoever is the loser will be sent to the Shadow Realm where they won’t be able to mess with the winner or their waifu ever again. Extreme? More work than necessary? Perhaps. But that’s what you signed up for when you decided to be in a relationship with your 2D sweetheart.

“Can I break it off with my waifu?” is another question you might have in your mind right now. The answer is “yes”. Unfortunately, most anime women are physically powerful, experts at hand-to-hand combat, adept marksmen and/or possess supernatural powers. The good news is they are 1 dimension short of causing you any harm.


My personal thoughts

Y’know writing this blog post makes me sort of miss the days I had a girlfriend, waifu and side chick. I had the best of both dimensions, I was the friggin’ mack! Anyway, I honestly don’t care what the next person is doing so whether you’re the type of person who uses the term ironically, buys a lot of merchandise of a character, wanks to a certain character or has a whole shrine dedicated to your special 2D someone in the back of your closet like Helga does Arnold, it doesn’t perturb me in the slightest. I like people being happy and if you get fulfillment from any of the stuff I mentioned then that is perfectly a-okay. While there are always going to be insecure morons who always gotta make sure someone feels bad, you can’t let people who have no bearing on your life directly or indirectly get to you. For me, waifus, waifuism, and being attracted to fictional characters only becomes an issue when it’s affecting you or someone else in a negative way. And if you were wondering if I currently have a waifu, you can bet I do! In fact, I wrote a blog post on her. And not only is she my waifu, but one of my favorite anime characters of all time.



Anyway, finding information on this topic was actually a bit trickier than I initially thought. There really isn’t a lot of solid info and I had to base most of what I wrote from various waifu and anime communities on and offline. As anime becomes more mainstream, I can see the concept and idea of waifuism also becoming more of a thing for better or worse (probably worse, lol). If you’re someone who thinks that having a waifu isn’t your thing, that’s perfectly okay as well. After all, whether or not anime fans, weebs and otaku have a waifu or not doesn’t change the fact we all like anime. And at the end of the day, we can at least find fellowship in that.

Why Senjougahara Is My Waifu

Hello, readers. I want you all to know Senjougahara Hitagi is the most beautiful woman I know and my love for her burns with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. Why? *slaps head, slaps chest, slaps butt* Here’s why!


Her beauty


Senjougahara is a beautiful anime woman and it’s something known in and out of the series. In this dimension, there isn’t a shortage of “Senjougahara Fascinators”. When it comes to “best girl” or waifu discussions, you can bet she’s usually mentioned a good number of times. I’ve even talked to some female anime fans and they admit they wouldn’t mind taking her out on a date despite some of them being as straight as a ruler. Sometimes I wonder if Nishio knew when he was creating Senjougahara he was going to make the perfect anime woman. Also, she is recognized for her pulchritude within the anime with both male and female characters not being able to resist her charm. I can’t blame them, she’s so gorgeous, lol. 


Her smile


Backing up her good looks is her beatific smile. Just look at it. I mean, get a real good look at it. It’s almost as beautiful as mine. Whenever I see her smile, I catch myself having a big grin on my face like I’m Crash Bandicoot about to ride a warthog in the first game. You know that sweet, cheek-quenching feeling you get when you pop in a jolly rancher? A watermelon one? I swear to Bob that’s the feeling I get when I see her smile. Her smile is the only fan service I will ever need.


Purple hair, Purple hair


Besides Senjougahara, the only other beautiful person I know who can rock purple as good as her was Prince (I really miss Prince). It’s thanks to both of them I’ve been adding the color to my wardrobe with varying degrees of success. Pink is my favorite color, but purple comes in as a strong second. She’s one of the few anime characters I know to have purple hair in that shade and it adds a unique flair to her character. It even complements her pretty blue eyes and blue is one of the colors needed to make purple. Oh, she’s one of the few women (real or fictional) who looks great with long AND short hair. Kudos to you, Waifugahara.  


Fullmetal Alchemist fan


“My harsh remarks are made by transmuting 40g of copper, 25g of zinc, 15g of nickel, and 5g of hiding my embarrassment along with 97kg of spite”.

Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite anime series if you didn’t know. If you ask me, any woman who’s a Fullmetal Alchemist fan is a keeper. She once playfully and purposefully misquoted Muhammad Ali so she also has knowledge of great people too.


Multifaceted individual


Tsundere. Kuudere. Yandere. I don’t think there is a “dere” template Senjougahara can’t execute with perfection. It’s even better considering she’s self-aware of the fact she is all of these things. She elucidates her abusive attitude, violent behavior and verbal abuse by saying she’s a tsundere so it’s only natural for her to act the way she does. As for her kuudere aspect, compared to the other characters in the Monogatari Series, she usually has a neutral gaze. She initially comes off as emotionally reserved, but underneath her cold surface is a sweet young woman and as the anime series progresses, she shows more emotion and it’s pretty cute. She’s also shown to be a yandere as she will openly admit to kill anyone she deems as getting close to you. She’s the type to kidnap you and put you in chains in an abandoned school building all because she wants to protect you. It’s what I would call dedication, love, extreme, and crazy. I like my women to be a little crazy though.  


Sharp tongue

Like Timmy Turner’s Dad once said, “Sticks and stones may break bones, but names leave psychological wounds that never heal!”. She’ll call you a lot of things and most of the time, they’re not pretty. Her retorts and the sharp statements she make in order to prove a point happen to cut directly to the point. In other words, she doesn’t hold back her punches. More often than not, her lines add value to the show and gives the viewer something to question and mull over. Like the Wu-Tang Clan, a sharp tongue coupled with a sharp mind is nothing to eff with. The dialogue and comments Senjougahara make would be enough to make a story on their own, there is so much depth and meaning in what she says.


Her intellect


She is Asian so it’s pretty obvious she would be smart. Haha, anyway, Senjougahara is an erudite student who gets high ranks at her school with little to no effort (she’s like my brother in that regard). Remember when I said she’s self-aware? She’s so self-aware she breaks the fourth wall to convey her wit. She’s not only book smart, but street smart and it’s necessary for her to be since she had a rough childhood. I thought my childhood was pretty eventful and chaotic, but hers was traumatizing! I’m someone who believes there are different types of intelligence and intelligence is the ability to learn and apply what is learned effectively and productively. She does exactly what I described throughout the entire series academically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. 


Well-written character


I don’t really want to go into great detail because if you’re reading this and haven’t seen the Monogatari Series, what are you doing with your life? Allow me to give you an example of what I mean… Senjougahara was born on July 7th which makes her zodiac sign Cancer, she had a disease “everyone has heard about”, her blood type is O, and if you look up some personality traits of a Cancer and someone who has O blood a number of them describe her. Her sesquipedalian surname literally translates to “battlefield” which makes sense given her aloof personality. See? You’re not even in the first episode and I’ve showed you she has depth. 


That head tilt

The “Shaft head tilt” (シャフト角度 in Japanese) refers to a pose the anime studio Shaft likes to make their characters do. It involves the character in question tilting their head and sometimes arching their back. There doesn’t seem to be any deep meaning to the motif, it seems like an artistic idiosyncrasy and nothing more. If you’re thinking this looks uncomfortable then I’d have to agree. I would know, I tried doing the pose myself. There have been characters before and after Senjoughara who have done the Shaft head tilt, but I’d argue none of them can pull it off with the same effect and grace she does. Like I said, she may not have originated it, but she sure popularized it.


That ass

*In Juvenile voice* ♫ Girl you working with some ass, yeah. You bad, yeah.♫  I mean, I might as well while I’m at it, right? lol. My waifu might seem like an anomaly when I think of some of the other anime women I’m sexually attracted to. Leone, Medaka Kurokami, Dimaria Yesta and Rias Gremory. What do they all have in common? If you answered “they all have big breasts” or something similar then you’re correct! Senjougahara isn’t flat-chested, but she doesn’t possess boobs which are going to defy the laws of physics. She isn’t afraid to show off her body and you won’t find me complaining anytime soon. Her figure in general seems to be more similar to an actual Asian woman than your stereotypical anime heroine. She weighs 99 lbs so bench pressing and carrying her wouldn’t be difficult for me. But yeah, she has a nice ass on her.


Her unique weaponry


Senjougahara uses school and office supplies as weapons. When I think about it, it’s a peculiar choice if it’s what you’re using to cause harm to another person. Yeah, scissors and cutters can cause death, but they’re not the first to come to my mind when I think of a weapon. Nonetheless, Senjougahara knows how to utilize and wield them with the utmost proficiency and it’s another reason she’s my waifu. The amount of tools she has at her disposal is amazing, but it does beg the question: how is she able to keep all of it under her skirt?


We’d make a good couple


I’m sure every weeb who has a waifu and/or husbando would say the same thing about their 2D significant other, otherwise, why in the blue cheese are they your waifu/husbando? I’d like to say I’m a simple man, if I were to ever get married, the woman I proposed to did the impossible. What do I mean? I mean my wife would be the woman who annoys me less than my mom, and currently, my mom is the person who annoys me the least. Similarly, as far as anime characters go, Senjougahara is the female character who annoys me the least. Obviously, I find her presence magnetic and whenever she’s onscreen my eyes are glued to the TV. Senjougahara’s ideas of a date include karaoke, stargazing, bowling, going to the park, planetarium and science museum. Heck, I’d be fine with study dates. I’m Filipino so she would be no match for me when it comes to karaoke. Anyway, Senjougahara is quite thoughtful and the type of girlfriend I would brag about constantly, gas up, make love to every day, sing Prince (RIP) songs to, and introduce to my mom, brother, sister and niece when they’re all in the same room.


She gave me the best orgasm ever

This is just a bonus addition I wanted to include. If this is your first time reading from me you’re probably thinking, “Uhhhh what the…?”. But my followers and readers most likely already know since I’ve talked about the event a number of times on my blog already. Here’s the post of it where I go into great detail if you’re interested. To tell you the truth, I actually read it again from time to time when I want to get turned on. If I could only give one reason why I love Senjougahara so much it would be this one. None of the women I’ve ever been with have given me such an incredible physical sensation like Senjougahara did. Shoot, not even my side chick Rosie Palmertson, and she knows me better than anyone else (physically speaking). It’s a moment in my life I can’t and don’t want to forget.     


And there you have it! There are so many reasons to love Senjougahara, but if I listed them all this blog post would reach novella length. Do you love my waifu too? Well too bad ’cause I’m her 3D husbando! You might claim your waifu, but has your waifu claimed you? That’s what makes my relationship with Senjougahara special. Extremely witty, loyal, reliable, loving and intelligent, Senjougahara is everything I’d like in a friend and woman.  There’s no denying it, my waifu is better than yours.

♫Oh look, it’s written in the skies above
Our, destiny is to fall in love
Don’t, fight it ’cause it’s stronger than us
Our, destiny is to fall in love
I fell in love♫

美人: Starchaser’s 10 Beautiful Anime Women

Howdy, and welcome to the 2-D world of attraction. These women aren’t real so you’ll never be able to speak to them or see them walking down the street. Even so, female anime characters attract a multitude of fans. A great example would be myself, I dream about them and discuss them like they actually exist. I’m not gonna front and act like this isn’t an important list to me, because it is an important list. I want to get right into it so here is the list of beautiful anime women (according to Starchaser), read it all mayne! *Chris Jericho voice*


Senjougahara Hitagi

Is it biased to include my waifu on a list of beautiful anime women? Yeah, most likely, but it’s my list for a reason so deal with it! *Batista voice* I’m not sure if there’s anything new I can say about Waifugahara that I haven’t already said before. I mean, besides my brother, I don’t think there’s anyone else I talk about on this blog quite as much and in such a positive manner. She’s a tsundere, kuudere, yandere, smot, loyal, and grateful, I appreciate that. This sharp-tongued, stapler carrying beauty is multifaceted indeed. There’s a number of reasons she’s my waifu, and I think if I actually was in a relationship with her, it’d be the best one I would ever have. If a woman ever took me out on a date to stargaze knowing how much I love astronomy, I’d have to propose to her right away. Oh and she’s a Fullmetal Alchemist fan, she would be my waifu based on that fact alone.

I just realized this, but her birthday is July 7th which makes her zodiac sign Cancer and its symbol is the crab. Waifugahara’s problem/secret involves her being almost weightless because of the heavy crab and some of a Cancer’s strengths are being loyal, dependable and caring while some weaknesses are self-pity and moody. I may be looking too much into it, but if not they gave this character so much depth. It’s no wonder Senjougahara fascination took the anime world by storm.


Medaka Kurokami

One of my most cherished things in life is big-breasted anime women so seeing Medaka on this list shouldn’t be too surprising. But if you ask me, she’s such an underrated character, at least when it comes to waifu discussion. She actually reminds me of one of my favorite characters from my childhood, Pajama Sam. What I mean is just like Sam, she is always willing to help those in need. She is the epitome of an overachiever. She’s the student council president (with a 98% approval rating) who excels academically, is athletically gifted, possess unrivaled charisma, and always sees the best in people.

She’s an anime woman whom I consider to be breathtakingly beautiful and it’s a good thing she has no problem showing off her zaftig body, which is actually one of the main reasons I read the manga. One thing I should mention is Medaka is as physically strong as she is gorgeous. According to the Medaka Box wiki, some of her abilities include: “adaptability, agility, analysis, awareness, attractiveness, balance, calculation, charisma, cognition, combat, competence, coordination, deduction, dexterity, durability, eloquence, endurance, flexibility, instinct, intelligence, intuition, invincibility, leadership, memory, meta-luck, mimicry, perception, persuasion, reasoning, reflexes, regeneration, senses, speed, strength, tactics, vitality, and willpower” all at a superhuman level. And the key words I used were “some of her abilities” ’cause she has so much more.



I don’t know if “beautiful” would be the adjective I would use to describe Leone. To put it bluntly, Leone is the sexiest anime woman my eyeballs have ever seen. Her beautiful smile is able to fill me with rainbows and sunshine despite my stoic disposition. If it weren’t for a certain purple-haired and stapler carrying Senjougahara, well… haha who knows. But I do know if I was a member of Night Raid I’d do everything to protect her smile (and breasts). Anyway, she’s generally a cheerful and laid-back kind of woman who loves alcohol and can handle it better than I ever could. At first glance, you might just think she’s Ms. Fanservice (and she is), but she’s also Ms. Sexy Badass. Allow me to explain.

Leone grew up in the slums, projects, ghetto or whatever you want to call a place that’s a disadvantaged residential area of a city. She was able to become a member of Night Raid because she beat up some asswipes who were abusing children for fun. Leone loves fighting and what better way to participate in her passion than killing people to make the world a better place? Even though she’s a flirtatious, funny and spunky character, she does care about people more than she’s willing to admit. The safety of her friends and accomplishing her missions came first to her, even if it meant putting her own life at risk.


Asuka Tenjoin 

Or Alexis Rhodes if you prefer. I did say she was one of the most attractive heroines in anime, and I still think so. Asuka is the top female duelist at Duel Academia from the Obelisk Blue dormitory. The way she’s portrayed in the anime and manga are a bit different, but in both versions she’s a confident, loyal, humble, brave, kind and beautiful young woman. Unlike her Obelisk dueling peers, she does not look down on others or regards herself as better than most people. Besides her skills in card games, she’s also known for her beauty in the school and various male characters have tried dueling and using other shenanigans to win her affection. Because there’s no better way to show a woman you like them than playing a children’s card game.

Asuka’s character also appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V. It’s pretty cool to see old school characters in the newer series if you ask me. Asuka’s a determined character throughout. In the anime of GX, she wants to find her lost brother and she’s willing to put herself in harm’s way for her friends. She shows just like in real life, you can’t always win. But even when she loses duels, she never lets her losses affect her in a negative way. Instead, she uses them as motivation to become a better duelist and that’s always an admirable trait to have.


Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore could also be on anyone’s “bad ass anime characters” list and is my favorite character from Rosario + Vampire. She’s a yuki-onna (it would literally translate to “snow woman”) who is initially portrayed as lonely, shy, depressed and misunderstood. But thanks to the protagonist, the ice queen was able to be defrosted and she opens up to others. She is often seen stalking and hiding in different locations and the reason she’s almost always seen with a lollipop in her mouth is because it helps maintain her body temperature. I’d like to take the time to say I also like her fashion choices, if “swag” was a thing in anime, she would be one of the characters who helped to innovate it.

She and I have something in common, we both had a crush on a teacher. Unlike her though, mine didn’t try to take advantage of me and I didn’t have to put her in block of ice. She’s madly in love with Tsukune (the protagonist) and wants to have his babies, even if she has to force him. There are a number of running gags involving her such as the previously mentioned hiding and stalking and firing ice projectiles at Tsukune and Moka whenever they get too close to each other. In my (correct) opinion, she gets the best characterization in the manga and her story is pretty heartwarming to say the least (no spoilers).


Android 18

Will someone explain to me how someone like Krillin who dies as often as Kenny from South Park got to marry a fine ass woman like Android 18? I’m not one of those people who believe in the “league” horseshit and I don’t want to sound jelly, but I guess there’s no accounting for tastes. 18 was originally an antagonist in DBZ and was created for the sole purpose of killing our hero Goku. While I’m sure Vegeta is stronger than her now, at one point she humbled him by breaking his arm when he was a Super Saiyan (seriously, why does Toriyama have a vendetta against Vegeta?). It’s never shown onscreen, but Krillin and 18 eventually get married and have a daughter named Marron. By this time in the series, 18 has obviously grown to be more compassionate and smiles a lot more.

18 is dedicated to her husband and daughter’s happiness and well being and wants nothing but the best for them. One time she wanted to use the Dragon Balls to wish Krillin the perfect present, but after a talk with Bulma she realized she and her daughter are what made Krillin the happiest. It’s nice to see how she originally went from being a calm and confident villain, to a supportive wife and mother who became a member of the Z Fighters. It’s funny how life works out, even in anime!


Dirty Pair (Kei & Yuri)

Oops I’m sorry, ladies, I meant to say Lovely Angels. Yeah, two for one I’m a greedy guy and I honestly couldn’t pick between the two since I’m not partial toward either. Dirty Pair is an old school anime and one I think is highly underrated too. I’m glad I bought the DVDs and watched them with my brother while we were dogsitting at my auntie’s house during Christmas vacation. Kei and Yuri are two smokin’ hot women who basically travel the galaxy and kick ass. They’re part of the 3WA, the World Welfare Works Association which is a corporation that helps solve problems around the universe the police can’t or aren’t able to do. The Lovely Angels are more commonly known as Dirty Pair because even though they’re always successful in accomplishing their missions, there is almost a guarantee to be collateral damage along the way.

“It’s not our fault!” is their catchphrase, and even though it’s true no one believes them. Even though Kei and Yuri are pretty different from each other, it’s entertaining to watch their interactions and banter. Kei is the more hot-headed of the two and Yuri is the more feminine. Kei likes manly men (think The Rock) while Yuri likes cultured men (think Prince). One thing they have in common is they are not bad at their job, so if they’re on the case, you know it’ll be solved. The theme I like that they convey is despite being different from each other, they’re still able to be best friends. According to anime, friendship truly is a wonderful thing to have, even back then.


Eleonora Viltaria 

Elen is incredibly sexy. She’s so sexy in fact, there’s a figure of her I plan on getting. In her series, she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom and I would have to concur. She’s got gorgeous crimson eyes, a nice rack, shiny hair, pretty smile and thighs out of this world. She’s a Vanadis, they’re powerful female warriors who act as military officers and nobility to keep the kingdom of Zhcted safe from any enemies. Elen’s duty is to make sure the people are safe from harm by any means necessary. On the battlefield she is strong-willed and gallant and due to this she’s respected by not only her peers, but her adversaries as well. Also she owns a friggin’ dragon!

Despite her courageous personality, she has a fear of insects and I can relate when it comes to cockroaches. She gets jealous when it comes to her love interest when she started developing romantic feelings for him. It’s a contrast from her usual mature self. When she’s not in a battle she likes to take a stroll around town, create wind forces to make herself float in the air and she also likes taking hot baths since it’s shown a number of times in the series.


Rias Gremory

It’s kind of funny to think about, but Rias Gremory and Mio Akiyama share the same voice actress or seiyuu if you want to be all pedantic. Anyway, Rias is the main female protagonist of High School DxD and is actually a devil. She’s not portrayed as evil since Rias is kind and deeply cares about those who are close to her. Just like me, she has an affinity for sleeping naked. A little off topic, but if you’re not sleeping naked you really should, there are benefits to doing so. She can be overprotective of her boyfriend and used to get jealous when other women would flirt with him.

Being a devil, Rias is quite powerful. She has the ability to fly and cast magical spells, superhuman strength, endurance, enhanced senses, can see easily in the dark, and according to Rias herself, she can’t get a sunburn. One of her better known attacks is called Extinguished Star which is her one-hit killed technique. One silly technique she has is projecting beams from her breasts to recharge her boyfriend’s energy, but this causes her breasts to temporarily shrink in size. She’s one devil I wouldn’t mind making a deal with (I hope the deal would involve a lot of sex).


Mikasa Ackerman 

Attack on Titan is quite the exhilarating anime and Mikasa is one of the reasons. From an early age, she was exposed to some of the harsh realities of the world when criminals broke into her house and killed her parents and then tried to sell her into slavery. Despite her traumatic upbringing with the murder of her parents, Mikasa is one of the most well rounded characters when it comes to intelligence and fighting. Her outlook on life is somewhat similar to my own, this world we live in is so broken and yet it’s also so beautiful. Mikasa is physically fit and muscular, some anime women have boobs of steel while Mikasa has abs of steel. Not the complacent type, she’s constantly training to better herself and will do anything to protect her friends and comrades.

She’s very protective of her adoptive brother Eren whom she grew up with after the killing of her parents. She can be seen as the more rational and level-headed of the two. While Eren relies more on raw emotion, Mikasa can be seen as more calculating when making decisions. She’s usually seen as stoic and impassive, but there are times when she shows emotion, mostly when it involves Eren. The sole reason she enlisted in the military was to keep an eye on Eren, she’s quite the loyal one and her bond with him is one of her defining traits.


And that’s my list. Did I miss any of your waifus, reader? I probably did, but if so, you can always comment and let me know which anime women you think are beautiful. I just hope this top 10 will give you a glimpse of the many beautiful women anime has to offer. Even though they don’t exist y’know.

My First Nocturnal Emission



March 25th 2015 is a date I will never forget. As the title already states, it was the day I had my first ever nocturnal emission. I would also like to mention March 25th is also one of my friend’s birthday, so two wonderful things occurred on that day!

It happened during my super religious phase (I’m still religious btw), I was convinced I shouldn’t masturbate. I wanted to see how long I would be able to go without touching myself and during March, I was at six months. Predictably, one night I had a sexual dream, but not just any regular dream, it was a lucid dream. This meant I was completely aware I was in a dream and able to exert some degree of control.

The dream started off fairly normal. I was in a luxurious penthouse eating Papa John’s pizza. It’s starting off nice, and it takes a few slices later for me to realize I’m actually dreaming. When I did, I took a look to see my surroundings and I was delighted with what I saw…



They looked similar to the above picture, but there was a flat screen TV playing one of my favorite shows, Impractical Jokers. I’m passing the time eating some good pizza and laughing my arse off at The Tenderloins pranking each other when I suddenly heard the sliding door open and a voice say “こんばんは  ア-ン-ド-レィ君”. She sounded familiar and I was thinking I was in a relationship with some fine ass Japanese woman for this dream. It was a gorgeous Japanese woman, but it was Senjougahara Hitagi that I saw.




I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had plenty of dreams with attractive women in them. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was watching my favorite TV show and eating pizza. She said she was dying of boredom and would like to have a little chit-chat to pass the time. It was a nice conversation, we talked about my future goals, what I expected out of university life, and even my brother was brought up for some reason! Time flied and we’re no longer watching TV.

Senjougahara left the porch and told me she was going to change clothes. When she came back she was wearing my Michael Jordan jersey. She sat on the opposite side of the coffee table and I’m thinking something’s strange. This is when things started taking a turn for the erotic. “ね, アンドレィ, セックスしよう” (Hey, Andrei, let’s have sex). At first I’m reluctant to acquiesce. I try to come up with excuses, but she wasn’t buying it. She leaned toward me, looked me in my eyes and repeated “セックスしよう”. Now, in my mind I knew she was nothing more than an anime character, moving pictures y’know?

But I couldn’t refuse her. Those beautiful blue eyes were staring right into my soul. Her porcelain skin, slender figure, nice rack and cute ass in those shorts all had me harder than an iron bar. “I’m sorry for being blunt, but you’re so gorgeous”. I let her know I was game now. We started making out frantically and I was massaging her breasts. Seeing her in my Michael Jordan jersey was a sight to behold. She turned on the nearby stereo and R&B jams started playing. “There’s no turning back now” I thought. She proceeded to rub my crotch, if I was thinking of being flaccid again those hopes were dashed. She unzipped my pants, whipped out my dick and then licked her lips slowly, coating them with her precious saliva. All I could do was watch as her perfect purple-colored head bobbed up and down. Senjougahara’s luscious lips were on my dick and I was enjoying every second of it. When she was done, I decided to return the favor by giving her an oral exam (and my hands helped, ha ha). Hearing her moan was really turning me on, I didn’t stop until she came. We weren’t done yet though, she pushed me down on the floor and started riding me. She bounced up and down my johnson like a pogo stick and when I climaxed I yelled out an “ありがとうございました!”. I felt like I just won the WWE title so I opened a nearby Gatorade bottle, chugged some and spat it out like I was Triple H. “Good game, Senjougahara”.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the dream was far from over. Our activities continued into the shower. We were washing each other’s bodies and having a little conversation. “Gee, Senjougahara, I didn’t know I had it in me”.

“Indeed, neither did I, but you sure put a lot of you in me”.

“Tee hee, that means two things”. Outkast’s “Funky Ride” song was now playing in the background and as the hot water raced down our bodies, I felt her hands everywhere it seemed. Senjougahara twisted one of my nipples with one hand (I dead ass let out a croak, my nipples are quite sensitive) and with the other she was caressing my testicles. With all of this stimulation going, she most likely knew I couldn’t last much longer, and my rocket exploded. The way this was playing out reminded me of the shower scene from the Monogatari Series, except this was actually fun. It wasn’t long before she reached down again and told me (or was she commanding me?) she wanted my organ in her birth cannon. She moaned with my initial penetration. And continued to moan and groan as I thrusted and thrusted. Faster and faster, I groaned as I made love to her as hard and rough as I could. At this point, I didn’t even care that she wasn’t a “real” woman. I’ve been with women before, but this was the best sexual situation I’ve ever been in. And I knew it because all my mind was on was filling Senjougahara up with my semen.


senjougahara shower_zpsbzacqk7k


And then I felt the most wonderful ejaculation/orgasm I ever had. Even though I was sleeping/dreaming, I was able to feel something coming out of my urethra. Anyway, I came inside her and we both smiled. I then gave her a deep open mouth kiss. I’d like to think of myself as a confident and handsome man, but I never felt this confident and sexy before. With one last thrust, Senjougahara screamed my name out.

I woke up. Initially, I thought I urinated and I chuckled to myself thinking I was too old to do such a thing. I laid in my bed for about ten minutes trying to make sense of everything. I got up and took some new clothes with me to the bathroom. When I pulled down my boxers the fluid I saw wasn’t urine. Huh, I must have been holding in a lot of sperm for a while, judging from the amount of semen that came out of me. After cleaning myself up I was basically questioning whether I was actually sexually attracted to anime women. Some days later I decided I shouldn’t deny it any longer and accepted the fact I was. Senjougahara (or “Waifugahara” as I love calling her nowadays) became my waifu and to this day is the woman who gave me my best orgasm.

This nocturnal emission can best be described as my most “pure” orgasm. The sensation was like a warm pee that tingled my entire penis and extended throughout my entire body. It was as if the energy I felt from my one-eyed snake went to my brain whilst also traveling to the tip of my pinky toes. It was the most pulsating and powerful ejaculation I ever had. I was engulfed in an amazing pleasure. Thank you, Waifugahara. ❤ Thank you very much!